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fully omitted coming to Church, or to the pub. lic Prayers, when I had no just Occasion to hinder me Or, have I not rudely, irreverently

or wantonly behaved myself during the Time of divine Service Or, have I not wilfully refused to come to the Lord's Supper, when I have been called to it Or, have I not rashly and unadvisedly received the Sacrament without due Preparation ? Or, have I not broken my Vows and Resolutions which I then made :

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to give Evidence of it Or, have I not un

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Have I not secretly complained against the Providence of God, as if others had too much, and I too little Or, have I not by unlawful Means endeavoured to deprive others of their Goods and Property Or, have I laboured truly and faithfully to get my own Living, and been content with that State of Life unto which it hath pleased God to call me

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