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, “ The wortiiy magistrate before me (Mr. in sincerity, and are thereby bound to shed Simcox), observed that, famed as Birming abroad the sweet odour of his name in ham is for its numerous charitable institu- every place, and feel a solicitude to bring fions, and drained as the town has recently all your fellow-sinners, black as well as been hy collections in their behalf, he yet white, to the fellowship of the same salvahoped, that that circumstance would not tion. I question, my Lord, whether that hinder the exercise of its liberality on the man ever received Christ into his heart by present occasion. . I cordially concur with faith, who is destitute of such a desire. But that most respectable gentleman in the oh I speak before those who have felt the power servation. Isaac, I hope, has still a bless- of the world to come, and received the love ing for Esau. Instead, therefore, of re- of the truth. In the church, in the family, minding the inhabitants of what they hare and in the closet, you have often prayed, done, I would rather lead them, with Alex- Thy kingdom come, and have laboured to ander of Macedon, to think nothing done, see all about yon, under your authority, or while any thing remains undone. Now, I within the reach of your influence and exask, what has. Birmingham done for the ample, enter into it, hoping that it will be perishing heathen? What effort has she one day said of this or that child, of this ever made to give light to them that sit in or that servant, of this or that friend, who darkness and the shadow of death, and to sojourned with you, 'He was born tbere! guide their feet into the way of peace? Ex: This is your heart's desire and prayer. Now, cuse, my Lord, the freedom of this inquiry. why not pronote the sanie object on a larA native of tuis town, I feel concerned for ger, scale ? Why not send missionaries inits bonour, I ask, then, and let the ques- to all the world, and preach the Gospel to tion go round the assembly; and, Con- erery creature? Can you be said to love science! God help thee to give a proper your neighbour, that is, every man, as verdict--what has Birmingisam done for yourself, and yet see millions and millions the perishing heathen : True-by supply of Pagans and Mahometans deceiving and ing them with implements of husbandiy, being deceived, without an attempt to and other useful goods, you have pared cause the true light to shine upon them: the way for their civilization; nay, yon impossible! bare done more; by the institution of a “ England itself, my Lord, was once a Bible Society, you have sent to them the pagan land. Our ancestors were savages. word of life. These, indeed, ye ought to But through the tender merey of our God, bare done, but there is something else the day-spring from on high visited us, and which ye ought not to have left undone. Ah! made as what we are. Blessed be the methat while your useful manufactures are car- mory of that holy man, who, out of love ried to every quarter of the globe, even to to the souls of painted Britons, first unthose dark places of the earth which are furled the banner of the cross in England, full of the habitations of cruelty, you car and by his example said to all succeeding ried with them that more valuable merchan generations, even to you and nie, Go, dise which the Christian missionary is in and do thou likewise!' True grace, my structed to bestow; thus sanctifying your Lord, wishes no monopoly. "The Gospel, traffic, and repaying their corruptible things like the sun, las light and heat enough for with the preaching of the precious blood of the whole world." If you give of your Christ! Now the Bible is, to a certain earthly possessions, you thereby diminish extent, a sealed book in a heathen country, your heap; but it is otherwise with spiritual anless you accompany it with a living ex- riches: impart as liberally as you please ei positor, in the person of a missionary. We grace, and there will be still bread enough exlert you, thep, this day, to nothing but to and to spare; you will be sensible of rio dimi be consistent, and to put the finishing hand nution. Hear ye, then, the voices of the milso that great work which you have already lions of India, the millions of British India, begun, saying to you as was said to the supplicating for the bread of life; and the ebildren of Israel, between Pihahiroth and many millions of injured Africa, willing to Baal-zephon, Go forward !

