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Foliorum Silvula


Foliorum Silvula, Part 1, being Select Passages for Trans

lation into Latin Elegiac and Hexameter Verse. Third Edition 75. 6d

Foliorum Silvula, Part III, being a Selection of Passages

for Translation into Greek Verse.

Third Edition

Foliorum Centuria, being a Selection of Passages for

Translation into Latin and Greek Prose. Second Edition 8s

Aristophanis Comædia Undecim cum Notis et Onomastico 8vo. 155. Second Edition

Each Play separately.
Notes, &


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*M. T. Ciceronis de Officiis Libri Tres, with Marginał Ana

lysis and an English Commentary. Crown 8vo. gs. 60

*M. Minucii Felicis Octavius. The Text newly revised

from the only known MS., with an English Commentary; Analysis and Introduction. Crown 8vo. gs. 6d

*Cæsar Morgan on the Trinity of Plato, a new edition

revised. Crown 8vo. 45

[In Preparation)

FOLIA SILVULÆ, Latinè et Græcè reddita; accedunt

Musarum Anglicanarum Analecta.

* Edited for the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press

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