Annual report of the Department of Health of the State of New Jersey. 1890

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State Department of Health, 1890

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Страница 326 - ... a strong coffin or casket encased in a hermetically sealed (soldered) zinc, copper, or tin case, and all enclosed in a strong outside wooden box of material not less than one inch thick. In all cases the outside boxes must be provided with four iron chest handles.
Страница 83 - ... above. Care must be taken that the oil does not flow over the flange. Remove all air bubbles with a piece of dry paper. Place the glass cover on the oil cup, and so adjust the thermometer that its bulb shall be just covered by the oil. "If an alcohol lamp be employed for heating the water bath, the wick should be carefully trimmed and adjusted to a small flame.
Страница 326 - ... being wrapped in a sheet and disinfected by solution of bichloride of mercury as above, and placed in a strong coffin or casket, and said 'coffin or casket encased in a hermetically sealed (soldered) zinc, copper, or tin case, and all enclosed in a strong outside wooden box of material not less than one inch and a half thick. RULE 3. In cases of contagious, infectious, or communicable diseases, the body must not be accompanied by articles which have been exposed to the infection of the disease.
Страница 83 - As a flash torch, a small gas jet one-quarter of an inch in length, should be employed. When gas is not at hand employ a piece of waxed linen twine. The flame in this case, however, should be small. " When the temperature of the oil has reached 85° F.
Страница 326 - ... and a transit permit from Board of Health, or proper health authority, giving permission for the removal, and showing the name of deceased, age, place of death, cause of death, (and if of a contagious or infectious nature) the point to which it is to be shipped, medical attendant and name of undertaker.
Страница 144 - Sex; and whosoever neglects or refuses to comply with any such Notice shall be liable for each Default to a Penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds, and a further Penalty not exceeding Forty Shillings for every Day during which the Default is continued.
Страница 294 - ... of sex, age and circumstances ; to watch it from month to month, and even from week to week ; to watch it as affected by different diseases, and...
Страница 150 - Whenever it shall be certified to the Board of Health by the superintendent that any building or part thereof is unfit for human habitation, by reason of its being so infected with disease as to be likely to cause sickness among the occupants, or by reason of its want of repair has become dangerous to life, said Board may issue an order, and cause the same to...
Страница 326 - Casket, hermetically sealed, and all enclosed in a strong, tight wooden box; or the body...
Страница 327 - ... undertaker. Rule 6. The transit permits must be made with a stub to be retained by the person issuing it, the original permit must accompany the body to destination, and two coupons. The first coupon to be detached by...