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« What think'st thou of Greece?

« Address to me here as usual, till you hear further from me.

« By Mawman I have sent a journal to Moore; but it won't do for the public,--at least a great deal of it won't; - parts may

« I read over the Juans, which are excellent. Your squad are quite wrong; and so you will find by and by. I regret that I do not go on with it, for I had all the plan for several cantos, and different countries and climes. You say nothing of the note I enclosed to you,' which will explain why I agreed to discontinue it (at Madame G-–'s request); but you are so grand, and sublime, and occupied, that one would think, instead of publishing for the Board of Longitude,' that you were trying to discover it.

« Let me hear that Gifford is better. He can't be spared either by you or me. »



« Ravenna, Sept. 12th, 1821. « By Tuesday's post, I forwarded, in three packets, the drama of Cain in three acts, of which I request the

. In this note, so highly honourable to the fair writer, she says, « Re. member, my Byron, the promise you have made me. Never shall I be able to tell you the satisfaction I feel from it, so great are the sentiments of pleasure and confidence with which the sacrifice you have made has inspired me.» In a postcript to the note she adds, « I am only sorry that Don Juan was not left in the infernal regions. »-« Ricordati, mio Byron, della promessa che mi hai fatta. Non potrei mai dirti la saddisfazione che io ne provo!-sono tanti i sentimenti di piacere e di confideuza che il

acknowledgment when arrived. To the last speech of Eve, in the last act (i. e. where she curses Cain), add these three lines to the concluding ones —

May the grass wither from thy foot! the woods
Deny thee shelter! earth a home! the dust

A grave! the sun his light! and Heaven her God! « There's as pretty a piece of imprecation for you, when joined to the lines already sent, as you may wish to meet with in the course of your business. But don't forget the addition of the above three lines, which are clinchers to Eve's speech.

« Let me know what Gifford thinks (if the play arrives in safety); for I have a good opinion of the piece, as poetry; it is in my gay metaphysical style, and in the Manfred line.

« You must at least commend my facility and variety, when you consider what I have done within the last fifteen months, with my head, too, full of other and of mundane matters.

But no doubt you will avoid saying any good of it, for fearl should raise the price upon you: that's right: stick to business. Let me know what your other ragamuffins are writing, for I suppose you don't like starting too many of your vagabonds at once. You may give them the start, for any thing I care.

«Why don't you publish my Pulci - the very best thing I ever wrote,—with the Italian to it? I wish I was alongside of you; nothing is ever done in a man's absence; every body runs counter, because they can, If ever I do return to England, (which I sha'n't, though), tuo sacrificio m’inspira.»—. Mi rinoresce solo che Don Giovanni non resti all' Inferno..

In enclosing the lady's note to Mr Murray, July 4th, Lord B. says, This is the vote of acknowledgment for the promise not to continue Don Juan. She says, in the postscript, that she is only sorry that D. J. does not remain in Hell (or yo ibere).

I will write a poem to which ‘English Bards,' etc. sl:all be new milk, in comparison. Your present literary world of mountebanks stands in need of such an Avatar. But I am not yet quite bilious enough : a season or two more, and a provocation or two, will wind me up to the point, and then liave at the whole set!

« I have no patience with the sort of trash you send me out by way of books; except Scott's novels, and three or four other things, I never saw such work, or works. Campbell is lecturing-Moore idling--S** twaddling-W** driveling-C** muddling, ** piddling-B ** quibbling, squabbling, and sniveling.

** will do, if he don't cant too much, nor imitate Southey: the fellow has poesy in him; but he is envious, and unhappy, as all the envious are. Still he is

among the best of the day. B**C** will do better by-andby, I dare say, if he don't get spoiled by green tea, and the praises of Pentonville and Paradise-row. The pity of these men is, that they never lived in high life, nor in solitude: there is no medium for the knowledge of the busy or the still world. If admitted into high life for a season, it is merely as spectators—they form no part of the mechanism thereof. Now Moore and I, the one by circumstances, and the other by birth, happened to be free of the corporation, and to have entered into its pulses and passions, quarum partes fuimus. Both of us have learnt by this much which nothing else could have tauglit us.

« Yours. « P.S.— I saw one of your brethren, another of the allied sovereigns of Grub-street, the other day, Mawman the Great, by whom I sent due homage to your imperial self. To-morrow's post may perhaps bring a letter from you, but you are the most ungrateful and

ungracious of correspondents. But there is some excuse. for you, with your perpetual levee of politicians, parsons, scribblers, and loungers. Some day I will give you a poetical catalogue of them. »



Ravenna, September 17th, 1821. « The enclosed lines,' as you will directly perceive, are written by the Rev. W. L. B** Of course it is for him to deny them if they are not.

« Believe me yours ever and most affectionately,

« B.

“P.S.--Can you forgive this? It is only a reply to your lines against my Italians. Of course I will stand by my lines against all men; but it is heart-breaking to see such things in a people as the reception of that unredeemed ****** in an oppressed country. Your apotheosis is now reduced to a level with his welcome, and their gratitude to Grattan is cancelled by their atrocious adulation of this, etc. etc. etc.»



« Ravenna, September 19th, 1821. « I am in all the sweat, dust, and blasphemy of an universal packing of all my things, furniture, etc. for Pisa, whither I

1 « The Irish Avatar.» In this copy the following sentence (taken from a Letter of Curran, in the able Life of that true Irishman, by his son) is prefixed as a moito to the Poem, - « And Ireland, like a bastinadoed elephant, kneeling to receive the palıry rider.»Letter of Curran, Life, vol. ij. page 336. At the end of the verses are these words :

(Signed) W. L. B'', M.A, and written with a view to a Bishop


for the winter. The cause has been the exile of all my fellow Carbonics, and, amongst them, of the whole family of Madame G., who, you know, was divorced from her husband last week, 'on account of P. P., clerk of this parish,' and who is ohliged to join her father and relatives, now in exile there, to avoid being shut up in a monastery, because the Pope's decree of separation required her to reside in casa paterna, or else, for decorum's sake, in a convent. As I could not say, with Hamlet, ' Get thee to a nunnery,' I am preparing to follow them.

« It is awful work, this love, and prevents all a man's projects of good or glory. I wanted to go to Greece lately (as every thing seems up here) with her brother, who is a very fine, brave fellow (I have seen him put to the proof), and wild about liberty. But the tears of a woman who has left her husband for a man, and the weakness of one's own heart, are paramount to these projects, and I can hardly indulge them.

« We were divided in choice between Switzerland and Tuscany, and I gave my vote for Pisa, as nearer the Mediterranean, which I love for the sake of the shores which it washes, and for my young recollections of 1809. Switzerland is a curst selfish, swinish country of brutes, placed in the most romantic region of the world. never could bear the inhabitants, and still less their English visitors; for which reason, after writing for some information about houses, upon hearing that there was a colony of English all over the cantons of Geneva, etc., I immediately gave up the thought, and persuaded the Gambas to do the same.

« By last post I sent you the Irish Avatar,'-- what think you? The last line-'a name never spoke but with curses or jeers-must run either a name only

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