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But should some swain, more skilful than the rest,
Engrave his name upon this marble breast,
Not rolling ages could deface that name;
Through all the storms of life 'tis still the fame:
Tho' length of years with moss may shade the ground,
Deep, tho’ unseen, remains the secret wound.

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TO MARY, Queen of SCOTS. Designed to be spoken by Mrs. OLDFIELD.'

By the Same.

THAT could luxurious woman with for more,

To fix her joys, or to extend her pow'r ?
Their every wish was in this Mary seen,
Gay, witty, youthful, beauteous, and a queen.
Vain useless blessings with ill conduct join'd !
Light as the air, and feeting as the wind.'
Whatever poets write, and lovers vow,
Beauty, what poor omnipotence halt thou !

I 2

.. Queen

Queen Bess had wisdom, council, power, and laws;
How few espous'd a wretched beauty's cause!
Learn thence, ye fair, more solid charms to prize,
Contemn the idle flatt'rers of your eyes.
The brightest object shines but while 'tis new;
That influence lessens by familiar view.
Monarchs and beauties rule with equal sway,
All strive to serve, and glory to obey ;
Alike unpitied when depos'd they grows
Men mock the idol of their former vow.

Two great examples have been shown to-day,
To what fure ruin passion does betray;
What long repentance to short joys is due ;
When reason rules, what glory does ensue.

If you will love, love like Eliza then ;
Love for amusement, like those traitors men..
Think that the pastime of a leisure hour
She favour'd oft—but never shar'd her pow'r.

The traveller by desart wolves pursu’d,
If by his art the savage foe's subdu'd,
The world will still the noble act applaud,
Though victory was gain'd by needful fraud.

Such is, my tender sex, our helpless case ;
And such the barbarous heart, hid by the begging face.


By passion fir'd, and not with-held by shame,
They cruel hunters are; we, trembling game.
Trust me, dear ladies, (for I know 'em well)
They burn to triumph, and they sigh to tell :
Cruel to them that yield, cullies to them that sell. )
Believe me, 'tis by far the wiser course,
Superior art should meet fuperior force :
Hear, but be faithful to your interest ftill:
Secure your hearts--then fool with whom you will. .

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A RECEIPT to cure the VAPOUR S.

Written to Lady J---N.

By the Same.


H Y will Delia thus retire,
V And idly languish life away ?
While the sighing crowd admire,

'Tis too soon for hartshorn tea.

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All those dismal looks and fretting

Cannot Damon's life restore; Long ago the worms have eat him, * You can never see him more.

Once again consult your toilette,

In the glass your face review:
So much weeping soon will spoil it,
And no spring your charms renew.

I, like you, was born a woman,

Well I know what vapours mean :
The disease, alas! is common ;

Single, we have all the spleen.


All the morals that they tell us,

Never cur’d the sorrow yet:
Chuse, among the pretty fellows,
One of honour, youth, and wit.

Prithee hear him every morning,

At the least an hour or two ;
Once again at night returning -

I believe the dose will do.. .


The SPL E E N.
An EPISTLE to Mr. C- J—.


By Mr. MATTHEW Green of the Custom-house.


THIS motly piece to you I send,

1 Who always were a faithful friends
Who, if disputes should happen hence,
Can best explain the author's sense ;
And, anxious for the public weal, ..
Do, what I sing, so often feel.

The want of method pray excuse,
Allowing for a vapour’d Muse;
Nor, to a narrow path confin’d,
Hedge in by rules a roving mind.

The child is genuine, you may trace
Throughout the fire's transmitted face,
Nothing is stol'n: my Muse, though mean,
Draws from the spring she finds within ;

I 4


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