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But sleeping's what the wiseft men may do,
Should the committee chance to fit 'till two.

46 Not unlike paintings, principles appear,
Some best at distance, fome when we are near.
The love of politics so vulgar's grown,
My landlord's party from his fign is known :
Mark of French wine, fee Ormond's head appear,
While Marlb'rough's face directs to beer and beer ;
Some Buchanan's, the Pope's head some like best,
The Devil tavern is a standing jeft.

47 Whoe'er you are that have a feat fecure,
Daly return'd, and from petition fure,
Stick to your friends in whatsoe'er you say ;
With strong aversion fun the middle-way ;
The middle-way the best we sometimes call,
But 'tis in politics no way at all.

46 Ut pi&tura Poëfis erit; quæ, fi propius ftes,

Te capiet magis : & quædam, fi longius abftes.
Hæc amat obscurum, volet hæc fub luce videri ;

Hæc placuit femel, hæc decies repetita placebit.
47 O major juvenum-boc tibi di&tum

Tolle memor, certis medium & tolerabile rebus
Recte concedimento

Mediocribus effe Poëtis
Non homines, non Dii, non concefsêre columnæ,
Sic animis natum inventumque Poëma juvandis,

Si paulum a fummo desessit, vergit ad imun.


A Trimmer's

A Trimmer's what both parties turn to sport,
By country hated, and despis'd at court,
Who would in earnest to a party come,
Must give his vote not whimsical, but plumb,
There is no medium ; for the term in vogue,
On either side, is, honest man, or rogue.
Can it be difficult our minds to thew,.
Where all the difference is, yes, or no.?

48 In all professions, time and pains give kill ;
Without hard study dare physicians kill?
Can he that ne'er read ffatutes or reports,
Give chamber counsel, or urge law in courts.?
But every whipster knows affairs of state,
Nor fears on nicest subjects to debate,
A knight of eighteen hundred pounds a year.
Who minds his head, if his estate be clear?
Sure he may speak his mind, and tell the house
He matters not the government a louse.

48 Ludere qui aefcit, campeftribus abftinet armis :

Indoctusque pilæ, discive, trochive, quiefcit,
Ne spiflæ rifum tollant impunè coronæ;
Qui nescit, versus tamen audet fingere.com

Quid ni?
Liber & ingenuus, præfertim census equestrem
Summam nummorum, vitioque remotus ab omnia
Membranis intus pofitis, delere licebit
Quod non edideris : nescit yox miffa reverti.


Lack-learning knights, these things are safely faid
To friends in private, at the Bedford-head ;
But in the house, before your tongue runs on,
Consult fir James, lord William's dead and gone.
Words to recall is in no member's power,
One fingle word may fend you to the Tower.

49 The wrong'd to help, the lawlefs to restrain,
Thrice every year in ancient Egbert's reign,
The members to the Mitchelgemot went,
In after-ages called the Parliament;
Early the Mitchelgemot did begin
T'inroll their statutes on a parchment skin :
For impious treason hence no room was left,
For murder, for polygamy, or theft:
Since when the senate's power both sexes know
From hops and claret, foap and callico.

49 Sylvestres homines facer interpresque Deorum
Cædibus & victu fædo deterruit Orpheus.

Fuit hæc fapientia quondam,
Publica privatis secernere, sacra profanis ;
Concubitu prohibere vago, dare jura maritis ;
Oppida moliri, leges incidere ligno.

Dictæ per carmina fortesy
Et vitæ monstrata via eft, & gratia regum
Pieriis tentata modis : ludusque repertus,
Et longorum operum finis :

ne forte pudori
Si tibi Musa lyræ folers, & cantor Apollo,

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Now wholesome laws young senators bring in 'Gainst gaols, attorneys, bribery, and gin. Since such the nature of the British ftate,

The power of parliament fo old and great,
| Ye 'squires and Irish lords, 'tis worth your care

To be return'd for city, town, or shire,
By sheriff, bailiff, constable, or mayor.

so Some doubt, which to a seat has best pretence,
A man of substance, or a man of sense:
But never any member feats will do,
Without a head-piece and a pocket too ;
Sense is requir'd the depth of things to reach;
And money gives authority to speech.

51 A man of bus'ness won't 'till evening dine,
Abftains from women, company, and wine :
From Fig's f new theatre he'll miss a night,
Though cocks, and bulls, and Irish women fight :

50 Naturâ fieret laudabile carmen, an arte,

Quæfitum eft ; ego nec ftudium fine divite vena,
Nec rude quid profit video ingenium : alterius fic

Altera pofcit opem res, & conjurat amice.
51 Quid ftudet optatam cursu contingere metam,

Multa tulit fecitque puer; sudavit & alfit,
Abftinuit venere & vino,
Nunc fatis eft dixisse, Ego mira poëmata pango:
Occupet extremum scabies, mihi turpe relinqui eft,

Et, quod non didici, fane nescire fateri.
f Fig was the most celebrated prize-fighter of the times. He died Dee

cember 1734


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Nor sultry fun, nor forms of soaking rain,
The man of bus’ness from the house detain :
Nor speaks he for no reason but to say,
I am a member, and I spoke to-day.
I speak fometimes, you'll hear his lordship cry,
Because some fpeak that have less sense than I.

52 The man that has both land and money too,
May wonders in a trading borough do:
They'll praise his ven'fon, and commend his port,
Turn their two former members into sport,
And, if he likes it, satirize the court.
But at a feast 'tis difficult to know
From real friends an undiscover'd foe;
The man that swears he will the poll secure,

his soul that your election's sure,
Suspect that man: beware, all is not right,
He's ten to one a corporation-bite.


52 Afsentatores jubet ad lucrum ire Poëta,

Dives agris, dives pofitis in fænore nummis.
Si vero eft unctum qui recte ponere poflit,
Et spondere levi pro paupere, & eripere atris
Litibus implicitum, mirabor, fi fciet inter-
noscere mendacem verumque beatus amicum.
Tu feu donaris, seu quid donare voles cui,
Nolito ad versus tibi factos. ducere plenum
Lætitiæ : clamabit enim, Pulchre, bene, recte !

fi carmina condes,
Nunquam te fallant animi sub vulpe låtentes.


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