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a more ready intercourse, and the appoint in the French councils. There is a strong ment of a Bishop of our Church, are cir- party of old, colonists, anxious to recover 'cumstances which are highly interesting to their wealth and their consequence; and, the friends of the Institution. The Society untaught by the sufferings of their country, has already felt the benefit of the easier or the mercy of God towards her, are pusb. access granted to ludia; and it, with reason, ing on the Government to an object, which expects the appointment of the Bishop to if ever to be attained, can only be so by be greatly subservient to its benevolent de- the most sanguinary and inhuman measures. signs. Much, indeed, must depend on the The King himself, the Prime Minister, and character of liim who is appointed to this the Minister of Finance, are known to be important office in that vast and distant favourable to the cause of Africa; and we region; but I am happy, my Lord, to be cannot but hope, under these circupistances, able to bear, from having had the happi- that the convictien of tbe in possibility of ness of personal acquaintance with his , conquering St. Domingo, which seenis saLordship, my humble testimony to his high pidly gaining ground in France, will come endowments, and to the justness of that es so effectually in aid of the cause of justice timate which he has formed of the difficult and humanity, that it will ultimately trities and the importance of his undertaking. umph.

“ The prospects opening before the So “ But were onr infant settlements des. ciety in India are of the most encouraging tined to encounter the shock of a revival of nature. That great Master whom we serve, that dreadful trade, still we would not deis answering our earnest prayers in prosper- spair. We laid their foundation in trouing our efforts in that populous part of the blesome times. The slare-trade was at empire. The schools of the late Dr. John, that period allowed and protected by the on the Coromandel coast, are in a flourish- laws of this country. Yet we encountered ing state, and afford education to nearly all the difficulties of the enterprise ; and 700 children, from the Brabipin cast dowa hare seen with exultation, and with unto the lowest. They are almost all wholly feigned gratitude to Almighty God, that dependent on the Society. A large sum is England has wiped from her statute-book intrusted annually to a committee at Cal- that foul stain. We will, therefore, with cutta, wbich the European residents much the help of God, weather through the increase by their contributions; and this storm, should it arise. Dark clouds seem is applied to the furthierance of the Society's to be gathering, and a gloomy horror broods designs in India. Several converted Maho- orer our prospects; but, if faith and pametans are labouring at and vear the popu- tience bave their work,' we cannot doubt Jous city of Agra, under the protection of but that the God of mercy will prosper our the Society, in catechisivg and explaining designs. the Scriptures; one of them, Abdool Mes- . " The state of the Society's establishsce, with distinguished success, haring been ments is such as to interest and affect every the means, in the space of less than twelve heart capable of feeling for the wrongs of months, through the divine mercy, of bring- Africa, and anxious for the melioration of ing forty one adult persons to embrace the its condition, and the salvation of its səns. faith of Christ, and to receive baptisin, The Society's missionary, Mr. Butscher, is with every evidence of sincere piety. By now Chaplain of the colony of Sierra Leone, these labourers the Liturgy of our Church, where nearly 5000 persons, besides the natranslated into the Hindostanee, is regu- tive inhabitants, are assembled. A great larly used, and the Hindostanee Gospels, number of those are children liberated from translated by the late lamented Martyn, are ciptured slave-smugglers ; hundreds of freely dispersed.

whcm, forced from their friends on all parts " For Africa we cannot but entertain se- of the coast, are now thrown on our mercy rious alarm. The revival of the French for protection and Christian care. This is slave-trade in the very seat of the Society's a loud call on our benevolence. These · Establishment, fills us with apprehension : children may be clothed, maintained, and yet I cannot despair of Africa. This So educated, for the small sum of five pounds ciety is engaged in the noble design of re- gach, per annum! Many benevolent perpaying to Western Africa, by the inesti- sons, whose hearts have been touched with mable gilt of the Gospel, soine portion of tender compassion towards these poor outthat immense debt which our country has casts, have taken one or more of them uncontracted towards her injured tribes. And der their protection, and have engaged to this is the only Society now engaged in this allow annually the sum requisite for their effort--an effort, my Lord, which we will support and education. They affix ou such not abandon while any prospect sball re- children what names they please ; and I main of maintaining our footing, and ulti. am happy to say, that we have already res, mately accomplishing our design. Indeed, ceived instructions to take from 40 to 50 of my Lord, I cannot but șope that the cause these children under our care ; some of of humanity and justice will still triumph then are to be named after persons wbe stand high in the estimation of their coun- ciety in the Church which appropriates & trymen, and whose talents and virtues we fund to the maintenance of missions; and may hope will be imitated by their little re- this has been alleged as a reason for withpresentatives in Africa.

