The young moralist

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Страница 63 - you are safe, my friend, my beloved friend : the gods be praised, you are safe, I now have nothing but death to suffer, and am delivered from the anguish of those reproaches which I gave myself for having endangered a life so much dearer than my own.
Страница 23 - The Caliph instantly beheld a magnificent palace, adorned with the statues of his ancestors wrought in jasper; the ivory doors of which, turning on hinges of the gold of Golconda, discovered ' a throne of diamonds, surrounded with the...
Страница 62 - I erase from your bosoms every doubt, every mean suspicion of the honor of the man for whom I am about to suffer, I should go to my death, even as I would to my bridal. Be it sufficient in the...
Страница 159 - Nor every friend unrotten at the core ; First, on thy friend, deliberate with thyself: Pause, ponder, sift ; not eager in the choice, Nor jealous of the chosen ; fixing, fix : Judge before friendship, then confide till death.
Страница 20 - At that moment he furiously raised his hand, which Despair had armed with a dagger, to strike deep into his bosom; when suddenly thick flashes of lightning shot through the cavern, and a being of more than human beauty and magnitude, arrayed in azure robes, crowned with amaranth, and waving a branch of palm in his right hand, arrested the arm of the trembling and astonished Caliph, and said with a majestic smile, ' Follow me to the top of this mountain.
Страница 21 - Inhabitant of heaven,' cried Bozaldab, ' suffer not this wretch to perish by the fury of wild beasts.' ' Peace,' said the Angel, ' and observe.' He looked again, and behold a vessel arrived at the desolate isle. What words can paint the rapture of the starving merchant, when the captain offered to transport him to his native country, if he would reward him with half the jewels of his...
Страница 59 - This the tyrant intended most peremptorily to refuse, by granting it, as he conceived, on the impossible condition of his procuring some one to remain as hostage for his return, under equal forfeiture of life. Pythias heard the...
Страница 64 - Ye have borne unquestionable testimony to the existence of virtue ; and that virtue equally evinces the certainty of the existence of a God to reward it. Live happy, live renowned ! and, O form me by your precepts, as you have invited me by your example, to be worthy of the participation of so sacred a friendship.
Страница 20 - Being possessed the goodness and the power with which flattering priests have invested him, he would doubtless be inclined, and enabled to banish those evils which render the. world a dungeon of distress, a vale of vanity and woe. — I will continue in it no longer.
Страница 61 - I might suffer a thousand deaths, rather than my friend should fail in any article of his honour. He cannot fail therein, my Lord ; I am as confident of his virtue as I am of my own existence. But I pray, I beseech the gods to preserve the life and integrity of my Damon together. Oppose him, ye winds ! prevent the eagerness and impatience of his honourable endeavours, and suffer him not to arrive, till, by my death...