Nelly Deane: A Story of Every-day Life : in Two Vols, Том 2

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William P. Nimmo, 1864 - 261 страници

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Страница 247 - For honour travels in a strait so narrow Where one but goes abreast: keep then the path; For emulation hath a thousand sons That one by one pursue: if you give way, Or hedge aside from the direct forthright, Like to an enter'd tide they all rush by And leave you hindmost...
Страница 185 - Appals the gazing mourner's heart, As if to him it could impart The doom he dreads, yet dwells upon ; Yes, but for these, and these alone, Some moments, ay, one treacherous hour, He still might doubt the tyrant's power ; So fair, so calm, so softly seal'd, The first, last look by death reveal'd...
Страница 223 - Though slander'd, thou never couldst shake ; Though trusted, thou didst not disclaim me, Though parted, it was not to fly, Though watchful, 'twas not to defame me, Nor, mute, that the world might belie.
Страница 24 - Were made a living thing, and wore thy shape ! I saw thee, and the passionate heart of man Entered the breast of the wild-dreaming boy. And from that hour I grew — what to the last I shall be — thine adorer ! Well ; this love, Vain, frantic, guilty, if thou wilt, became A fountain of ambition and bright hope ; I thought of tales that by the winter hearth Old gossips tell — how maidens sprung from kings Have stooped from their high sphere ; how Love like Death, Levels all ranks, and lays the...
Страница 185 - The fixed yet tender traits that streak The languor of the placid cheek, And but for that sad shrouded eye, That fires not, wins not, weeps not, now, And but for that chill changeless brow, Where cold Obstruction's apathy Appals the gazing mourner's heart...
Страница 161 - INTO the Silent Land! Ah ! who shall lead us thither? Clouds in the evening sky more darkly gather, And shattered wrecks lie thicker on the strand. Who leads us with a gentle hand Thither, O thither, Into the Silent Land?
Страница 138 - THEY tell me, gentle lady, that they deck thee for a bride, That the wreath is woven for thy hair, the bridegroom by thy side ; And I think I hear thy father's sigh, thy mother's calmer tone, As they give thee to another's arms — their beautiful — their own.
Страница 223 - To pain— it shall not be its slave. There is many a pang to pursue me ; They may crush, but they shall not contemn; They may torture, but shall not subdue me; 'Tis of thee that I think— not of them.
Страница 148 - Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this congregation, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony...
Страница 263 - Mr Leighton manages with much art to hold our Interest in suspense to the very end; and his mysteries are often sufficiently provocative of curiosity to keep us reading on into the fading light.