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they guillotine and murder one. 2d verse of the 13th chapter of another. Is this slaying the Old John, which has made many believe and New Testament throughout (contrary to truth), that Judas the precincts or streets of the great partook of the Lord's Supper, city, the anti-christian or Roman where it is said, “ Supper being Church, for the space of 1260 ended ;” whereas it was not really years, or even three years and a begun, and should be rendered, half? Did the nations rejoice at it, « Supper being ready, or served as the Apostle says? Was a single up.” individual debarred from reading With respect to the three days his Bible by it? Did that Bible and a half being the same in the lie muzzled in an obsolete lan- symbolical style of prophecy, as guage, politically dead, but not time, times, and half a time, Dr. buried or destroyed ? surely not H. More urges such convincing for if we have good reason to be- and satisfactory arguments, as I lieve the witnesses began to rise at think cannot easily be refuted ; but the Reformation, they could not be to illustrate, or even enumerate slain at the French Revolution; them, would take up more room and we now distinctly hear a voice in the Guardian than I know you calling them up to the symbolical can afford. I must therefore only heaven, through the medium of the refer Scrutator, and my opponents, British and Foreign Bible Society. to the above author for further in

Nothing, I think, can be more formation : simply requesting the plain to the inquisitive inquirer, indulgence to transcribe from his who has a competent knowledge of works, published above one hun. the mysterious style of the pro- dred years ago, a kind of prophetic phetic writers, than the slaying of declaration, so descriptive of that the witnesses, as synonymous with grand institution, the British and their prophesying; for certainly Foreign Bible Society, that I am both began and ended together, sure, if your readers have not ob, sufficiently proved from the Pope's served it before, they will be glad to bulls, and the decrees of councils, see it now. Mr. Mede was of particularly that of Trent.

opinion that antichrist, or the Many well-meaning Christians Church of Rome, would be compuzzle themselves with endless con- pletely destroyed at the end of the jectures, by sticking rigidly to our forty-two months. Dr. More, in English translation of the 7th verse opposition to this, thought only of 11th ch. Rev. “ When they that his political and spiritual shall have finished,which all the power would be so far diminished, Greek scholars I have consulted that he would no longer be able to tell me, ought to be,“ While persecute and murder the saints. they are performing or fulfilling And then he concludes with the their testimony." The learned Dr. following remarkable words * : Henry More says, it is not well “ As soon as there appears a rendered, “ When they shall have polity of truly evangelical or aposfinished;" nor yet, “ While they tolic Christians, not superstitious, are making an end of witnessing;" nor idolatrous, nor persecutive and but may very “ warrantably be ex- bloody, breathing out threatenings pounded, dum peragunt, while they and slaughter against the true dis. are performing this office of wit- ciples of Christ, but such as JOIN nessing, from the beginning of the HEARTILY with one another in the 1260 days to the end thereof;" plain points of religion, and make and so say Dr. Guyse and many no other FUNDAMENTALS than the others. . A similar error in our undoubted meaning of the word of translation is very evident in the Page 644 of Dr. H. Mígre's Works.

God'requires, and leave men free men!' But yet, with the best in the rest'; that as soon, I say, heart we have, we must" endeaas such a polity as this is in being, vour the conviction and reformathe forty-two months of the beast tion of those around us';' and this, may be said to .expire as to the I trust, you do. O may nothing entireness of his reign, because move you! Süre I am, that God, there is that set on foot which will whom you serve, is able to deliver icertainly be his ruin.

;** you in all difficulties ; may he give Can any of the present members you power never to distrust him ! of the Committee of the British May you find in him more and and Foreign Bible Society give a more the desire of your heart! better definition of this wonderful -You cannot but be sensible, that institution than what this pious di- in proportion with the degree you vine sketched out above one hun- bear, your trials must be greater. dred years ago?: 'Tis the mean, But then it must be remembered, in the hand of infinite Wisdom, to that Christ for that reason will get conquer the world to the know- greater honour by you, and that, ledge of salvation by Jesus Christ. :the more distinguished you are, Popery, idolatry, and Mahometan the more confounding your light. darkness, must fall before it. : Sad estate of those whose rank I am, Sir,

only serves to give peculiar in. Your obedient humble servant, .fluence to vice and licentiousness!

