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(ACT of March 3d, 1819.)

an addition, together with this act shall cease and expire on the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-fourv [Infra, 37, 38.]

ACT of March 3, 1819. Pamphlet edit. 78.
An act to regulate the duties on certain wines.

33. Sec. I. From and after the thirtieth day of June, onethouaand eight hundred and nineteen, the duties now by law levied, collected, and paid, on wine not enumerated in the " act to regulate the duties on imports and tonnage," passed the twenty-seventh day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, when imported in bottles or cases, of seventy cents per gallon, and on wine not enumerated in said act, when imported otherwise than in bottles or cases, of twenty-five cents per gallon, shall cease and drterminer and there shall be levied, collected, and paid, in lieu thereof, the several and specific duties hereinafter mentioned; that is to say: on wines not enumerated in the act aforesaid, when imported in bottles or cases, thirty cents per gallon, and when imported otherwise than in bottles or cases, fifteen cents per gallon.

34. Sec. I TM An addition of ten per centum shall be made to the several rates of duties above specified, and imposed upon the several goods, wares, and merchandise, aforesaid, which, after the said thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, shall be imported in ships or vessels not of the United States: Provided, That this additional duty shall not apply to such goods, wares, and merchandise, imported in ships or vessels not of the United States, entitled by treaty, or by any act or acts of Congress, to be entered in the ports of the United States, on the payment of the same duties as are paid on goods, wares, and merchandise, imported in ships or vessels of the United States.

Sec. Hi. See Drawback.

35. Sec. Iv. The existing laws shall extend to, and be in force for, the collection of the duties, imposed by this act on goods, wares, and merchandise, imported into the United States; and for the recovery, collection, distribution, and remission, of all fines, penalties, and forfeitures, as fully and effectually as if every regulation, restriction, penalty, forfeiture, provision, clause, matter, and thing, in the existing laws contained, had been inserted in, and reenacted by, this act.

36. Sec. V. Wines and distilled spirits, imported and deposited in the public stores, under the direction of the surveyor, in the manner prescribed by the " Act providing for the deposit of wines and distilled spirits in public warehouses," passed the twentieth April, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, may be transported coastwise, from the public warehouses in one district to these in another district, under such regulations as the secretary of the treasury may prescribe, without loss of debenture.

ACT of May 15, 1820. Pamphlet edit. 121.
Aff act to impose a new tonnage duty on French ships and vessels.

37. Sec. I. In lieu of the tonnage dut) now paid on French ships or vessels, there shall be paid a duty of eighteen dollars per ton, on all French ships or vessels, which shall be entered in the United States, any act to the contrary notwithstanding: Provided, however, That nothing contained in this act shall be so construed as to prevent the extension of the provisions of the act, entitled "An act to repeal so much of the several acts imposing duties on the tonnage of ships and vessels, and on goods, wares, and merchandise, imported into the United States, as imposes a discriminating duty on tonnage between foreign vessels and vessels of the United States, and between the goods imported into the United States in foreign vessels, and vessels of the United States," to French ships and vessels, and the goods imported therein, whenever the government of France shall accede to the provisions of the act above referred to.

38. Sec. It. The tonnage duty laid, and directed to be paid, by this act, shall be collected and paid according to the provisions of the act, entitled " An act to regulate the collection of duties on imports and tonnage," passed the second day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety,nine.

Sec. nr. This act shall commence, and be in force, from and after the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and twenty. [See articles navigation, and ships, and vessels.'}

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RESOLUTION of May 8, 1792. 2 Bioren, 112.

1. That the secretary of the treasury cause to he provided, for the use of the several collectors in the United States, printed (ACT of March 2d, 1799.)

clearances, on the back whereof shall be a printed account of the methods which have been found to answer for obtaining fresh from salt water, and of constructing extempore stills, of such implements as are generally on board of every vessel, with a recommendation, in all cases where they shall have occasion to resort to this expedient for obtaining water, to publish the result of their trial in some gazette, on their return to the United States, or to communicate it, for publication, to the office of the secretary of state, in order that others may, by their success, be encouraged to make similar trials, and be benefitted by any improvements, or new ideas, which may occur to them in practice.

ACT of May 8, 1792. 2 Bioren, 304.

3. Sec. Vi. The secretary of the treasury shall direct the superintendence of the collection of the duties on impost and tonnage as he shall judge best. [Infra, 87.]

ACT of March 2, 1799. 3 Bioren, 154. An act to regulate the collection ofduties on imports and tonnage. (see Duties,


4. Sec. Xx. All officers and persons to be appointed pursuant to this act, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, shall severally, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation, diligently and faithfully to execute the duties of their said offices respectively; which oath or affirmation shall be in the form and tenor following to wit:

/(A. B.) having been appointed (collector or other officer as the case may be) of the [district or port of—] do solemnly, sincerely and truly, (swear, or affirm) that I will diligently and faithfully execute the duties of the said office of , and willuse the best of my

endeavours to prevent and detect frauds, in relation to the duties imposed by the laws of the United States; /further (swear, or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States.

(Sworn, or affirmed) and subscribed, this day of , before me. [_Sce note at the end of the article.']

