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Contents of the Months of July, Augusts September ,

OtJober, November and December.

Art. I. An Examination of the Question, Whether Æneas ever came to hat/s,

or not? fife. By C. Lamotte, D. D. II. The moral Philosopher. In a Dia-

logue between Philaletbes a Christian Deist, and Tbeopbanet a Christian Jew,

&c. III. A Collection of curious Pieces wrote by the late celebrated M. Tur-

retin, Professor of Divinity and Ecclesiastical History in the University of Ge-

neva. IV. Anew Treatise of Fluxions, &c. By Thomas Simpson, Teacher of

the Mathematics. V. A Piece of Eloquence from the University of Gottingen

in Germany, &c. VI. The History of the ancient Germans, &c. By Dr.

John Jacob Mascou, Aulic Counsellor to the King of Poland, &c. VII. A

Reply to Dr. Pemberton'% Observations published in the History of the Works of

the Learned for the Month of June. By Philaletbes Cantabrigiensis. VIII*

An Abridgment of the Sermons preached at the Lecture founded by the Ho-

nourable Robert Boyle, Esq; By Gilbert Burnet, Vicar of Coggejhall, Effex.

IX. A Continuation of the History of the ancient Germans. &c. X. A Con-

tinuation of Mr. Drake'% History of the Antiquities of York, £fc. XI. A Let-

ter to Mr. Maclaurin concerning his Letter lately published in the Philof;

Trans. XII. Observations by Dr. Pemberton on Pbilalethes's Reply published

in the Works of tbe Learned for the last Month. XIII. An Essay on hot and

cold Bathing. By John King Apothecary. XIV- Miscellanies in Verse and

Prose. By Mr. Jabex Hughes. XV. The Plain Account of the Nature and

End of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, not drawn from, or founded on

Scripture. XVI. A Treatise on Virtue and Happiness. XVII. A sliort and
easy Method of Teaching or Learning Geography, &c. XVIII. Remarks
upon the Voice that was heard in the Temple before the Destruction of Jerusa-
lem, &c. By Ch. Lamotte, D. D. XIX. The Occana, and other Works of
James Harrington, Esq j collected, methodized and reviewed, &c. By John
•loland. XX. Sermons on several Subjects. By James Foster. XXI. The

Scripture Doctrine of the Redemption of the World by Christ intelligibly ex-

plained to the Capacity of mean People, &c. By Thomas Burnet ,D. D. XXII.

The Conclusion and Postscript to the last Reply of PhilaletheS Cantab, to Dr.

Pemberton, publislied in our History for July. XXIII. Medulla Poetarum Ro-

manorum; or, The most beauttful and instructive Passages of the Roman Poets,

(S?c. By Mr. Henry Baker. XXIV. The Sacred and prophane History of the

World connected, &c. By Samuel Sbuckford, M. A. XXV. Dr. Pemberton'a

Answer to the two Questions put by Philaletbes Cantabrigienjis, &c. XXVI.

An Essay concerning rational Notions, c. By Charles Mayne, Esq; XXVII;

An Enquiry into the Morals of the Ancients. By the Reverend Mr. George

England. XXVIII. An Introduction to Geography, £fc. XXIX. A new

Eflay on the Nerves, &c. By D. Bayne. XXX. Philosophical Transitions

for the Months of July, August, and September, 1736. XXXI. Literary

News. XXXII. Remarks upon the Table-Gesture of the Ancients, &c.

By Ch. Lamotte, D. D. XXXIII. Mr. Brcugbton's Historical Library, &c.

XXXIV. A Continuation of Mr. Drake's History and Antiquities of Tori,

&c. XXXV. A Remark upon a Passage in Mr. Shuckford's Connection, & a

XXXVI. A Critical History of Philosophy, &c. XXXVII. Some far^

thcr Queries relating to the Controversy between Dr. Pemberton and PhilaletheS

Cantabrigienjis. XXXVIII. An Answer to Mr. Hndal'% Christianity, &e.

XXXIX. An Historico-Geographical Description of the North and Eastern

Parts of Europe and Asia, &c. XL. Literary News. XLI. Continuation

of M. Strablenberg's Description of the North and Eastern Parts of Eu-

rope and Asia. XLII. Continuation of Mr. Broughton's Bibliotheca Histo*

rico-Sacra. XLIII. The History and Antiquities of the Jews in England,

&c. XLIV. An Advertisement by Dr. Pemberton concerning the Questions

publislied in the Works of the Learned. XLV. The History of the Arts

and Sciences of the Ancients. XLVI. Quæstid medica, An innupM rau»

tkribus lumina viue brevier? Catalogue ef Books*




Works of the Learne D.


A General View of the State of Learning
throughout EURO PE, and containing an
impartial Account and accurate Abstracts of
the most valuable Books publistYd in Great
Britain and Foreign Parts.

Interspers'd with Dissertations on several curious
and entertaining Subjects* critical Reflections,
and Memoirs of the most eminent Wr I T E R S
in all Branches of polite Literature.

For the Months of July, Augusts September,
OcJober, November and December, 1737.


I 0 N D 0 AT:

Printed for T. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater-
noster-Row* M Dcc xxxvii.

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