holding a support from our Institution, “But what a field does this open to Chris- But, my Lord, anxious that the influence tian benevolence! I have the authority of and resources of the venerable Society for the Judge of the Vice-admiralty Court of promoting Christian Knowledge, should be Sierra Leone, and of His Excellency the turned to a good account, in the augmentaGovernor, for declaring that these measures tion of the missionary exertions of the of the Society, and the care which it ex Church, we do from our hearts rejoice that tends towards from 150 to 200 children, the members of that Society are called on purtured in its various settlements, are gra- distinctly to contribute to its labours in this dually effecting a most important change in field. the minds of the natives.

“ There are many clergymen and mem“I will not detain the Meeting, mybers of the Churchi, who repose tliemselves Lord, any further on this subject, or in so confidently on the judgment and picts detailing the efforts of the Society else of that Society, that the moment they are where, as its proceedings are given at large told, under its authority, Here is a great in its Reports, and in the little monthly object worthy of your attention,' their atworl, the Missionary Register, and are tention is secured to that object. It can now become very generally known. On one not fail, therefore, but that the great fund topic, however, I beg your indulgence for for the support of missions must be vastly a few moments.

augmented by this Society's call on its mem“ We hear much of the distress of the bers. But when the attention of pious and labouring orders in this country: but we reflecting' men is once effectually drawn to do not find them backward to answer the this object, they will not satisfy themselves calls of Christian charity, according to their without assigning to their own conpower. How few are there, those except sciences a just reason for not rendering their ed who are the oljects of public charity support to other bodies, and particularly themselves, wbo will not be benefited by to such as exist in their own communion. depositing their weekly contributions in When their hearts become deeply interested that treasury which is now open to receive in the state of the heațben, and touched them ! It is on the mass of the community, with some feeling of remorse for the cruel my Lord, that schemes of benevolence and indictions of our country on Africa in parpiety are beginning to lean for their most ticular, they will cheerfully aid the exerpermanent and efficient support. And it is tions of this Society by their money, their a calumny to say that it is an act of oppresó counsels, and their prayers.. sion towards these orders to associate them “ My Lord, we rejoice in the diffusion of i with ourselves in our efforts to do good. Christiau light and truth throughout the For the first time, indeed, they are called world; and would manifest the most sinto take their share in the works of charity; cere good-will toward the efforts herein of but what they give is abundantly repaid in all Christians not of our communion, while the habits induced on the mind, and in the we may be well allowed to feel a particular enlargement of their views and the elcva interest in the extension of Christianity in tion of their feelings.

that form of discipline and worship wbịch ..“ In that scheme of charity towards the we conscientiously approve, and the benefit little Africans, on which I have touched, , of which we daily witness. But it must when it is recollected that 25 persons unit- grieve the heart of every candid man to ing their weekly pence will fully support find even a slight thrown on the wise efforts and educate one of these poor children, it of any Christian society to convert the cannot be doubted that many will be im- world to the faith. For what is the condipressed with a sense of the direct and im- tion of mankind? Of the thousand milportant use to which their little contribu- lions who are supposed to dwell at this motions will be applied, and will cheerfully ment on the earth, not more than a fifth, lend us their aid.

perbape, even know the name of a Saviour. " On this same principle of weekly con. No feeling man can place before his mind tributions, the younger branches and the the state of eight hundred millions of the servants in families, with the little members human race, but he must shudder at the of schools and seminaries, may lend im- sight, and be anxious to recover the time portant assistance to schemes of charity; which he has lost, by redoubled exertions while they will reap an abundant reward, of benevolence towards them, and by ferin the influence of this plan on their own - vent and unwearied prayer. When he conminds.

siders that there is not a Christian mission..^ Before I sit down, there is one point, ary to a million of men, he will not cease

ay Lord, upon which I beg to dwell a mo- to invoke the Lord of the harvest, that he ment. It has been said that there is a Sou will send forth labourers ; his counsels, his

tiine, 'his efforts, and his money, will be and without God in the world? This case, consecrated to the honour of his hearenly my Lord, comprehends also the merciful Master ; and his highest pleasure will corte plan of God for the recovery of a fallen sist in hastening on, to his utmost power, world—the record which he hath giren that great day when the kingdoms of this of bis Son'-of that only' name given upder world shall become the kingdoms of our heaven by which the world mast be saved.' Lord and his Christ.'”

