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Dear Sir,
I Cannot wish that any of my

writings should last longer than of the memory of our friendship, and

therefore I thus publicly bequeath
them to you, in return for the many
valuable instances of your affection.
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tretur fer frona Cira

That they may come to you with as little disadvantage as possible, I have left the care of them to one, whom, by the experience of some years, I know well qualified to answer my intentions. He has already the honour and happiness of being under your protection; and, as he will very much stand in need of it, I cannot wish him better, than that he may continue to deserve the favour and countenance of such a patron.

I have no time to lay out in forming such compliments, as would but ill suit that familiarity between us, which was once my greatest plea


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sure, and will be my greatest honour hereafter. Instead of them, accept of my hearty wishes, that the great reputation, you have acquired fo early, may.increase more and more: And that you may long serve your country with those excellent talents, and unblemished integrity, which have fo powerfully recommended you to the most gracious and amiable Monarch that ever filled a throne. May the frankness and generosity of your spirit continue to soften and subdue your enemies, and gain you many friends, if possible, as fincere as yourself. When you have found such,

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they cannot wish you more true happiness than I, who am, with the greatest zeal, - ...

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Yoseph Addison, the son of Lanv celot Addison, D. D, and of Jane the daughter of Nathaniel Gulston, D. D. and Gifter of Doctor Willianz Gulston Bishop of Bristol, was born at Milfton near Ambrosebury, in the county of Wilts, in the year 1671. His father, who was of the county of Westmorland, and educated at Queen's college in Oxford, pafled many years in his travels through Europe and Africa, where he joined, to the uncommon and excellent talents of nature, a great knowledge of letters and things; of which several books published by him are ample testimonies.


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