5. Sec Xxi. The several officers of the customs shall, respectively, perform the duties following, to wit: At such of the ports to which there shall be appointed a collector, naval officer, and surveyor, the collector shall receive all reports, manifests, and documents, to be made or exhibited on the entry of any ship or vessel, according to the regulations of this act; shall record, in books to be kept for that purpose, all manifests, shall receive the entries of all ships or vessels, and of the goods, wares, and merchandise, imported in them; shall, together with the naval officer, where there is one, or alone, where there is none, estimate the amount of the duties payable thereupon, endorsing the said amount upon the respective entries; shall receive all moneys paid for duties, and (ACT of March 2d, 1799.)

shall take bonds for securing the payment thereof; shall grant all permits for the unlading and delivery of goods; shall, with the approbation of the principal officer of the treasury department, employ proper persons as weighers, guagers, measurers, and inspectors, at the several ports within his district; and, also, with the like approbation, provide, at the public expense, storehouses for the safe keeping of goods, and such scales, weights, and measures, as may be necessary; the naval officer shall receive copies of all manifests and entries, and shall, together with the collector, estimate the duties on all goods, wares, and merchandise, subject te duty, (and no duties shall be received without such estimate,) and shall keep a separate record thereof, and shall countersign all permits, clearances, certificates, debentures, and other documents, to be granted by the collector; he shall also examine the collector's abstracts of duties, and other accounts of receipts, bonds, and expenditures, and, if found right he shall certify the same.

The surveyor shall superintend and direct all inspectors, weighers, measurers, and guagers, within his port, and shall, once every week, report to the collector the Dame or names of such inspectors, Weighers, guagers, or measurers, as may be absent from, or neglect to do, their duty, shall visit or inspect the ships or vessels which arrive therein, and shall make a return in writing every morning to the collector, if any, at the port where he resides, of all resseJs which shall have arrived from foreign ports or places the preceding day, specifying the names and denominations of the vessels, the masters' names, from whence arrived, whether laden or in ballast, whether belonging to the United States, or to what other nation belonging, and, if American vessels, whether the masters thereof have, or have not, complied with the law, in having the required number of manifests of the cargo on board, agreeing in substance with the provisions made necessary by this act, and shall have power, and is hereby required, to put on board each of such vessels, one or more inspectors, immediately after their arrival in his port; the surveyor shall also ascertain the proof, quantities, and kinds, of distilled spirits imported, rating such spirits according to their respective degrees of proof, as denned by the laws imposing duties on spirits: he shall likewise examine and ascertain the quality, kind, and quantity, of all wines imported; also the quantity and kind of all teas and sugars imported; and shall grant certificates for the said spirits, wines, and teas, and make returns thereof, in manner hereafter provided. He shall also examine whether the goods imported in any ship or vessel, and the deliveries thereof, agreeably to the inspector's return thereof, correspond with the permits for landing the same; and if any error or disagreement appear, he shall report the same to the collector, and to the naval officer, if any there be. The surveyor shall also superintend the lading for exportation, of all goods entered for the benefit of any drawback, bounty, or allowance, and shall examine and (ACT of March 2d, 1799.)

report whether the kind, quantity, and quality, of the goods so laden on board any vessels for exportation, correspond with the entries and permits granted therefor: he shall also, from time to time; and particularly on the first mondays in January and July, in each year, examine and try the weights, measures, and other instruments, used in ascertaining the duties on imports, with standards to be provided by each collector, at the public expense, for that purpose; and where disagreements or errors are discovered, he shall report the same to the collector, and obey and execute such directions as he may receive for correcting thereof, agreeably to the standards aforesaid; and the said surveyor shall, in all cases, be subject to the direction of the collector. And at ports to which a collector and surveyor only are assigned, the said collector shall, solely, execute all the duties in which the co-operation of the naval officer is requisite, at the ports where a naval officer is appointed; which he shall also do in case of the disability or death of the naval officer, until a successor is appointed, unless there is a deputy, duly authorized under the hand and seal of the naval officer, who, in that ease, shall continue to act until an appointment shall take place. And at the ports to which a collector only is assigned, such collector shall solely execute all the duties in which the cooperation of the naval officer is requisite as aforesaid, and shall also, as far as may be, perform all the duties prescribed to the surveyors at the ports where such officers are established. And at the ports to which surveyors only are assigned, every such surveyor shall perform all the duties herein before enjoined upon surveyors, and shall also receive and record the copies of all manifests which shall be transmitted to him by the collector; shall record all permits granted by such collector, distinguishing the guage, weight, measure, and quality of the goods specified therein, and shall take care that no goods be unladen or delivered from any ship or vessel, without a proper permit for that purpose. And at such ports of delivery only to which no surveyor is assigned, it shall be lawful for the collector of the district, occasionally, and from time to time, to employ a proper person or persons to do the duties of a surveyor, who shall be entided to the like compensation with inspectors during the time they shall be employed. And the said collectors, naval officers, and surveyors, shall, respectively, attend in person at the ports to which they are respectively assigned; and shall keep fair and true accounts and records of all their transactions, as officers of the customs, in such manner and form as may, from time to time, be directed by the proper department, or officer having the superintendence of the collection of the revenue of the United States; and shall, at all times, submit their books, papers, and accounts, to the inspection of such persons as may be appointed for that purpose; and the said collector shall, at all times, pay to the order of the officer, who shall be authorized to direct the payment thereof, the whole of the moneys which they may, re

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