And the record which discloses this promie The Rer. E. Burn, in moring the first sion, institutes the means for rendering it resolution, spoke to the following effect: effectual--for, by the commandment of

“My Lord, the purport of the motion the everlasting God, the Gospel is to be which I hold in my hand, is to express our preached to all isations, for the obedience approbation of the objects, the constitntior, of faith. . . . and proceedings of the Church Missionary “ My Lord, our view of missionary Society for Africa and the East; and after plans will be confined, and our efforts to the very able manner in which your Lord. pyromote them cold and hesitating, vutess ship has introduce<l the subject, and the we endeavour to behold them in the light lucid exposition of all these topics by :ny which revelation presents-unless we mea. friend, the Secretary, near me, it might sure them by the actual necessities of a reasonably be a question with me, whether fallen world, and the plan of Almiybty I had not better content myself with barely God for recovering it. reading my inotion, than, by any observa- “It is, my Lord, in pursuance of this tion of mine, risk weakening the favour. astonishing plan, that Christ is constituted ahle impression so visibly produced on this a King, and that he must inberit the ne respectable assembly.

tions ;' and the Gospel recorded and preach* But, considering the part I have taken ed is the rod of Messiab's strength, the preparatory to the business of this day, it sceptre of his universal dominion. For; it might appear disrespeetful to your Lord is not left for us this day to discuss the ship and to the Meeting-it might be mis- questions, whether he be a King, or whether taken as a cold and ceremonious expression be shall have dominion. Tbese are points of my attachment to the great objects for not to be submitted to any earthly tribunal which we are assembled--if I did not state ono; not even to that august assembly at * my views generally on the subject of nxis this moment, perhaps, deliberating on the sions--if I did not assign the particular pacification of Europe and of the world. Teasons which induce me, as a clergyman, Nor are the boundaries of his reign left for to lend iny feeble but cordial aid to this men to mark out and adjust.The decree Church Society for Missions to Africa and which constitutes and proclaims him King, the East.

gives him the heathen for his inheritance, "My Lord, if we would form an ade- . and the uttermost parts of the earth for his quate conception of the necessity and im- possession. The extent of his reign must portance of missionary exertions, we must, be measured by the efficacy of his mediaI apprehend, take much bigher, ground tion-and he is the “ Lamb of God, whick than has sometimes been taken (and espe- taketh away the sins of the world. cially of late) when this subject has come ' “ My Lord, I beg leave to express my under serious discussion. If, indeed, the decided approbation of this Society, beplans of missionary enterprise were directed cause, as a missionary institution, it falls only to the things which are seen and in with the great purpose of Providence, temporal-if they had for their object which ordains that the Gospel should be merely the life which now is,' there might preached to every creature.'-I approve of be some pretence for the cold, cautious, its more peculiar designation, Africa and and political calculations of worldly pru- the East,' because I feel that, as a nation, dence. It might be said, We can turn our we have a solemn arrear to settle with money, our time, our influence, into chan- both!- I approve of it as a Church Mission

nels which will bring us back a more sub- ary Society, because I can conscientiously • stantial reward for our expense and labour. co-operate, without compromise or scraple But, my Lord, the objects of missionary la- as to any points of doctrine or discipline. bour are of a far higher nature; they em- I approve the filial respect it has uniformly brace the best interests of man for both manifested for the two venerable societies * worlds; and, to judge of them aright, we within our own pale, and which have so

must ascend to the station to which revela- long and so successfully led the way in this <tion calls us, that from thencest we may labour of love.-And, my Lord, I approve • take in the whole extent of the case. And not less of its liberal Christian treatment • what, my Lord, is this case. It is that of nof all other missionary institutions. It

the whole human family fallen from God; would be idle to deny that we are all liable sand, at this moment, by far the greater to prejudice and party feeling; but we

portion of it · lying in wickedness,' dead - must guard against their excess—we must * To trespasses and in sins," having no hope, see that we are not impelled by them either

