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for ever and ever, King of kings, and Lord incalculable, are our obligations in this of lords,

highly-favoured land, for the light of the “ The times and the seasons are in God's Gospel.- may we be willing to commuband, and it is not for us to know when nicate and ready to distribute-and, in the the fulness of the Gentiles shall be brought midst of our attentions to the bodily wants in. But surely the Ministers of Christ may, of our fellow-creatures, may we be alive to As they have opportunity, at all times exe- the spiritual wants of the millions who are cute their Master's commission, to go sitting in darkness, and ready to perish for into all the world, and preach the Gospel to lack of knowledge! every creaturė, in full confidence that He " While, then, I would commend the who has promised to be with them always generous efforts of my fellow-townsmen for to the end of the world, will accept their the past, I would still (if I might presume work of faith and labour of love.

to refer to what was said, with such inimi" But co-operation is necessary-t is table effect, by the Hon. and Very Rev. Adours to furnish the means--For how shall vocate of the Society on Sunday) address 1 they preach except they be sent? . them on the part of the poor benighted in

" That this town will cheerfully contri- habitants of Africa and tbe East, and sw, bute its full proportion to this great work, 'Have you not also a blessing for me?' the liberality of the collections of Sunday, The answer will, I trust, be given by a corand the appearance at this Meeting to-day, dial assent to the motion which I shall have are a certain pledge.

the honour to submit, and a liberal subscrip .." But, my Lord, an association in aid of tion in support of it—and thus shall we be the objects of the Church Missionary So- contributing in a still higher sense to break ciety, seems to me of peculiar importance, the captives' bonds asunder, and set the as by its means a lively interest will be prisoners free." I maintained in its favour, and an easy op- C. C. Adderley, Esq. rising to second portunity afforded to persons of all ranks the resolution, addressed the Noble Chairin the town and neighbourhood to contri- man nearly in the following words: bute to its support according to their abi- “ My Lord, in rising to second the resolity.

lution of my friend Mr. Simcox, I am “ I am aware, my Lord, how much of happy in the opportunity afforded me of exlate has been done in this place to heal the pressing my high sense of approbation of sick, to feed the hungry, to clothe the na- this missionary institution, and of congraked, and to infuse the light of knowledge tulating the town of Birmingham on its into minds deprived by natural causes of its adoption of an auxiliary society. The subchcering influence; and most cordially do I ject is not new to myself, having liad the congratulate my fellow-townsmen upon honour of being a member of the parent their liberality and perseverance in well-do- institution from its origin, and therefore, ing: Christian benevolence, however, is after fourteen years' observation, I may un wearied as the great luminary of heaven, be allowed to speak of its excellence. Great and will not ccase to diffuse its influence indeed is its design; it comprises the diffuso long as man requires its aid for body orsion of those very blessings throughout mind,

Africa and the East, of which we so largely “ The plea of ille poor African was early partaku, in 'this kingdom, frire our recep. listened to and warmly supported in this tion of Christianity. town; and I rejoice to see, upon the pre- “I would venture a remark which must pent occasion, the highly respectable magis- have occurred to every observer of hunian trate who took the lead among us on that events-that the purer the liglit of Chrissubject, whọ exerted all his powers to give tianity shines in any country, the greater it effect, and who never deserted his post is its progress in civilization ; in proportion when he could render the least assistance to its spiritual attainments is the scale of to that noble cause ; nor was the plea, its temporal prosperity: so intimately has * Am I not a man and a brother?' made in God connected, by secret ties, the future vain.

and the present interests of nuan, through.“ British justice decreed, that that un- out the whole scheme of his moral govern. fortunate raće should no longer (by our- ment. selves, at least) be dragged from their " To confirm this observation, it is no homes, to wear the galling yoke of slavery unprofitable study to trace the effects of for life. Our voice was also heard in the the other systems of religion prevailing in senate, praying for access to India for the world. By their fruits ye sball know Christian missjonaries: the prayer of the them; ye shall know whether they be of nation was granted, and this Society, among God, or whether they be of men. others, is prepared to carry our wishes into “ Of pure Paganisin it is needless to say sffect. Let us, then, associate and cordially much; its reign is the reign of terror, in co-operate with them. Vast indeed, and which the prince of darkness holds yadi


vided empire: there no consolations, no of reclaiming the wild Hottentot, or the joys, no hopes, cowe to the relief of the listless Hindoo, to the fold of Christ. Let wretched or the dying.

sober, rational, energetic means be put in “ Nor does the result of Mahemetanism force. Let the event be committed with afford a much brighter prospect. Let us congdence to Him who ruleth over the inturn our eyes, for example, to Corinth, habitants of the earth as well as the audius whose natires, in the early days of Chris- of heaven, and who would bave all men to tianity, according to the testimony of an be saved and to come to the knowledge of Apostle, were enriched in all utterance, the truth.

