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same object with you. We do not look for the desire of the people wat last, among
praise from men, but from God, who has whom he had distributed and sold copies of
distinguished us so graciously from many the New Testament which were sent over
other nations. All professors of Christian- ' 'from Copenhagen two years ago, that they
ity ought to have but one object in view would bare paid double the price, had it
the triumph of revelatiou. From that only been possible to obtain them.
source alone all truth and happiness spring.
To conquer the follies of men, to counter-. From the Rev. R. Pinkerto... Hanover,
act the pernicious effects of vice, and to

July 25, 1814.
reconcile the minds of men to the most se-
vere calamities of this life--this the Bible

THE Hanoverian Bible Society was estat alone has the power to effect. May tbe

blished this afternoon, amidst a select come Holy Scriptures be our guide and our re

pany of Ministers of State, of Ministers of fuge!

religion of every denomination, and of
other honourable citizens. Yes, glory be

to God, this evening 1 hare again had the From the late Rev. Dr. Brunnmark. 'ter inexpressible pleasure of enjoying a coud

mors, ir Dalecarlia, July 10, 1814. terpart to thot never-to-be-forgotten scene

On the 6th of July, in full council of which took place in the palace of Prince state, the President submitted to His Man Alexander Galitzin, in St. Petersburg, on iesty to become the patron of the Swedish the memorable 23d of June 1813. Io Ha. Bible Society, to which His Majesty was nover, as in Petersburg, I saw the Luther pleased to give his most gracious consent. an, Calvinistie, and Catholic Clergy, join Count Engestrom, Minister of State and for hands to promote the good cause ; and some Foreign Affairs, then addressed the Crown of these men assured me, after the meet Prince. requesting him to become our first ing, that though they had been co-teachers Honorary Member; to which he also most of the same religion in the city for many readily assented. Couni Engestrom was in years, yet they had never had an opportuconsequence (as also from his general cha nity of speaking to each other before. O! racter) chosen a Vice President on the 9th. that a blessed plan, wbich is capable of What happened on the 6th, was all regisu

bringing together the long-divided parts of tered in the great state minute-bouk

Christianity, and of uniting them by wears I visited the printiny-office of the Evan

of that very book'in wbich they all find the gelical Society, and found every thing in

grounds of their division! When the chief the completest order. The Society's prin- Catholic priest entered the room, he came ter, Mr. Rumstedt, who is also Archiva straight to me, grasped my hand in the rius, is a most excellent man; and you most cordial manner, and with a countewill no doubt, with me, be astonished to

pance beaming with joy, said, “ I rejoice. find, that they have now printed 33,600

that I have an opportunity of uniting in New Testaments, and that a new edition is such a glorious cause. I am decidedly of preparing of 6000, for which paper and opinion, that the Scriptures should be put every thing is ready. They have further into the hands of every class of men, and printed 11,000 Bibles, and a fourth edition

that even the poorest and meanest should of 2500 is now working off, 22 sheets being have it in his power to draw divine instrue. dready finished. '

tion from the fountain-head."
*** A grant of 500l. has been made to .

the Hanoverian Bible Society.
From the Rev. E. Henderson. Reikiavik,
Iceland, July 22, 1814.

From the same. Berlin, Aug. 2, 1814 I HAVE all along been living in the ex. This evening, between the hours of sea pectation of meeting with a welcome re- ven annine, in the English Tavern, the ception from the inhabitants of Iceland; Priessian Bible Society was established, in and now that it has been realized, I find it an assembly consisting of some of the first exceeds my most sanguine expectations. characters in both church and state. I The ardour of the people, even in this opened the Meeting with an address, in place, which is greatly corrupted by inter- which I explained the object, principles, course with strangers, to obtain copies of and progress of Bible Societies in every the Scriptures, was so great, that I had quarter of the world. Afterwards I read scarcely got ashore, when the doors of the the Regulations of a Bible Society for the bishop were crowded by applicants. This whole Prussian dominions, which were venerable prelate has promised me every as- unanimously adopted. No sooner was the sistance ia his power in planning measures ypanimous sign of approbation given, than for the distribution of the Icelandic Scrip- the first clergyman in the city, Probst flatitures. Mr. Magnussen, the Dean of Ice- stein, rose with a Bible in his right hand. land, informed me, that so ardent was and pronounced one of the most eloquent



