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When Jeanie fung with hearty glee,

To charm her w insome Marrow,
My bonny laddie, gang wi' me,

My bonny, &c.
We'll o'er the braes of Yarrow.
My bonny laddie gang wi' me,

We'll o'er, &c.

He kiss'd and loo'd the pretty maid,

Her sparkling een had won his heart, No nymph the youth had e'er betray'd,

No fears had she, the swain no art. And fill the sang with heart and glee,

To charm her winsome Marrow,
My bonny laddie, gang wi' me,

My bonny, &c.
We'll o'er the braes of Yarrow.
My bonny laddie gang wi' me,

We'll o'er, &c.


[blocks in formation]

'TWAS in that season of the year,
When all things gay and sweet appear,
That Colin, with the morning ray,
Arose and sung his rural lay ;

Of Nanny's charms the shepherd fung,
The hills and Jales with Nanny rung,
While Rollin castle heard the fwain,
And echo'd back the chearful strain..

Awake, sweet mufe, the breathing spring,
With rapture warms, awake and fing;
Awake, and join the vocal throng,
And hail the morning with a fong ;
To Nanny raise the chearfal lay,
O bid her halte and come away ;
In sweetest smiles herself adorn,
And add new graces to the morn.

O hark, my love, on every spray
Each feather'd warbler tunes his lay ;-
'Tis beauty fires the ravilh'd throng,
And love inspires the melting song ;
Then let my ravish'd notes arise,
For beauty dart's from Nanny's eyes ;
And love my rising bosom: warms,
And fills my soul with sweet alarms.

O come, my love, thy Colin's lay,
With rapture calls, O. come away:
Come, while the muse this wreath shall twine,
Around that modelt brow of thine :
O hither hafte, and with thee bring,
That beauty, blooming like the spring..
Those graces that divinely fhine,
And charm this ravish'd heart of mine.


S O N G 212.


HARK! the horn calls away,

Come the grave, come the gay,
Wake to mufic that wakens the skies,
Quit the bondage of Noth, and arise.

From the east breaks the morn,

See the sun-beams adorn
The wild heath and the mountains so high ;

Shrilly opes the staunch hound,

The fteed neighs to the found, And the floods and the vallies reply.

Our forefathers fo good,

Prov'd their greatness of blood,
By encount'ring the pard and the boar;

Ruddy health bloom'd each face,

Age and youth urg'd the chace, And taught woodlands and forests to roar.

Hence of noble defcent,

Hills and wilds we frequent, Where the bofom of nature's reveal'd ;

Tho' in life's busy day,

Man of man make a prey,
Still let ours be the prey of the field.

With the chace in full fight, .

Gods, how great the delight; How our mortal sensations rehne

Where is care? where is fear?

Like the winds in the rear,
And the man's lost in something divine.'.

Now to horse, my brave boys,

Lo! each pants for the joys That anon Thalf enliven the whole ; :

Then, at eve we'll dismount,

Toils and pleasures recount, :
And renew the chace, over the bowl..

SONG 2132.

COME rouse from your trancesy,

The fly morn advances,
To catch' sluggish mortals in bed.; ,

Let the horn's jocund note

In the wind sweetly float, While the fox from the brake lifts his head ;:

Now creeping,

Now peeping,
The fox fron the brake lifts his head:

Each away to his fteed,
Your goddess shall lead,

Come; follow, my worshippers, follow ;

For the chace all prepare,

See the hounds snuff the air, Hark, hark, to the huntsman's sweet holloo !

Hark Jowler, hark Rover

See reynard breaks cover,
The hunter's fly over the ground;

Now they skim o'er the plain,

Now they dart down the lane,
And the hills, woods, and.vallies resound,

With dashing

And splashing,
The hills, woods, and vallies resound:

Then away with full speed,

Your goddess shall lead,
Come follow, my worshippers, follow ;-

O’er hedge, ditch, and gate,

If you stop you’r too late, Hark, hark, to the huntsman's sweet holloo !

[blocks in formation]



lads who wish to shine, Bright in future story,

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