: , and in all knowledge, coming behind in 66 What had we not been, bad the same no gift.-What are they now? The arguments of sloth and timidity, the same saves of ignorance and superstition. The base principles of infidelity, prerailed over baneful influence of Mahometapism has the energies of the first Cluistian mission palsied erery faculty of tbeir souls. A ary to England? Should we now be ert pusillanimity of character has succeeded gaged in forming institutions to comfort à noble elevation of design and vigour the distressed, to heal the sick, to instruct of execution; cruelty has usurped the the ignorant, and to elevate the condition place of Christian benevolence ; and a of our poor? hase subjection to tyranny has suppressed “When I see my natire country far surall the energies of sacred liberty. Nay, passing every other, in the excellence of its judgivg from past events, even Heathenism government, in the administration of jus. itself appears mere favorrable to an eleva- tice, in its progress in the arts and sciences, tion of character, than the doctrines of in liberality of sentiment, in courtesy of Mahomet. In the Grecian states there maoners, in superiority of intellect, in a existed of old, even under pagan prejudices, zeal for God's glory, in an attention to the migbty men, men of renown, well in interests of the poor; nay, the poor themstructed in the arts and sciences, possess- selves far outstripping every other mass ing an ardent lore for their country, dis of population in the world in culture of playing many glorious instances of heroism, mind, in sobriety of character, in an ato and a noble superiority to selfish principles. tachment to the cause of God -- it is natural

“No less painful is the scene which to ask, Whence arises this happy distincHinduism presents to the Christian mind. tion, this glorious pre-eminence 1 answer Who can read of the self-inflicted tortures, --it is from our reception of those very the want of natural affection in the imnio Christian truths, which we would now' lation of wires and of children, who can makę known unto the heathen. " . contemplate the transactions of a Jugger "Nor are we unmindful of the venerable naut, without pouring out a prayer to God, Establishment to which we belong. How that his kingdom may come anjong them? can we more effectually prove our attach

“From this hasty sketch of these religious ment and veneration for the Church of systems, may we not justly infer that they England, than by consulting means for its are radically defective--that there is every extension ?-a church, not confined in its thing in their nature which proves then to views and its operations to any nation or be not of God hut of man? They all alike people; but, like the source from whence mistake the charncter of man, as die is in its doctrines are derived, adapted to every bis present fallen state. They all alike variety of political power, to every characmistake the character of God, who is of ter and colour of the human species. 1° purer eyes than to behold iniquity, and coold dwell with delight on the excellencies who looketh at the heart. Every one who of 0:m: Established Church, so pure in her deeply appreciates the puivilege of being a doctrines--uncorrupt in her faith-scriptuChristian, will rejoice in communicating ral in her liturgy-decent and orderly in tbac privilege to all around him; not only her internal economy. No superstitious to his fellow-countrymen, but to his fellow- rites are resorted to, to awe the minds of creatures of all nations and languages. the vulgar; po saints nor images, to dish This is the very object we have in view in tract the spiritual devotions of her worshipassembling together on this day. We know pers; no unwarrantablc ipférences are dethat the Gospel of Christ is fraught with duced from insulated passages of Scripture, every blessing : it has the promise of the to promote the private interests of her Milife that now is, as well as that wbich is to nisters, or to encourage false hopes among come.