A. Burx. :: The point wherein you would IVoolwich, 10th Dec. 1813. have my opinion is of a very par

ticular nature, and I will give you ORIGINAL LETTERS - FROM PIOUS

ors the best light into it I am able." *.. CHARACTERS DECEASED. '

; 'Tis plain at first sight that the

cure of souls is a distinct thing No. LXV.

from the tithes of a' parish, by From the Rev. Samuel Walker, of which the Minister is supported in

Truro, to Miss T. his office; and 't is as plain, that · MADAM,

in all conscience the thing to be CHARGE it not to neglect, that regarded is the cure, not the tithes. your desire hath not been sooner From whence I am sure you will answered ; rather be assured I shall have no question, that as a Minisrejoice in contributing any thing ter ought principally to respect to serve you in the glorious cause the care of souls in accepting, so wherein you are engaged. There the patron should have regard was a time when God delivered only to the fitness of the Minister Israel by the hand of a woman: in nominating to parishes. But the weakest instrument is effectual interest hath carried it away ou when he pleases: with joy I hear the. one part and the other; 80 he hath been pleased to make you that tbat which is the one thing instrumental to his honour. i needful in the taking and naming

You mourn, I am persuaded, to livings. is little regarded. But, for the reproach which Christ suf- however, as the right of presentfers every where; you feel a ten- ing a worthy Minister is a valuable der concern for a world lying in and desirable thing ; so to sell or wickedness: these your heart hath purchase that right is very justifi. learned from your Master. Strange able. I don't see upon any other hardness! that our zeal and cha- views the buying or selling livings rity should be so confined, while can be justifiable; because in any we believe in Him who-made his other view interest. must be prelife a willing sacrifice to his Fa- ferred to the care of souls. . I will ther's honour and the salvation of suppoše, now, you patron of: a living not yet vacant; if you sell conscience call upon the patron to it, you do not prostitute the nomi- do his duty, and to present thự nating a worthy clergyman to your 'worthy Ministér. And if by any interest; because, though you may worldly respects' or heedlessnes, or have one in your eye, yet you whatever other cause, one unworhave pot at present a power of no- 'thy be presented, upon whom can minating him; and before you the blame be chargeable but that should, he or you may be dead, patron who did not discharge his and the person to whom you should trust? .. sell it might have one as worthy to " Upon this footing I think you present; besides, that to be scru- 'may defend yourself against the pulous about this looks like caring whole world, and be able to confor to-morrow." But suppose the found the sophistry of lawyers, the living vacant, then you have that 'iniquity of custom, and the prevery power in your hand for the scription of authority. But if you sake of which only the right of move off from this plain conscienpatronage can be justly valuable, "tious state of the case, they will viz. the right of presenting a wor- quickly puzzle you. Tell them, thy clergyman. Now if you sell, therefore, you know nothing of you forego this; you betray your acts, constitutions, nor canons: trust, and must own that it can but this you are assured, that you only be for the sake of your inte- are now called upon to present the rest. Your business was to pre- 'most worthy 'clergyman you can sent the most worthy Minister you find ; and that, if you are not alcould find ; no doubt God expect- lowed to do this, you cannot in "ed you so to do, seeing the power conscience do any thing.. of presenting he had put into •3!11 beg my sincere service to your your hands ; instead of which you sisters, and that you will believe transferred that right to another, men : ; who might present you could not Your most obedient and faithful say whom. In short, whenever a ta' servant, Jiving becomes vacant, God and July 4, 1754. 1. S. W.


REFLECTIONS ON THE GENERAL . It would be insulting to the una

CONFESSION. ri, derstanding of the most unlearned i , PART II. r. a 'worshipper, to suppose that he ; No. VI.

would take these words in a literal ." And there is no health in us."

ni sensee: For the greater part of

15 every congregation are, perhaps, . In the preceding reflections our enjoying good bodily health at the attention has been called to our very time this confession is made. delinquency and depravity, our 'No one, therefore, can, without a aberration and proneness to wane flagrant violation of the laws of der., But every effect must have a interpretation, consider it in any cause. And should it be inquired, other than a spiritual view., Be it what is the ground of our sinful. Sp. But auhat is its meaning? It is ness d an answer is at hand, "There an acknowledgment that our souls is no health in usi", "D i o are in a sickly state, which produces

an inability and disrelish with re: times attract the affections even of gard to spiritual and divine things. a child of God." Therebemany that"