to transgress the bounds of truth or of test, contrived to make both effective in Christian charity. If other denominations bis great achievements; and I remember of Christians have essentially in view the the exploits of the latter occupied many a game object with ourselves, (and who will brilliant spot on the page of his memorable deny them this praise ?) shall we · forbid despatches. Regular or irregular, I trust them because they follow not with us? Is we shall all profit by this great' and successthere not scopo enough for the exertions of ful example of union (as far as in this case all? May not the division of labour, and it may be practicable) for a common object. even a liberal competition as to the methods And, my Lord, I cannot but indulge the of operation, contribute to guard, to stimu- animating hope, that now the deluge which late, and to improve the labours of each; threatened to overwhelm Europe. has subs and eventually to increase and multiply the sided, these missionary and other beneroblessed fruits of the whole ?

lent institutions may be hailed as another ;“ My Lord, the selfish feelings of a mere token of peace and security to an afficted partisan, on whichever side they betray world, as a gracious intimation that the themselves, are not only incompatible with same judgment shall not again visit the the great objects of this Society, but, I earth.” should fear, in some measure, with the or- The Rev. Mr. Paliper, of Curdworth, se dinary spirit and duties of Christianity it- conded the motion, and saidself—and I rejoice that this subject seems “My Lord, having seconded the motion to have been duly appreciated by the Church made by my respected friend, I cannot sit Missionary Society. They can, though down without requesting your attention to conscientiously members of our church, a few rem wks on an undertaking which in

look' with good-will, not only on their volves the happiness, temporal and eternal, own things, but also on the things of of millions of our fellow-creatures; and I others;' they are earnestly desirous that cordially congratulate this town and neighour Church may maintain ber pre-eminence bourliood on the adoption of a measure so in this and in every other good work; but benevolent and momentous as that whicha Reither the spirit of this church, nor of the has brought us together this morning, constitution of our country, nor common : “ Cold must be the heart of that indivi. sense, will allow them to act towards others dual which does not glow with delight while as if this church were a chartered com- viewing this numerous and respectable aspany, possessing the exclusive monopoly of sembly, met for the express purpose of talents and of virtue.

i meliorating the human mind, and further“ My Lord, we may here take an im- ing the conversion of thein that know not portant lesson from the great events which God. And yet those may be found, whip have lately passed before us. Europe has seem dubious about the nature and expebeen rescued from the grasp of the tyrant diency of this undertaking. Those may be

but how? -We may answer, Under Pro- found, who seem to hesitate whether light vidence, by consenting, with a noble mag be preferable to darkness, knowledge to nanimity, to suspend their individual claims, ignorance, truth to error, and even Christo wave the consideration of minor differ- tianity to Heathenism. Those may be ences, and to unite heart and band for a found, who seem to think, that to endeacommon object--their deliverance from a your to make the heathen world acquaintcommon ruin. Let us, as far as possible, ed with the Gospel, is to interfere with the bring the same enlarged views to the sub- , designs of the Almighty,, if not to take the ject before us--the civilization and conver- work out of his hands. Let me remind sion of the heathen world! Here is a such of the command originally given by mighty, a still more universal and Eatal ty- the blessed Founder of our religion to ranny, to be overthrown-the empire of those who, after his departure from them, the prince of darkness, over by far the were commissioned to preach and spread greater part of the human race! and we that religion : 'Go ye into all the world, may infor, from the signs of the times, that and preach the Gospel to every creature. the purposes of God for their deliverance Is there here any restriction either expressare başteniug to their consummation. Let ed or implied ? any boundary beyond whicka us then press forward to this holy warfare the Gospel is not to advance ? any circum

