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Thus was I scorn'd of Maid and Wife, For leading such a wicked Life ; Both sucking Babes, and Children small Did make a Pastime at my Fall.

I could not get one Bit of Bread, Whereby my Hunger might be fed, Nor Drink, but such as Channels yield, Or stinking Ditches in the Field.

Thus, weary of my Life, at length I yielded up my vital Strength, Within a Ditch of loathsome Scent, Where Carrion Dogs do much frequent;

The which, now since my dying Day, Is Shoreditch call'd, as Writers say, Which is a Witness of my Sin, For being Concubine to a King.

You wanton Wives that fall to Luft, Be you assur'd that God is just ; Whoredom shall not escape his Hand, Nor Pride unpunish'd in this Land.

If God to me such Shame did bring,
That yielded only to a King,
How shall they 'scape that daily run
To practise Sin with every Man ?
You Husbands match not but for Love,
Left fome disliking after prove;
Women be warn'd when you are Wives,
What Plagues are due to sinful Lives :

Then Maids and Wives in time amend,
For Love and Beauty will have end.

King Edward and Jane Shore.

In Imitation, and to the Tune of, St. George

and the Dragon.

I have already said all that I have to say of

thisunhappy Lady. The following Songis a Burlesque upon her, but rather seems writ. ten by a Wag than an Enemy to her Memory. There are some little Expressons in it which had almost induced me to lay the Song afde; but I consider'd that it was really old, and therefore ought to be preservd, and that I might have Readers of several Humours, so that this Ballad might hit the Taste of those who probably would not relish one more grave and folid. This little Introduction I have thrown in for the Service of the Ladies, that they may not unwarily go to read or fing this Song, unlefs by themselves.


THY should we boast of Laius and his Knights,
Knowing such Champions entrapt by Who-

(rish Lights ?
Or why should we speak of Thais's curled Locks,
Or Rhodope that gave so many Men the P-x?
Read in old Stories, and there you will find,
How Fane Shore, Fane Shore, the pleas'd King Ed-

(ward's Mind.


H 5

Jane Shore me was for England, Queen Fredrick

(was for France ; Sing Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Of the old Amazons it were too long to tell, And likewise of the Thracian Girls, how far they did

(excel, Those with Scythian Lads engag'd in several Fights, And in the brave Venerean Wars did foil advent'rous

(Knights; Meffalina and Fulia were Vessels wond'rous brittle ; But Fane Shore, Fane Shore, took down King Edward's

(Mettle. Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

Thallestris of Thermodon she was a doubty Wight, She conquer'd Pallas King i' th' Exercise of Night; Hercules flew the Dragon, whose Teeth were all of

(Brass, Yet he himself became a Slave unto the Lydian Lass; The Theban Semele lay with Fove, not dreading all

(his Thunder ; But Fane Shore overcame King Edward, altho' he had

(her under. Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

Hellen of Greece she came of Spartan Blood, Agricola and Cressida they were brave Whores and

(good; Queen Clytemnestra boldly flew old Arthur's mighty

(Son ; And fair Hefione pulld down the Strength of Telamon; Those were the Ladies that caus'd the Trojan Sack, But Jane Shore, Fane Shore, she spoil'd King Edward's

(Back. Jane Shore she was for England, &c.


For this the ancient Fathers did great Venus defy, Because with her own Father Fove the feared not to lye, Hence Cupid came, who afterwards reveng'd his lo

(ving Mother, And made kind Bibilis do the like with Caunus her

(own Brother; And afterwards the Goddess kept Adonis for Reserve, But Fane Shore, Fane Shore, the stretch'd King Ed

ward's Nerve.

Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

The Colchan Dame Medea her Father did betray, And taught her Lover Fafon the vigilant Bull to lay; And after thence convey'd her Father's golden Fleece, She with her Lover fail'd away in Argo's Ship to

(Greece; But finding Fafon false, she burnt his Wife and Court, But Fane Shore, Fane Shore, the shew'd King Ed

(ward Sport,

Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

Romix of Saxony, the Welch State overthrew; Igerne of Cornwall, Pendragon did subdue ; Queen Vanora with Arthur fought fingly hand to hand In Bed, tho' afterwards she made Horns on his Head

(to stand, And to Sir Modredus, Pictish Prince, a Paramour be

(came; But Fane Shore, Fane Shore, she made King Edward


Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

Marefia of Italy, see how she stoutly copes With Jesuits, Priests, Cardinals, and tripple Crown

(ed Popes;


And with King Henry Rofamond spent many a dally

(ing Hour, 'Till lastly poyson'd by the Queen in Woodstock fatal

(Bower ; And Foan of Art play'd in the Dark with the Knights

(of Languedock, But Fane Shore met King Edward, and gave him

(Knock for Knock. Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

Pasiphae we know play'd Feats with the Cretan Bull, And Proferpine, tho' so Divine, became black Pluto's

(Trull; The Spanish Bawd her Strumpets taught to lay their

(Legs astride; But these, and all the Courtezans, Fane Shore did

(them deride; Pope Foan was right, altho’ she did the Papal Scep

(ter wield, But Fane Shore, Fane Shore, she made King Edward

(yield. Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

Agathoclea and Æanthe did govern Ægypt's King; The witty wench of Andover she was a pretty thing; She freely took her Lady's Place, and with Great

(Edgar dally'd, And with main Force the foil'd him quite, altho' he

(often rally'd ; For which brave Act, he that her rackt, gave her his

Lady's Land, But Fane Shore, Fane Shore, King Edward did command.

Jane Shore she was for England, &c.

Of Phryne and of Lais Historians have related, How their illustrious Beauties two Generals captivated,


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