Serbia in Light and Darkness

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Cosimo, Inc., 1.10.2007 г. - 200 страници
Originally published in 1916, Serbia in Light and Darkness is Velimirovic's retelling of the history of his people. He wishes to share with the Western world the story of his people at their best and the story of his people at their worst-a history that many are completely unfamiliar with. Velimirovic speaks on the character of the Serbian soul and how the suffering endured by his countrymen has forged them into a unique people with an abiding faith. Offering a deep understanding of culture and national pride, this small book will be of interest to religious scholars, historians, and anyone with a passion for understanding international relations. Serbian bishop NIKOLAJ VELIMIROVIC (1880-1956) was a member of the Orthodox church and prominent, though controversial theological writer: though canonized by the Orthodox church, some of his writings are considered anti-Semitic. Among his most prominent writings are The Religious Spirit of the Slavs (1916) and Beyond Sin and Death (1914).

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