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XLIV. The Scotch Lass's Complaint

for the loss of her Maidenhead,


PON my Way from Fife to Aberdeen,

Ise met the bonniest Lad as e'er was seen,
Black Eyne, and Ruby Lip, and on each Brow
Sat Charms, as made me love Ise know not how,
With muckle Joys and Raptures he me embrac'd,
And cast his folding Arms about my Waste,
And was so lovely brisk and blith that I,
To Jockey's Love was forc'd soon to comply.

But he, aweladay, false perjured Loon,
No sooner had enjoy'd me but was gone ;
With scornful Smiles he left me all alone,
Unto the senseless Trees to make my Moan;
For faithless Fockey's fake, Ise henceforth sware,
Ise never will believe what Loons say mare:
But Ise will gang and wander up and down,
And hide my Head where Fenny is not known.

Ah me ? poor filly Wretch, how soon undone !
Thus for one Moment's Joy to lig alone;
Sigh, sob, complain, and with vain Hopes beguile
Sad Time away; but he, false Loon, the while
Brags o'er his Conqueft, is with Fenny cloy'd,
And now unkindly slights what he enjoy'd :
Then Laffes never trust, left you complain,
'Gainst Fate, and figh, as Fenny does, in vain.

For Loons have Wiles, poor Lasses to undo,
First to ensnare, then make them buckle too,
With thousand Oaths protest that they adore
Thy Beauty more than any seen before ;


But when the Traytors do their End obtain,
What eagerly they courted they'll disdain,
Will with contemptuous Pride insult on her,
That e'er the Knot is ty'd, resigns her Honour.


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Collection of old Ballads, &C.

in which will be inserted a great Number of Songs, more Antique, and upon far older Subjects than any in this Volume. With Introductions, and illustrated with Copper Plates.

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If any Admirer of old Ballads has any scarce ones by him, Copies of which he would have preserved, he is desired to send them directed to Mr. Roberts near the Oxford Arms in Warwick-Lane, and at the same time if he pleases, Directions where the Songs should be should be return'd,

return'd, after the Compiler of this Collection has taken a Copy of them.

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