and appsapriate speeches which I have ever sent him; and by his faithful exertions tas · heard on any similar occasion. Emphati-, glorious work was accomplished. On the

gally pointing at the Bible, le represented, 6th of August this respectable gentleman in colours most striling and awful, the arrived in Dresden. The Rev. Dr. Ammon, poods of infidelity and wickedness, the ra- first claplain of our court, being absent, vages of war, and the accumulated mise- Mr. Pinkerton could not present to him ries, under wbicb the Prussians and other your letter, and therefore applied to me, pations of Germany had suffered for 50 Though conscious of my wo weakness, i mane years; and pointed out, as the source regarded the call thus made, 4s coming of all these iniquities and sorrows, the dis- from God, and waited with him on all our Bespect, yen contempt, which had been ministers of state, as well as on several poured upon the religious and woral princi bonourable, learned, and worthy charac. ples contained in that best of all books-the ters, to whom he explained the object of Bible. After this eloquent and animating his niission; and wbo, deeply convinced of #peecb, His Excellency Lieutenant General its beneficial tendency, and gratefully af

Von Dieriche was chosen President, a wor- fected by the generous offer of 5001. cbeer• thy and exællent old man, who is also tutor fully entered into the plan. On the 7th

to the Crown Prince of Prussia. Four of and 8th of August, we invited fifty gentiethe Ministers of State were chosen Vice men, of various ranks and conditions in Presidents, and afterwards a Committee of life, some of whom belonged to the Re twelve Directors and three Secretaries and a formed Church (the Catholics alone refused

reasurer. The whole bosiness was con to join us), to a preliminary meeting, in ducted truly in the spirit of the cause; and which it was resolved to hold a general I buunbly trust, that the Prussian Bible So- meeting on the 10th instant, at six in the eiety, so instituted, at such an auspicious evening, in the house of His Excellency period, and in the capital of the dominion, Count de Hochenthal, who is at the head 'wiil ultimately be the means of dispelling of the ecclesiastical department, Mr. Pin: the mists of error and infidelity, which kerton, with my advice, prepared every have for maay years enveloped every order thing for the same, both the rules and rer of soeiety in this country, and prodriced an gulations to be adopted by the intended awfully diversified scene of public and pri- Saxon Bible Society, and an address to the vate misery

mecting, wbich I should read, il *** Five hundred pounds have been given At last the solemn and blessed hour ap, to the Prussian Bible Society. peared, in which this sacred union was to

be formed, and actually was formed an them the Rev. Dr. Pæring, Chaplain to

hour never to be forgotten by those who Mic Colt of Sarony. Dresden, Aug.

were present. But my pen is too feeble to 11, 1814.

convey to you a just idea of the solemnity

of this transaction. In the whole ot the · I HASTEN, as First Secretary of the Bible numerous assembly prevailed a solemn si: Society which was established last evening lence, cach eagerly waiting for the opening in this city, to give you a concise acoount of