the laity. . ** It is a plant nurtured by the band of “ We are now assembled for the express Heaven, which can thrive alike on the purpose of extending the pale of this pure burning sands of Africa, as it already does and apostolic Church over Africa and the amidst the icy rocks of Greenland, God's East. Time would fail me to speak of the power is not circumscribed, though we, in · happy result of its adoption in spirit and in the spirit of indolence or indifference, may truth. Allow me, however, to remark, presumptuously talk of the impracticability that, agrecably to the principles and the example of the Church of England, the in this cause. But he leares them not more the great Author of Christianity is without the highest ground of consolation ; honoured, as God over all, blessed for ever for he adds, 'And, lo! I am with you al

the more lie is confided in, as the sole ways, even to the end of the world.' How Advocate with the Father-the more he is different, my Lord, are the reasonings of lored for the great love wherewith he first men on these occasions, to what they are on lored us, the greater will be the amount of the ordinary occurrences of life! Would it bappiness both to the individuals and the there be thought, that an enterprise being nations who thus lionour him).

difficalt was a sufficient cause for aban· " Before I sit down, permit me, my doning it? Does it not ennoble the human Lord, to adopt this word of encouragement. cbaracter to surmount difficulties ? What, Though our powers and our efforts, in car but this, elevates the individuals in society, rying this scheme into execution, may be from the peasant to the prince? And this for a time ineffectual, the day will assured will no less apply to communities than inily come when others shall accomplish dividuals. Look, but a short period back, what we may attempt in vain; when all upon our own nation. Had she not to the religions of the earth shall be changed contend with difficulties, numerous, forinto the worship of the one true God; when 'midable, and great? and, if the maxim of not only the Mahometan and the Hinduo, our objectors had been the rule of her con: but every nation and every kindred, sball duct, what would have been the result? bow the knee at the name of Jesus; and England a proviace of France, and the when Christian charity, like its almighty whole world under the oppression of the Author, shall finally subdue all things to tyrant. Whence arose the distinguished itself.”

honour of our immortal statesman, "The In moving the fourth resolution, Mr. pilot that weathered the storm,' but from Peter Kempson spoke as follows:

conguest over difficulties, and laying down “. My Lord-As I have the honour to such rules of counteraction as should ulpropose a resolution on the present orcasion, timately conduct the vessel of state majes. it may, perhaps, be expected that I should tically into the port of Peace ? Whence offer some remarks on the subject now arose the honours of the Hero of the Nile, brought before this very respectable as but from his enterprises in the face of diff. sembly. .

culty? And how were the highest distinc...“ It hath been strongly objected to mis- tions that can be copferred upon man, obsionary efforts, that the impediments and tained by our immortal Wellington, but by difficulties in the way of their success are a cool, deliberate, and persevering applinumerous, formidable, and great. To this, cation of means to difficulties, which almost any Lord, the Wise Man will furnish a sum: the whole nation despaired to overcome ? mary, though it might be tiought rather a But I may be interrogated by a man of sarcastic auswer, when he says, "The sloth enution, whether the object we have in ful man saith, There is a lion in the way, a view is equivalent in value to the liberal lion is in the streets.' It must, however, contribution of intellect, property, and lacertainly be admitted, that the difficulties bour, which must necessarily be bestowed attaching to missions are what our objectors upon it? The object, my Lord, is the would describe. It is impossible to con salvation of the soul. And if any thing template the subject a moment, or to listen need be added to this, look at the present to the communications vow made by the state of our nation, especially at its moral worthy Secretary to the Society, and not be and religious character, connected with all convinced of this. There are difficulties the other excellencies of her government, as which require the deepest consideration and detailed by a gentleman that has just gone reflection to discover their bearing, and ap- before me; and then compare her with the ply suitable nueans to counteract. There nations to whom your charitable efforts are are difficulties that will require the utmost directed; nay, compare her with herself in prudence, caution, and discretion ; difficul- that degraded condition in which she stood ties that will demand the exercise of un- previous to the first missionary (St. Panl, it abating patience, and the most heroic per- is said) haring placed his foot upon the sévérance. But are these reasons, my British shore; and then say, can we expend

Lord, why the injunctions of our blessed too much in such a cause? It may be said · Saviour should be disregarded ? He says, indeed, that the noble characters to whoin