. receive the only compensation which we can “ Does any one hesitate? I would. ex- gire for the blood of her innumerable postulate with him. Wert thou thyself slaves, in the blood of Jesus Christ. Hear ever in darkoess, alienated from the life of ye this but in imagination, and refuse to go God through the ignorance that was in thee; over and help them if ye can. If ye feel without Christ, and witbout hope in the for the eternal welfare of others, (ard what world? Yes, I hear one and another so- is religion without feeling?) ye 'wiil net. eretly saying, Yes, I was blind; but thanks That our adorable Redeemer bas seen of the be unto God, who linth opened mine eves, travail of his soul, in the reriral of reliturned me from darkness to light, and gion both here and abroad, is a joyful truth; translated me from the kingdom of Satan but he will not be satisfied, nor ought you, into the kingdom of his dear Son. Is it till the fulness of the Gentiles shall come $o? Then you love the Lord Jesus Christ in, and the carth be full of the knewledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea." mercy; and that they will return to their Saffer not, then, my Lord, your exertions respective places of abode, desirous of profor evangelizing mankind to cease, till the moting auxiliary societies and penny associvotary of Confucius, the disciple of Brah- tions. It is very pleasing also, my Lord, ma; the followert of Zoroaster and Maho to behold so many of our female friends met, till every disciple of every false pro- with us on this interesting occasion ; their phet shall bow the knee to the God of Cbrise domestic habits and affectionate minds form tians, and Jesus be all in all. In so doing them in a peculiar manner to assist us in you will beri humbly imitating the conduct these weekly societies.-Allow me, my dear of the great Jehovah, when he said, Let friends, to press the subject on your attenthere be light, and there was light.' I hate tion. We are greatly indebted to you for done, and beg leave to propose that the your care of the rising generation at home; Rev. E. Burn be appointed Secretary, &c." but we entreat you to consider also the poor all the towns and villages of the United ruined world. I might repeat his express Kingdom shall follow the example of this command, urge the practice of bis Apostles, day! It may be remarked again, that the and press the undoubted design of his proprovidence of God presents us with a loud vidence. But as all these points have been call to the duty before us. We live in pe already so forcibly stated, I pass on to re.. culiar times, How many hands and hearts mark, that the design of Providence, in Ne united, and what talents and means evangelizing the heathen, will be completed, are employed, in promoting various institu- and that, in completing his designs, God fioris, whose object, like that before us, is employs men as 'his instruments. If we to extend the knowledge of God unto the shrink from the service, he can easily find onds of the earth! Let us take our part in better agents. In the mighty march of this sacred fellowship, and make it manifest Providence, if we are not pressed into its by our zeal and activity, that, in our mea- service, we shall be crushed to pieces in its sure, like our great Master, we delight irresistible progress.--God's work must be to do the will of God,' and that his ser- done. vice is to us perfect freedom.' . But there is . And shall the Church of England one motive, my Lord, above all others, to shrink from this hallowed service? While animate us in this work, and that is the God, if I may so speak, is blowing the love of the Redeemer. Did he lay aside great trumpet to collect his army, shall the his glory to visit our world? and was it the members of the purest established church, object of his mission to preserve us from in Christendom' be the most unwilling to eternal misery, and procure for us everlast- buckle on the missionary armour? Shall ing happiness? Is it in the salvation of the eldest daughter of the Reformation the heathen that he is to see the travail suffer her younger sisters to outstrip her in of his soul?' And are the heatben pro- the cause of missionary benevolence? Sball mised to him for his inheritance, and the not the Church of England, the queen of uttermost parts of the earth for his posa churches, awake from her lethargy, stand session?' Professing ourselves his disciples, op in her comely proportions, clothe hershall we be supine, negligent, indifferent? self with the doctrines of her Articles as shall we not rather seek the glory of our with the garments of salvation, and send great Immanuel, by devoting our time, our forth her sons, breathing the spirit of her talents, and our opportunities, to his ser- Liturgy, to carry the banners of the cross vice; nór cease from our exertions, until to the ends of the earth ?

The Rev. John Howells. seconded the African children abroad : exposed to igno above motion.

vid rance and vice, nurtured in idolatrous and Mr. Thomas Rock, in moving the ninth sinful practices, will you not help us to resolution, thus expressed himself:'...!! send them missionaries, to rescue them from