of the business. All eyes and ears were this reinarkable event. You remember your fixed ou Mr. Linkerton. He stated, in a misit in Dresden in October 1812, and the short but impressive speech, the design of Bonversations we'then had about the form- his mission, after which I read bis writica ation of a Dresden Bible Society. Though address; at the close of which 16. Pinkerafter your departure I used my best endea ton proposed the question, Thether this vours to bring about this desirable measure, company present was willing to form a they did not succeeil at that times the hour Bible Society for Saxony. All declared appcinted by the Lord had not yet arrived. their ready and joyful consent by lifting Saxony, which was once in so flourishing a up their right band. The rules and regu; state, but has, alas forsaken the fountain lations of the Society were then read and of living waters, and hewn gut broken cis, unanimously adopted. Now the Rev. Dr. terma, which can bold no water, was first Tittman, Superintendent and Ecclesiastical to feel the mighty hand of God, and expe- Counsellor, a worthy man of sixty-nine rience hiş paternal chastisement, that it years of age, rose, and made a speech full might feel the necessity of returning to the of unction and energy, in which he reprepure word of God. This chastisement is sented both the necessity and usefulness of fome upon us, thongh still intermingled such an institution, and strongly encou: with much mcrcy, We perceive our need raged all present to come forward in its Fod, merely of temporal, but also of spiris support. The whole assembly was deeply Jual heig; and thus our hearts were open- affected, and expressed its approbation in ed, when the Rer. Mr. Pinkerton, that mes the most unequivocal manner. senger of peace, was sent to us from Lon . Thus the Saxon Bible Society was formQon. We have welcomed him with joy ed. Universal was, the impression, ang and gratitude towards God and those who loud the gratitude expressed both towards

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the parent institution in Landop,' and its sult from zealous labours in the great and
worthy member, Mr. Piniserton. Tears of excellent cause as the present,
joy glitered in many an eye, and the name,
of the Lord was glorified.-May be como

From the Rev. R. Pinkerton. mand his blessing on this holy union!

St. PetersWe entreat the venerable Society in Lon:

burg, Sept. 19, 1814," don soon to favour us with the grant of I Took my departure from Warsaw on 8001. so kindly promised us. We are & the morning of the 28th, with post-borses, poor ruined people; but still contributions carrying along with me a letter to His Ime will not be waning among us.

perial Majesty, and another to Count Kuts

cbubey, from Prince Czartosisky, on the From the Rev. R. Pinkerton. Varsqu,

şubject of the Polish Bible Society. I di

Þected my route through Pultusk, Bylasa
Aug. 27, 1914.

toek, Grodna, Wilną, Druja, Ostror, and I have now spent eight days in this Piskoff, towards St. Petersburg, where I city, and have made the acquaintance of happily arrived on the 5th of September, many worthy men in cvery confession, who after travelling in nine days and eight

are willing to promote the formation of a nights upwards of 1100 English miles. · Polish Bible Society, The first person to The next day after my arrival in this city,

fwhom I addressed myself was the Prince I waited upon Count Kutchubey, related to
Czartorisky, one of the first noblemen for him the particulaşs' of my continental tour,
rank and respectability in the nation. After , and presented him with my letters fepna
labouring for some days with his cordial co- Warsaw, His Excelleney wrote immer
operation and advice, we at last had the diately to His Imperial Majesty, who hapa
pleasure of seeing about forty of the most pened to be in Kaminoe Ostroff, and in
respectable characters assembled in the pa closed Prince Czartorisky's letter in his own,
lace of the Prince on the 26th, in the even- Next day, when I called upon our worthy
ing, where I ļaid a set of regulations before President, Prince Galitzin, I was agreeably

here for establishing a Polish Bible Society, informed, that Ilis Imperial Majesty had
which were duly taken into consideration, heartily approved of tbe steps Į bąd taken
and at last subscribed by every individual in Warsax towards establishing the Polish
in the hall. It was accordingly agreed to Bible Society,
lay the rules and names of the subscribers, “ His Majesty has sent me Prince Czar
Avith their libera) donations, before Historisky's letter," said tbe Princt," and rer
Imperial Majesty Alexander, and solicit his quired me to converse with you fully upon
permission and patronage to the çstablish the subject ; and, without delay, to sead
ment of the Polish Bible Society. There proper instructions to the Governor-general
were two bishops present; one of the Ca- of Warsaw, Lanskoy, to render every pos-,
tholic, and the other from among the Units, sible assistance to the final establishment of
or Greek Crtholics, with several of their the Polish Bible Society. His Imperial
çlery. Though most of those present. Majesty," continued be; “ takes his depar.
were Catholics, yet we had also some wor; ture for Warsaw in a day or two, where he
thy Protestants among them. I have given himself will give every countenance to such
every necessary instruction about the final a benevolent and useful institution," . .
establishment of the Society, so soon as
His Majesty's sanction shall be obtained. I