Go ye into all the world, and preach the I have adverted, were commendably valiant Gospel to every creature.' Did our Re- in the cause and for the dearest interest of deemer not know that the disch:vrye of this their country: true, my Lord ; and is it at duty would be attended with dificulties ? this day to be said, that there is no man Certainly he did. He forewarned his dis valiant for the truth, upon earth? I trust ciples, that they should be brought before the reverse of this shall be proved by every rulers and kings for his name's sake; and individual who composes this assembly. taat sowie of them should suffer martyrdom ." But, my Lord, the time is short, when

they shall come from the East, and from ever Christianity is received, civilization the West, and from the North, and from and social good order pursue her shining the South, and shall sit down with Abra- track. Hence it is that in those Christian ham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of countries where conscience is shackled, God. Shall we then be associates with and the truth is obscured by error ,and, Patriarchs, Apostles, and Missionaries ? bigotry, liberty is proportionally defectivo. And shall we not be confounded in present And why is it, my Lord, that in our happy ing an apology of difficulty, to the mission- country we are blessed with such countless aries who laboured amongst our ancestors, mercies, such equal laws, and I had almost as the cause why we have not trod in their said, with the perfection of liberty: 4 steps ? I shall now only advert to one verily believe it is because the Gospel has sentence, which seemed to be at once the free course among us-because we have the motto and support of the Apostle in his pure light of Scripture, unsullied oy supermissionary labours --'The weapons of our stition. Thus, when Christianity subdues warfare are not carnal, but mighty, through a heathen nation, whilst it shows them God, to the pulling down of strong holds”,” their high destiny as immortal beings, it

In proposing the fifth resolution, Mr. prepares them for all the blessings of civiliJoseph Rock thus addressed the Noble Lord: zation and social happiness.

“ It is not without hesitation that I in- “As members of the Church of England, trude upon the time of your Lordship and we cannot but feel additional pleasure in this respectable Meeting, even for a few being called upon to assist a Church Misniinutes; but gladdened as my heart has sionary Society. Without in the least un-' been by what we have heard to-day, and dervaluing the efforts of former societies, cheered with the dawnings of that more greatly do I rejoice that the attention of glorious day, when the sun of righteousness our Church is more generally called to this shall rise upon the whole world with heal- important subject; and most sincerely do I ing in his beams, I venture to make a few hope, that this spirit will spread throughout plain observations, hoping, that in such a the whole kingdom. Our dissenting brecause the feeblest effort will neither be thren have set us a noble example, which I unacceptable nor entirely unavailing. hope we shall neither be too proud to ac

" To eulogize such an Institution, as we knowledge, nor slow to imitate. Here is have the honour to plead for to-day, would aniple room for the utmost exertion of all. be as useless as it is beyond my power; In this labour of love, competition is withsince the grandeur and benevolence of its out jealousy, and success without envy. ,' design must at once strike the mind of “Sincerely do I congratulate this Meetcvery Christian.

ing, that, as a town, we are called upon to “ When we hear of some extended plan embark in this great work. Birmingham for promoting the temporal happiness of will, I trust, show her usual liberality; our fellow-creatures—some powerful com- and though we are far from being an opubination to check the torrent of rice and lent people, we need not fear but our efforts wretchedness, to pour the balm of consola- will be accepted by Him whose Scriptạres tion into the amicted heart, or to extend contain this encouraging commendation, relief to the indigent and distressed, we at she hath done what she could.' once hail the benevolent design, and bless “The motives which should animate our the kind projector; and history embalms exertions in this great cause, have been his memory with brighter honours than already brought before us, and may be adorn the trophied busts of heroes or of brietly summed up thus- pity to the beo statesmen. But what are all such plans, nighted heathent-gratitude for our Ou'n highly important as they are, when com- mercies-and a full assurance of ultimate pared with the good ultimately designed by success. à Missionary Society-to enlighten the ig- “Wbo, that considers the state of the norant, to renovate the depraved, and to heathen world, of the Mahometan or Hinin.part the saving knowledge of the Gospel? doo nations, plunged in ignorance, in rice, An institution whose objects are ten poral, and in the most degrading superstitions may alleviate the sorrow of our ' three without hope and without God in tho score years and ten;' but the design of world,' but must feel it an imperious duty missionary efforts is to make men wise to aid, by every means in his power, every unto everlasting salvation.' .

