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OVE’s but the frailty of the mind

When 'tis not with ambition join'd; A fickly flame, which if not fed expires, And feeding, waftes in felf-consuming fires.

'Tis not to wound a wanton boy,

Or amorous youth, that gives the joy ; But 'tis the glory to have pierced a fwain For whom inferiour beauties sigh'd in vain.

Then I alone the conquest prize,

When I insult a rival's eyes ; If there's delight in love, 'tis when I see The heart which others bleed for, bleed for me,



AIR Amoret is gone astray,

Pursue and seek her, every lover ; I'll tell the signs by which you may

The wand'ring shepherdess discover.

Coquet and coy at once her air,

Both study'd, tho' both seem neglected, Careless she is with artful care,

Affecting to seem unaffected.

With skill her eyes dart every glance,

Yet change so soon you'd ne’er suspect ’em ; For she'd persuade they wound by chance,

Tho' certain aim and art direct 'em,

She likes herself, yet others hates

For that which in herself the prizes ; And, while she laughs at them, forgets, She is the thing that the defpises.



N CHLORIS all soft charms agree,

Inchanting humour, pow'rful wit,
Beauty from affectation free,

And for eternal empire fit.
Where'er she goes love waits her eyes,

The women envy, men adore ;
Tho' did she less the triumph prize,

She would deserve the conquest more.

But vanity so much prevails,

She begs what none else would deny her, Makes such advances with her eyes,

The hope she gives prevents desire : Catches at every trifling heart,

Grows warm with every glimm'ring flame; The common prey so deads her dart,

It scarce can pierce a noble game.

I could lie ages at her feet,

Adore her careless of my pain, With tender vows her rigours meet,

Despair, love on, and not complain;

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My passion from all change secure

No favours raise, no frown controuls ; I any torment can endure

But hoping with a crowd of fools.

YES, Fulvia is like Venus fair,

Has all her bloom and shape and air ;
But still to perfect every grace,
She wants-the smile


her face,

The crown majestic Juno wore,
And CYNTHIA's brow the crescent bore,
A helmet mark'd Minerva's mien;
But smiles distinguish'd beauty's queen.

Her train was form'd of smiles and loves,
Her chariot drawn by gentlest doves,
And from her zone the nymph may find
'Tis beauty's province to be kind.


Then smile


fair ; and all whose aim
Aspires to paint the Cyprian dame,
Or bid her breathe in living stone,
Shall take their forms from





TELL thee, CHARMION, could I time retrieve,

And could again begin to love and live, To you I should my earliest off'ring give; I know my eyes would lead

my And I should all my oaths and vows renew, But, to be plain, I never would be true,

heart to you,

For by our weak and weary truth, I find,
Love hates to centre in a point affign'd,
But runs with joy the circle of the mind :
Then let us never chain what should be free,
But for relief of either sex agree;
Since women love to change, and so do we.


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