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11 Can men their inward faculties controul :
Is not the tongue an index to the soul?
Laugh not in time of service to your God,
Nor bully, when in custody of th' rod;
Lcok grave, and be from jokes and grinning far,
When brought to sue for pardon at the bar :
If then you let your ill tim'd wit appear,
Knights, citizens, and burgesses will sneer.

12 For land, or trade, not the same notions fire
The city-merchant, and the country-'squire ;
Their climes are diftant, though one cause unites
The lairds of Scotland, and the Cornish knights.

13 To likelihood your characters confine : Don't turn Sir Paul out, let Sir Paul refign.


31 Format enim natura prius nos intus ad omnem

Fortunarum habitum, &c.
Post effert animi motus interprete linguâ.

triftia meftum
Vultum verba decent, &c.
Si dicentis erunt fortunis absona dieta,

Komani tollent equites peditesque cachinnum.
12 Intererit multum Davusne loquatur, an Heros :

Mercatorne vagus, cultorne virentis ageli;

Colchus, an Affyrius; Thebis nutritus, an Argis. 13 Aut famam fequere, aut fibi convenientia finge,

Scriptor. Honoratum fi forte reponis Achillem,


In Walpole's voice (if factions ill intend)
Give the two universities a friend ; ,
Give Maidstone' wit, and elegance refin'd;
To both the Pelhams m give the Scipio's mind;
To Cart’ret n learning, eloquence, and parts ;
To George the second, give all English hearts.

14 Sometimes fresh names in politics produce,
And factions yet unheard of introduce ;
And if you dare attempt a thing so new,
Make to itself the flying squadron true.

Is To speak is free, no member is de barr'd;
But funds and national accounts are hard :


Impiger, iracundus, inexorabilis, acer,
Jura neget fibi nata, nihil non arroget armis;
Sit Medea ferox invictaque, Aebilis Ino,

Perfidus Ixion, Io vaga, triftis Orestes.
14 Si quid inexpertum scenæ committis, & audes

Personam formare novam, servetur ad imum

Qualis ab incepto processerit, & fibi conftet.
15 Difficile eft proprie communia dicere: tuque

Rectius Iliacum carmen deducis in actus,
Quam fi proferres ignota indictaque primus.

? George Finch, afterwards earl of Winchelsea.

n Thomas Pelham Holles, duke of Newcastle,and Henry Pelham, Erg his brother.

* John Carteret, lord Carteret, afterwards earl Granville.


Safer on common topicks to discourse,
The mait-tax, and a military force.
On these each coffee-house will lend a hint,
Beides a thousand things that are in print.
But Itea! not word for word, nor thought for thought,
For you'll be teaz'd to death, if you are caught,
When factious leaders boast increasing strength,
Go not too far, nor follow every length:
Leave room for change, turn with a grace about,
And swear


left 'em, when you found 'em out. 16 With art and modesty your part maintain 3 And talk like Col’nel Titus, not like Lane The trading knight with rants his speech begins, Sun, moon, and stars, and dragons, faints, and kings a

Putlica materies privati juris erit, fi
Nec circa vilem patulumque moraberis orbemaz
Noc verbum verbo curabis reddere fidus
Interpres; nec desilies imitator in arctum,

Unde pedem proferre pudor vetet, aut operis lex,
16 Nec fic incipies, ut scriptor Cyclicus olim,

« Fortunam Priami cantabo & nobile bellum,"
Quanto rectius hic, qui nil molitur inepte,
« Dic mihi Musa virum, captæ poft tempora Trojz,
« Qui mores hominum multorum vidit & urbes,"

• Sir Richard Lane, member for Worcater in the year 1727.

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But Titus faid, with his uncommon sense,
When the exclusion-bill was in suspence P,
I hear a lion in the lobby roar ;
Say, Mr. Speaker, shall we fhut the door
And keep him there, or mall we let him in

if we can turn him out again
17 Some 'mighty blusterers impeach with noise,
And call their private cry, the public voice.

38 From folios of accounts they take their handles, And the whole balance proves a pound of candles ;

To try

an Non fumum ex fulgore, sed ex fumo dare lucens

18 Quid dignumi tanto feret hic promiffor hiatu ?

Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

p In a debate on the exclufion bill, January 7, 1680, Colonel Titus, amongst other things, observed, " If a lion was in the lobby, and we

were to consider which way to secure ourselves from him, and con“ clude it is best to shut the door and keep him out, “No, faýs another, “ let us chain him and let him come in, but I should be loth to put the “ chain on. Should the nomination of the judges, and all other pre“ ferments, be in your hands, what a kind of government would you “ have, without feet or claws? As such a king cannot hurt you, so he

cannot protect you. It has been said by another, “ Let us establith

a good council about the king. But I never knew a king and his “ council of a different opinion. A wise king has, and also makes & “ wise council, but a wise council does not always make a wise “ king, &c.". Grey's Debaies, vol. viii, page 279.


As if Paul's cupola were brought to bed,
After hard labour, of a small pin's head.

19 Some Rufus, fome the Conqueror bring in,
And some from Julius Cæsar's days begin.
A cunning speaker can command his chops,
And when the house is not in humour, stops ;
In falsehood probability employs,
Nor his old lies with newer lies destroys.

20 If when you speak, you'd hear a needle fall, And make the frequent hear-hims rend the wall, In matters suited to your taste

Rememb’ring still your quality and age.
Thy talk be this, young knight, and hear my song,
What politics to every age belong.

21 When babes can speak, babes should be taught to say King George the second's health, huzza, huzza !


19 Nec reditum Diomedis ab interitu Meleagri,
Nec gemino bellum Trojanum orditur ab ovoj

& quæ
Desperat tractata nitescere poffe, relinquit;
Atque ita mentitur, sic veris falfa remiscet,

Primo ne medium, medio ne discrepet imum.
20 Tu, quid ego & populus mecum defideret, audi ;

Si plauforis eges aulæa manentis, & ufque
Sessori, donec cantor, Vos plaudite, dicat ;
Ætatis cujufque notandi sunt tibi mores,

Mobilibusque decor naturis dandus & annis.
21 Reddere qui voces jam fcit puer, & pede cesto



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