« My Lord - After the luminous and this state of miserý, and to instruct them in Able statements your Lordship has heard, it the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.. may appear presuming in me to address you Remember the pious female, of whom it is on the subject before us; I have, however, recorded, She bath done what she coulds a duty to fulfil, and I do not skrink from Imitate her example, and as you have kindly it. The motion I have in my hand, my entered upon this labour of love (for, my Lord, relates to the penny associations, Lord, it must not be forgotten that the as. which are strongly recommended by the sistance already received in these associaPárent Society in aid of the missions. The tions has been afforded principally by the nature of these weekly societies is already ladies in the town and neighbourliood), be so well known, that no explanation on my steadfast, immoveable, always abounding in part is necessary's my object is rather to this work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye shall promote and extend them. What has been know that your labour shall not bein vain in done amongst us in this way in the parish the Lord. But, whether olergymen or laya of Harborne and in the hamlet of Ashsted, men, whether heads of families or individuals) and by many reputable families in the town, whether males or females, let us all unité is sufficient to show that penny associations, in the great work before us; for it is the velt directed, and extensively promoted, cause of the poor heathen-it is the cause inay be considered as a' mighty engine in of humanity-it is the cause of God. 9 favour of our Church Missionary Society? “ Do we need a motive to excite us to ex Permit we to add, my Lord, as an illustraw ertion? let us take it from the state of the tion of this remark, that five trundred per- heathen world. Behold them sitting in sons subscribing one penny per week, will darkness, and in the shadow of death; rnise jool. per annum; a sum which would whilst upon us the light of the Gospet clothe, maintain, and educate, twenty poor hath shined. What might have been ous African children. It may be observed, as condition, my Lord, at the present moments a farther excellence of this plan, that it af- if some kind missionary had not visited our fords our children and servants an opportu- shores, to testiEgo of Jesus, and point out nity of casting their mite into the trea- to us the way to heaven? Do we nced mo.. sury of love, thus gratifying their desire of tive, let us take it again from the conduct communicating aid, and also forming their of the worthy Secretary, who is come from minds to habits of benevolence. We look the metropolis of our country, with his to your Lordship for patronage, and rejoice heart filled with love and compassion for the to see you in your present situation. I am poor heathen; who has laboured night and persuaded that you feel a lively interest in day to promote their welfare, and whose the Institution we are assembled this day to name will be handed down to posterity withi promote, and that, in the high station honour, enrolled among the best friends of which the providence of God has allotted the Church Missionary Society, you, whilst enjoying the bounties and the " The conduct of our dissenting breblessings of Heaven, you will think on the thren furnishes us with another powerful poor heathen, and, in seeking their welfare, motive; we have heard of their labours; your Lordship will not forget the adran- and cordially wish them success; we pray tages arising from peony associations. 'My for a blessing upon their endeavours ; but Lord, we are favoured with the company of let us be stimulated by their example. The many respectable clergymen and laymen Chureb of England has long been supine from the neighbourhood; I feel confident, as it relates to missionary exertion; she has; that, impressed by what they hare this day however, at length caught the sacred farge. scen and heard, they are secretly forming "0, may 'the brightness thereof go forth as pious resolutions to assist us iu the work of a lamp that burneth,' till every church in

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.. (the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the “Lord Jesus Christ ! pour down thy earth, as the waters the place of the seas, spirit on all the churches of Christendom; and all Aesh shall see the salvation of ayd especially on the Church of England! God.'"

Raise up in the midst of her the Latimers The Rev. Mr. Cawood, Minister of Bewds of former times, and make her the glory ley, on seconding the motion, thus address of our country and a blessing to the world! ed the Chairman :

: “May we not hope that the Church of "My Lord-Being almost a stranger, I England, whose Articles were written with tise with great reluctance, and with some the blood, of wartyrs, and whose prayers dismay. But though I have not, like for were indited by saints now in beaven, is mer speakers, tuneful periods to charm the destined to be the nursing-mother of future. polished ear, or vast ideas to fill the capa- Evangelists, who will go forth to christiane cious mind; yet perhaps I may utter a ize the heathen nations? few plain words, not unacceptable do Him "The wretched state of heathen nations whose eye is on the heart.

is enough to wring every Christian beart “ The cause of missions is the cause of with agony. Of this wretchedness let me, God. A missionary spirit is the purest spi- notice one instance. A widow in India, in rit of Christianity. · The labours of mis- the year 1796, was bound by ber own sol sionaries are the purest fruits of the Gos on a pile of dry wood, to be burnt alive. pel. Donations for missions are the most with the dead body of her husband. When acceptable gifts which can be laid on the the fire began to scorth this poor woman, altar of Christian benevolence. The return she contrived to disentangle herself from of a missionary spirit would be a restora the dead body, and hid herself under some

tion of primitive Christianity. In nothing brushwood. She was pursued, and drag· $0 much as in a missionary spirit do our ged from her hiding-place, by her own son,

times differ from the primitive times of the and at his feet bitterly begged for life : Gospel; those times when Christians were "By these arns, which carried thee in of one mind, and laboured with one con- thine infancy; by these breasts, which tho sent to extend the triumphs of the cross, hast sucked; by these eyes, which oft bare and to pour the light of salvation into the wept over thee tears of sorrow and of joy; regions of the shadow of death. On this spare, O spare thy widowed mother! She subject I might mention the example of the begged in rain! Her own son bound her Great Missionary from beaven ta sare a bands, threw her upon the funeral pile on the corpse of her husband, and the living are millions both deaf and dumb : deaf to and the dead were reduced to ashes toge- hear the word, and dumb to speak the tber!