Sept. 14, 1814. have also left behind me an address in the Several interesting letters were read yes, Po'ish language, explanatory of the object terday in the Committee of the St. Petersand progress of Bible societies,

bury Bible Society, which have been lately
received froin Crimea; they tend to prove

the great blessings which are likely to arise Froin the Rev. Dr. Schwabe, Erfurt, Aug.

to the poor Mabomedans from the circular 30, 1814.

tion of the Tartar New Testament, and the It has given me great pleasure to find great need there is for having the word one the plan of the British and Foreign Bible God in the Turkish language also. From Society unirersally approved of, and the one of which I cannot forbear giring you qertainty of its bighly beneficial effects ac- an extract. It is dated Perecop, July 21, knowledged. The conviction, that on the 0. $. from a worthy man, a member of our foundation of the love of the Scriptures Society, who is very active in that quafter alone the prospect of real esteem for reli- in promoting its blessed object, gion, and improved morals, of a return of "Forgive me," writes he to His Excelbetter times, and of the progress of real lency, Mr, Papoff, “ that I have not written happiness, can be built, is become univer to you sooner, on account of my not have Sal among the friends of God, and of their ing bad an interview with the Muffti; but fellow-inen; and there perhaps never was a ' now I have had the honour of seeing hini, and period when go much good was likely to r ef presenting him with a copy of the Tastar

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New Testament, which he accepted with Without a person deeply interested in the exultation, and many expressions of grati- work, the distribution of thein would go on tude. After we had had much conversation, but slowly. The number of Chinese in those and I had given him many explanations, he places is said to be two or tbree hundred expressed a desire to become a member of thousand. the St. Petersburg Bible Society, and sub- ** An addition of 1000l, has been givel scribes annually 50 rubles! He begged me in aid of the Chinese Testament. to makc known this his resolution to your Committee, and promised to write to the Prince Galitzin himself, in regard to this

FURTHER CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE REhis desire. He asked if it were not possible

. LIEF OF THE MISSIONS OF THE UNITED to get the Bible in his own language

· BRETHREN, COMMONLY CALLED MORA (Turkish); pray inform me if such is to be

VIAN. abtained, so that I may be able to give bim an answer."

The sunis marked with an asterisk are des,

tined for the relief of the sufferers as From the same. St. Petersburg,

Moscow, mentioned in the appeal.,
Sept. 17, 1814.

We beg to thank all our generous benewithe Dorpatian Committee have esta- factors for this seasonable relief, and pray blished a kind of BIBLE ASSOCIATIONS; the Lord, abundantly to reward them for in every parish one, under the direction of their biodness and sympathy. the pastor, who is the correspondent with

c. 1. LATROBE, Secretary. the Committee in Dorpat. This has been

T. L. WOLLIN, Treasurer found to promote their success wonderfully a ulong the common people, numbers of who have contributed their mites to pro

Thomas Langfore Brook, Esc. noce the object of the Institution.

Merehall, Cheshire, by Mr.

Gilby ..... Fren the Rev. Mr. Paterson. Stockhobın,

Jolin Hawkins, Esq. ........ *2 0 0 Sept. 27, 1814.