We may be divided into different corps, scribed space to which it is to be limited ? : employ different tactics, and go forth under or any intimation that hitherto it is to different leaders; but, if we are truly sol- spread, and no further? Be assured, the diers of Christ, our great object will be word of God, in this 'sense, is not bound : the same, I will not presume to say it was mercifully designed to be as diffusivo (though, as a Churchman, I will not come as the light of the sun, whose resplendent weal my prepossessions in favour of my own beams irradiate every part of the babitable community) who shall constitute the regu- globc. . ' dar force, and who shall be the Guerillas... “ Moreover, the religion we professis Pur illustrious Wellington, in another con- the Gospel of peace, the glad tidings of good things. Its uniform tendency is adapt- blessing, may be instrumental in adrancing ed to man's wants as a creature and a sin- it; but no human means can defeat or rener, and is capable of promoting his prosent tard it. The word of prophecy is ripening and future felicity; and I feel no difficulty' for fulfilment: the signs of the times indis in asserting, that there is a loud call upon cate this. We bare, within a short period, every heart to foster its extension through witnessed a series of most wonderful events, out the earth, and to co-operate in so mo which human foresight could not anticimentous a design. Who, indeed, sensible pate, and which bear the unequivocal stamp of his own interest in the Gospel, can be of the finger of God. Greater things re. indifferent about the extension of it? Whó, main behind, and will be fulfilled in thuit casting bis eye over the vast regions of season, to which what we have seen may Africa and the East, enveloped in dark- be but preparatory. It is not, I trust, preness and the shadow of dcath,' can with sumptuous to suggest that the time appears bold his liveliest energies, or remain in a to be approaching, when God will give state of torpor and unconcern ?

the heathen to his Son for an inberitance, • " A writer of our nation, well known as aod the uttermost parts of the earth for a a moralist and a belierer in Christianity, possession' --when the Gentiles shall has, with his wonted felicity, thus express- come to lis light, and kings to the brightcd himself on this subject : 'I know not ness of his rising'-when all the ends of ho he that withholds this knowledge (the the earth shall see the salvation of our knowledge of God's will), or delays it, can God when the fulness of the Gentiles. be said to lore his neighbour as himself. shall come in' when they shall come He that voluntarily continues in ignorance from the east, and from the west, and from is guilty of all the crimes which ignorance the north, and from the souta'-when the produces; as to him that extinguishes' the earth'shall be full of the knowledge of the tapers of a light-house might justly be im. Lord'-when at the name of Jesus every puted the calamities of shipwrecks. Chris knee shall bow'—and when the whole tianity is the highest perfection of huma world shall be one rast temple, filled with pity; and as no man is good but as he spiritual worshippers, dedicated and derotwishes the good of others, no man can be ed to the Lord." good in the highest degree who wishes not The second resolution was moved by to others the largest measure of the great- George Simcox, Esq. as follows: est good. To omit for a year, or for a day, ; « My Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen, *the most efficacious method of advancing after wbat the Meeting has already heard, Christianity, in compliance with any pur- it will, I am sure, be prepared to give a poses that terminate on this side of the cordial reception to the motion I shall have grave, is a crime of which I know not that the honour to submit; the object of which the world has yet had an example.'

is, to carry into immediate effeet the pur• “ But, while these considerations have a pose for which we are assembled. . general claim on every mind, there are “And who that hears me does not wish

others which should operate more power to co-operate in a cause so noble, a design * fully. You, who feel the value of the Gos- so truly worthy the Christian name? Who pel you who have known experimentally that values as he ought the 'glad tidings what it is to be brought out of darkness of great joy' which, when first proclaimed into its marvellous light'- you who have by an angel to man, drew from a multitude felt the sad state of man by nature, and of the heavenly host the celestial chorus the renovation of that nature by grace- which so lately delighted our ears - Glory you I ask, Is it not the desire of your souls to God in the highest, and on earth peace, that the mercy you have experienced should good-will towards men ;'--who, I say, that be extended to others? Are you drinking values this blessing as he ought, will not of that river of life, the streams of which he anxious that in all lands, and to the ends make glad the city of God,' and do you not of the world, the blessed sound should go wish that your neighbour's parched ground forth? may be refreshed also ? If the Saviour be .66 Behold the Lamb of God, which ta- . dear to you, is it not an object with you keth away the sins of the world!' Who that his nanie may be proclaimed, and his will not desire that those who are walking praise made known, from the rising to the iu darkness should see this great lightsetting of the sun ?' that the trophies of that the glory of the Lord may rise upora his grace may be commensurate with the them, that they may rejoice greatly' at greatness of bis salvation, and that fresh the approach of that righteous Saviour gems may be continually added to his im- 'who shall speak peace to the heathen,' mortal crown?

open their blind eyes, unstop their deaf “ But, allow no further to intimate, that ears, and cause the dumb to sing, 'Hallelu. the work we are called to engage in is the jah! The Lord God Omnipotent reigneth, work of God, and it must eventually be ac- The kingdoms of the earth are become the complished. Human means, under his kingdoms of our Lord, and be shall reiga

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