It is certain, that with respect to think that a “man's life consisteth them we labour under great NA- in the things which he possesseth," TURAL INABILITY. It will be and they soar no higher in the purproper to commence our inquiries suit of happiness. In this state with noticing our weakness in they must always remain, unless referenee to those things which God “ wean their souls," and put have a ruinous tendency. Unless it into their hearts to choose him the Lord “strengthen us with as their everlasting portion. It is might by his Spirit in the inner " by Christ alone that the world man,” we cannot resist the tempta- becomes crucified unto us." tions of the devil. This great enemy If we are so “ without strength" of our souls is continually desirous as to what is bad, it may be fairly of “ sifting us as wheat.” And did inferred that we are equally, yea, not Jesus, at such times, “pray much more so, as to what is good. for us, our faith would fail.” It Let us appeal to matter of fact. is owing to “ the God of peace Persecution arrests our attention in bruising Satan under our feet," the first place. This state of suf. that we are not “ led captive by fering might have been considered him at his will." If we were able, under the preceding subdivision, without divinę aid, “ to withstand were it not to be regarded as a blessthe wiles of the devil," how comes ing, rather than as an evil. For it it to pass, that “the whole world is the means of leading us to a lieth in the wicked one"-"the so- more intimate acquaintance with vereign of the children of disobedi- the Lord Jesus Christ in his per. ence?" Sin is a tyrant. Thou. son, work, and offices. “ Persesands are its slaves. It “ reigns "cution for righteousness sake," in the mortal bodies" of those who is a formidable thing. It is a formi. are not the subjects of regenerating dable thing to be “ accounted the grace. This assertion needs no filth of the world, and the offproof. I would only ask, how can scouring of all things;" to have we, whose hearts are corrupt and our society shunned; “ our name depraved, and in which there is cast out as a reproach ;” our innot any one principle of goodness terests opposed ; our characters ca1 (Rom. vii. 18), resist sin? This lumniated; our conduct misrepreresistance is the effect of an oppo. sented; “ all manner of things said site and a heaven-born principle. of us falsely;" to be reviled, ridi(Phil. ii. 13.) Let God with- culed, jeered ; to number the mem

draw his grace, and it will quickly bers of " our household among our - appear, “ that we have no power enemies;" to have various plans

in ourselves to help ourselves, and contrivances resorted to by Every believer knows full well, the ungodly, with a view to “ turn that, when sin “strives for the us again to folly.” This is “a fiery mastery,” if he did not lift up his trial,” which « flesh and blood" heart to the Lord, to “send him cannot stand, Observation proves, help from the sanctuary," he must that when tribulation or persecu. be « drawn away of his own lusts.” tion ariseth, because of the word," The world has many allurements. many « make shipwreck of faith It possesses many charms. Mul- ' and a good conscience." All would, titudes are carried away by its indeed, be “ offended” at such gaudy toys, and empty bubbles of times, did not the Lord “keep vanity. It must be confessed, that them from falling." And he pro these are very bewitching, and some mises to bestow « a crown of life"

upon those " who endure unto the rious self-examination, communion end." But we cannot “obtain the with God, Christ Jesus, the Godpromises," unless he “preserve us man Mediator-these things, one unto his heavenly kingdom." We might suppose, would excite our cannot, without help from God, attention, and afford us inexkeep his commandments. This is pressible pleasure. But, so long clearly implied in that promise, “I as we are not “ partakers of a diwill put my spirit within you, and vine nature," they are the objects cause you to walk in my statutes, of our antipathy and disgust. Inand ye shall keep my judgments stead of “hungering and thirsting and do them." Our Lord assures after righteousness," and its blessed us, that, while in a state of separa- ' concomitants, we have no appetion from him, " we can do tite whatever for them. We “put nothing." And our own experi- these things from us." Yea, if I ence proves, that we cannot" ob-' may be allowed the expression, we serve even the most easy of the turn sick at the sight of them. divine precepts, unless we receive, * Our soul loatheth this light out of the Redeemer's fulness, bread.” We prefer any earthly grace sufficient for us. Prayer thing to it. We place our happiness may be adduced as another instance in earthly enjoyments. We “ love of our helplessness. By prayer the world, and the things of the we do not mean that dull formality, world.” We avail ourselves of any that cold rehearsal of a few words, excuse for neglecting the grand with which most content them. concerns of eternity. Could we do selves. Prayer is the pouring out this, if we really loved them? That" of the soul to God It is the om- this is not a libel upon human nanipotent language of a gracious ture, but a correct statement of an heart. It is wrestling with God. awful truth, is evident; for every But have we, in ourselves, any man has the witness in himself.” strength to pray in this manner? The sickliness of our souls being And does not the promise of the 'thus proved to be, “without conspirit of supplication" prove, un- troversy,” great, let us 'apply to's deniably, our inability as to this the Great Physician of them. religious exercise? In short, with: O God! forasmuch as without God's assistance we are not out thee we are not able to please able to perform any one function thee," and since “ the flesh lusteth of the spiritual and divine life. against the spirit,” « send dowu

But weakness is not the only sad upon us the healthful spirit of thy consequence of the sickly state of grace.” This “ balm in Gilead” our souls. A DISRELish as to hea. will make our “ souls to prosper, venly things is another of its evils. and be in health.”_" Grant us Prayer and praise, the reading of this, therefore, O Lord, for the God's word, the means of grace, honour of our Advocate and Me the Sabbaths of the Lord, the diator, Jesus Christ. Amen.".. glories of the eternal world, se


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