praises of the Redeemer. O send to these . “ Ye daughters, ye mothers of England! perishing millions the knowledge of that surely ye will strive to prevent the disrup- Saviour who makes the deaf to hear, and tion of the tenderest, strongest ties of not the dumb to speak!” ture, by contributing to send missionaries The Rev. T.T. Biddulph, M. A. Minister to these horrible matricides ! Nor can you of St. James's, Bristol, in returning his contribute to this sacred purpose niore ef- thanks for the honour done lim by the fectuaily, than by complying with the reso- tenth resolution, spoke as follows: lution which I rose to second. .

' Whatever reluctance, my Lord, I may · "To show the utility of weekly and feel in addressing myself to your Lordship monthly subscriptions, perhaps a few facts and this most respectable Meeting, it is will be more availing than many argu- overwhelmed by the imperative circumstanments.

ces in which I am placed. That I do feel · “ Between four and five hundred inha- no inconsiderable degree of reluctance, I bitants of the forest of Wyre are compre- am ready to own, arising from a conscioushended in a large parish in a neighbouring ness of disqualification, from the lateness county. They were of the lowest ranks, of the hour, and the exhausted state of the sunk in the grossest ignorance, and pur- Meeting. But after such a vote as that suing all kinds of sin. To these foresters which has just been passed, it is impossible Christian instinction 'a 'few years ago was for me to be silent. offered and very lately they were made “The unavoidable absence of the Hon. acquainted with the state of the heathen and Very Rev. the Dean of Wells is a world. : Fron this information they began subject of general regret; and to no one more highly to value their own privileges, more than to myself, as it places me under to feel more gratitude to God, and to ex- the necessity of making acknowledgments press the strongest pity for their perishing for him, as well as for myself, which, had brethren. Many of these poor foresters he been present, he would have made so subscribe a penny a week for the poor hea much better than it is in my power to make then. .. .

them. That he is fully entitled to the vote : “The children, and a great number of 'of thanks which you have passed, for his poor, who assembled on a Sunday @yening able and important services on this occain a large Sunday school in the same parish, sion, I feel with you ; but I cannot conwere lately inado acquainted with the de- ceive that I am myself entitled to any thing plorable condition of the heather in Africa more than the praise of meaning well : a and the East. In consequence, many of cipher, however, often derives importanck the pour children, and more of their from position, and thus it fares with me. parents, offered voluntarily to become “ With respect to the latter part of your weekly or nonthly subscribers. Some of resolution, I have still greater difficulties : them seemed so poor, that the Minister, as I cannot conceive that the publication of delicately as he could, refused to accept my sermon can be of any use to your cause. their subscriptions. They were hurt at his It was the production of haste, and has Tefusal, and said, ' Surely, Sir, by working little to recommend it; and I am afraid lest a little harder, or by eating a little less, we the request should be the result of kindcan afford a penny a week for the poor liea- ness, under a supposition that you could not then.'

solicit the publication of the truly eloquent One Monday morning, a poor widow and impressive discourse of iny Honourable, brought a small parcel, neatly wrapped up, and Very Rer. friend, without soliciting to the Minister, and said, “Sir, I have kept the publication of mine also. If this be these relics of better days against a time of not the case, huinility requires that I should need; but I was so impressed with your ac- bow to your judgment, and submit to the count of the poor heathen last night, that disparaging contrast which the publication I can keep them vo longer; I give them to of the two sermons must necessarily proGod and the heathen.' On opening the duce. parcel, it was found to contain a pair of “Though, my Lord, it would be highly silver. buckles, and several old gold rings. improper, and happily is unnecessary, for The Minister urged her to reserve them for me to detail at large iny views of the nature a season of distress. She replied, “I am and operations of the Church Missionary poor, it is true ; but God, I hope, has made Society for Africa and the East, I cannot we wise to salvation; and that God who forbear adding my testimony to its exerl. bas given me the bread of life, will never lence and importance. Its object is way. suffer me iu want the bread that perisheth. nificent and grard beyond conception, and

“Birmingham, my Lord, has lately distin- theineans it employs are altogether unexcepguished itself by an institution for the deaf tionable. There is, my Lord, in my esciand dumb. In Africa and the East three mation, a riew in which this assembly, we CUNST, GUARD. VOL. VI.

