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JOHN GILPIN was a citizen

Of credit and renown,

A train-band captain eke was he
Of famous London town.

John Gilpin's spouse faid to her dear-
Though wedded we have been

These twice ten tedious years, yet we

No holiday have seen.

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To-morrow is our wedding-day,

And we will then repair

Unto the Bell at Edmonton
All in a chaife and pair.

My fifter, and my fister's child,
Myfelf, and children three,
Will fill the chaife; fo you must ride
On horfeback after we.

He foon replied-I do admire
Of womankind but one,
And you are fhe, my deareft dear,
Therefore it fhall be done.

I am a linen-draper bold,

As all the world doth know,

And my good friend the calender.
Will lend his horfe to go.

Quoth Mrs. Gilpin-That's well faid;

And, for that wine is dear,

We will be furnish'd with our own,
Which is both bright and clear.

John Gilpin kifs'd his loving wife;
O'erjoy'd was he to find

That, though on pleasure fhe was bent,
She had a frugal mind.

The morning came, the chaife was brought, But yet was not allow'd

To drive up to the door, left all

Should fay that she was proud.

So three doors off the chaife was stay'd,

Where they did all get in;

Six precious fouls, and all agog

To dash through thick and thin!

Smack went the whip, round went the wheels,

Were never folk fo glad,

The ftones did rattle underneath
As if Cheapfide were mad.

John Gilpin at his horfe's fide

Seiz'd faft the flowing mane, And up he got, in hafte to ride, But foon came down again;

For faddle-tree fcarce reach'd had he,
His journey to begin,

When, turning round his head, he faw
Three customers come in.

So down he came; for lofs of time,
Although it griev'd him fore,

Yet lofs of pence, full well he knew,
Would trouble him much more.

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'Twas long before the customers

Were fuited to their mind,

When Betty screaming came down stairs"The wine is left behind!"

Good lack! quoth he-yet bring it me,

My leathern belt likewise,

In which I bear my trusty sword
When I do exercise.

Now mistress Gilpin (careful foul!)
Had two stone bottles found,
To hold the liquor that she lov'd,
And keep it fafe and found.

Each bottle had a curling ear,

Through which the belt he drew,

And hung a bottle on each fide,
To make his balance true,


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