prudent effort to convey to thein the light “But, in fact, a Missionary Society em- and blessing of the Gospel? Who, that braces both these noble objects. Christią reflects on our own distinguished nercies, nity leads in her train a multitude of bless- both temporal and spiritual -- blessed as we ings. Present a heathen nation with the are, perhaps, beyond every other nation! Gospel, and you convey a thousand tempo- but must feel the sacred obligation of his gal mercies with it. The progress of the parting them to others? • Freely we have Gospel, like that of a mighty river, is received, let us freely give.' marked by beauties and by blessings. Where " Is there an additional motive neces

sary? Shall we not find it in an assurance the uttermost parts of the earth for his of ultimate success : The Gospel must possession.' May' he direct this, and all, prevail, for God has said it shall. Did the our consultations, with the wisdom which 'faithful Patriarch see the day of Christ afar is from above, and fill us with quenchless off; and was he glad? Was not the divine zeal!, promise the ground of his assurance ? Let “After the impression which must have us all anticipate the day, perhaps not very been made upon the minds of many, perfar off, when all nations shall see the sal haps of all, here present, by the unaffected vation of God. Our cause must finally yet touching eloquence of my Hon. and prevail. Should men oppose the progress Very Reverend Friend, the Dean of Wells of divine truth, the attempt must be as im- on Sunday last; after the striking manner potent as it would be presumptuous; for we in which, as he himself assured me, he was are assured, on the highest authority, that seconded by my valued friend and reverend such men shall labour in the very fire, father near me (Mr. Biddulph); after the and weary themselves for very vanity; for lucid exposition which the indefatigable the earth shall be filled with the knowledge Secretary to the Parent Society has this day of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover given us; after the several addresses of the sea!

the preceding speakers, particularly of the “ It is not only necessary that an asso worthy gentleman across the table (Mr. ciation be organized, but it will be indis Adderley), addresses, which must bave pensable to its future prosperity, that its raised your Lordship's opinion of the powers proceedings be periodically brought before of their minds and the graces of theií the public; not only to give a new impulse hearts; nothing remains unsaid, which I, to the exertions of subscribers, but also I fear, can supply. Not that the missionary with a view to attract the notice of others, subject is exhausted. No, my Lord, it and induce them to engage in the same nerer will be. The contemplatire person honourable work."

will be always finding in it fresh matter for The Rev. Charles Jervis, M. A. rector wonder, love, and praise. I only mean, of Luddenham, Kent, and chaplain to His that, under these circumstances, I may be Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, in excused from performing a work of superemoving the eighth resolution, addressed the rogation. Permit me, however, to congium Chair after this manner:

tulate your Lordship on the signal success “ My Lord-From the moment I first which has this day crowned your exertions heard of the projected Birmingham Church in the establishunent of a Church Missionary Missionary Society, I felt a secret wish to Society in Birmingham. assist at its formation; but came hither ." The difficulties which the Provisional with the hope of being permitted to confino Committee have had to contend with, were that assistance to my prayers and my alms. many and great; sufficient to have damped i Perhaps this was wrong; for, though less the ardour and paralyzed the activity of than the least of my reverend brethren common minds: their little bark had been around me, and personally considered, no well nigh stranded, or sunk beneath the doubt, having reason to shrink from the task frowning wares; but, through the good which the partiality of my friends, both providence of God, it outrid the tempest against my inclination and judgment, has and survived the storm, and this day enters imposed upon me; yet, in whatever relates hárbour, like some stately vessel, riding to a Church Mission, a Minister of that before a prosperous gale, Church, were he even less worthy of your Be gracious, Heaven! for now laborious indulgence than myself, should have no

man will or inclination of his own; but fearless- Has done his part: ye fost'ring breezes, ly advocate the cause of millions of souls: blow! perishing for the lack of knowledge, as I Ye gentle showers, descend! And temper am privileged to do this day; for that is the

all, cause of Christ, bis master. My Lord, like Thou world-reviving sun! into the perfect Jacob of old, I feel an awe upon my spirits.


THOMSON. I cannot persuade myself that such a num- . “ This is not the first time, my Lord, ber of persons can be assembled on such an that, under the leading of Mr. Burn, the occasion, and God not be in the midst of members of our Established Church have us; that gracious God, who has promised to been stimulated to benevolent and useful bless even two or three convened together exertion; and I trust it will not be the last in his name. I believe that this place is This is the gentleman, whom I am deputed, full of blessed, though invisible spirits, who by the Provisional Committee to submit to approve and applaud our work, and that your approbation as Secretary to this infant the Lord of Hosts looks down with satis- Institution. It were as easy as it would be faction on a design which is of his own in- pleasant, to dilate and dwell upon my rerespiring, that our Lord Jesus Christ may read brother's qualifications for the office,

have the heathen for bis inheritance, and but it is needless, and besides, he is present.

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