3 T

dignified as it is, except by your Lordship's would that men should do to you; do ye presence, exceeds in dignity and import- even so to them. This I consider as the ance that august congress now met in the foundation-stone upon which our glorious capital of the Austrian empire.-- They are constitution appears a beautiful súperstrucoccupied about “ things which are seen, ture. This precept of the Gospel may be and are temporal;' we about ' things that considered, indeed, not only the foundation, are not seen, and eternal."

but the very key-stone of our statute-books “ I will detain your Lordship a moment and common law. Let us, then, diffuse the longer, while I state the view. which I some- Gospel among the unenlightened nations, times take of the relative situation of the and similar blessed consequences may arise Christian and heathen world. I contem- to them. It is not likely that the present plate the whole race of men as having been generation will live to witness it-bat posoriginally embarked in one ship. All havc terity may see as blessed and as bappy a suffered shipwreck; the difference between constitution arise to those nations wliere the Christian and heathen world is this, we are now endeavouring to plant the Gos that those of the former, who are in truth Del, and have reason to bless the persevere what they profess to be, are, through di- ing labours of their ancestors in forwarding vine grace, landed on the Rock of safety, with others this good and glorious work, and so are escaped from the raging deep; in which none have striven more than the while the latter are still exposed to the Gentleman to whom I beg leave to move toaming billows, and are in danger of de- your thanks.” struction. What, then, is the charitable The above motion was seconded by the office peremptorily required of us? - What, Rev. Mr. Love, Rector of Darlaston, wie but to reach out the hand of relief to them, said: and to do our utmost to place threm in the " My Lord, as an entire stranger to this same happy circumstances in wbich we our most respectable assembly, rising, too, al selves, through the mercy of God, and the so late an hour, silence might seem best to benevolence of former Christians, have been become me. But the resolution in niy hand placed? May we feel the force of the obli- will not suffer me to remain entirely silent. gation that lies upon us, and act acuord. I am no stranger to the efforts and services ingly!

of niy honoured friend Mr. Pratt; and "I shall po longer trespass on your Lord- • though a stranger might not seem the fittest ship's attention, than by adding the mis- person to appeal to his townsmen respectsionary prayer of the Church of England; ing bim, such an appeal has been put into a petition which makes ah her seasons of my hands to-day. I ask, then, does not he worship niissionary prayer-meetings : May who, knowing how to estimate the value of God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and temporal blessings, devotes the most vashow the light of liis countenance, and be luable of all (his time) to such an object as merciful unto us; that his way may be that which we have this day in view-dows kron upon carth, his saving health among' not le who, I grieve to find, is sacrificing all nativas.'"

what all know how to value (his bealth),

what all Theodore Price; Esq. in moving the and is making daily sacrifices of bodily ease tbauhs of the feeting to the Rev. Josial and domestic comfort-does not such a one Pratt, said:

deserve, and shall he not receive, the cor" Is Lord, the tnotion which I shall dial thrauks of every well-wisher to this bale the houver to make is one very grate. · most important institution? With respect Mul to my feelings, as it is to move a vote to a vote of thanks to the clergy and laty of thauks to a gentleman who is an honour of the neighbourhood. I would only add, o this his native town, aud au honour to the that if they have shared my feelings, they

nation which he tills: and althongh the bare felt that their presence here calls for nature of this motion does not, necessarily, congratulation rather than thanks. May

cau me to any observations on the general we all have to congratulate each other at subject, yet I cannot resist the inclination the last great meeting, on a due improve I fee to say a very few words; indeed, it is ment of what we have heard to-day! May impossible to say much, as, after the lumi- it lead us to niore strenuous efforts and sous and diversified manner in which it has more fervent petitions at a throne of grace been so abiy and so elegantly handled, it for the prosperity and extension of our requires more ingenuity and talent than I Zion !" nin possessed of to find new ideas or new words. There is, however, one point of Fiew which has escaped the many eloquent

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. speakers on this interesting subject: I mean On Thursday, the 10th of November, as it regards the happy constitution under the Committee met at the house of the Sowhich Britons enjoy liberty and so many ciety, when thie Secretary delivered their blessings. The Gospel of Christ I consider instructions to some missionaries proceeday the root of this constitution. As ye ing to Africa. These instructions will come

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