Donations by the hand of Mr. PLZNDER· I CANNOT tell you how much Dr. Brunn

LEATH, Edinburgh, mark's death is felt in Sweden, and what

Dr. Lorimer, Haddington ...io additional anxiety it gives me. All the so

A Lady, by ditto ........... 0 0 sieties turn their eyes towards me, and re

A Friend, by ditto ........... puest ine to supply his place. This bas

Mr. Robert Nielson ......... kept me constantly occupied, although

Dir. Thomas Ramsay, by Mr. searcely able to sit up all the time I have

Brown .................. been here. Baron Rosenblad was just about leaving

Two Friends at Paisley, by Mr.

Barclay, Kilwinning ...... town for Norway when I arrived'; and al


West Lothian Bible Society, by though overburdened witb business, I had

Mr. W. Fleming, Secretary. 10 two interviews with him. He increases in

Leven Auxiliary Society ...... zeal and activity more and more. .


Dr. Brown ............... The demand for the Scriptures increases

daily, The Society cannot nearly supply Essex Auxiliary Missionary So-
it. The stocks of paper and of printed co ciety, by the Rev. Thomas
pies, which would be neccesary far exceed Craig, Bocking .......... 50
their mens. Surely to person will now Thomas Hall, Esq. Swanland,
tell us, that there was no want of Bibles near Hull .............. 20
in Sweden.

Christian, Esg. Strand.. Š
Ladies' Association at Bristol, by

the Rev. Iguatius Montgome-
From the Rer. Robert Avrrison.

ry, one quarter, ending. OcCurton, China, July 11, 1814.. tober 26 ................ 88 The arrival of my colleague, the Rev, By Frieuds at the Old Meeting William Milne, has suggested a practicable at Bedfordan carly Donai and sure mode of circulation for the Chi- tion, not yet ingerted, by nese Scriptures, which I did not previously - mistake........ possess. He is about to take a tour to Java, Rev. George Moore, Basingstoke $ Malacca, and Penang, for the purpose of Mrs. G. Moore, ditto ........ 'oirculating amongst the Chinese settlers in Rev. W. L. Bowles, Brembill, those places the New Testament in Chiacae : Wilti.... cerober... Q ¢

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Church of Éngland Magazine.


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SOME REMARKABLE PASSAGES OF as well as his practice in physic,

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THE was long interrupted. He was for · CELEBRATED DR. BOERHAAVE. five months confined to his bed by [From the Annual RÉGister for the

the gout, where he lay upon his

back without daring to attempt Year 1758.]

the least motion, because any ef. It was the daily practice of fort renewed his torments, which that eminent physician, Dr. Boer- were so exquisite, that he was at haave, throughout his whole life, length not only deprived of moas soon as he arose in the morn- tion, but of sense. Here his meing, which was generally very dical ART was at a stand; nothing early, to retire for an hour to pri- could be attenipted, because nothing vate prayer and meditation on some could be proposed with the least part of the Scriptures. He often prospect of success. But having, told his friends, when they asked in the sixth month of his illness, him how it was possible for him to obtained some remission, he detergo through so much fatigue, that' mined to try whether the juice of it was this which gave spirit and fumitory, endive, and succory, vigour in the business of the day. taken thrice a day in a large quan, This he, therefore, recommended tity, viz. above half a pint each as the best rule he could give ; for dose, might not contribute to his nothing, he said, could tend more relief; and by a perseverance in to the health of the body than the this method he was wonderfully rea tranquillity of the mind; and that covered. This patience of Boerhe knew nothing which could sup- haave's was founded, not on vain port himself, or his fellow-crea- reasonings, like that of which the tures, amidst the various distresses Stoics boasted, but on a religious of life, but a well-grounded confi- composure of mind, and Christian dence in the Supreine Being, upon resignation to the will of God.' the principles of Christianity. This Of his sagacity, and the wonremark of the Doctor's is undeni- derful penetration with which he ably just ; for a benevolent manner often discovered and described, at of acting, and a true greatness of the first sight of the patient, such Boul, can never flow from any other distempers as betray themselves by source than a consciousness of the no symptoms to common eyes, such divine favour and assistance. This surprising accounts have been give was strongly exemplified in his own en as scarcely can be credited, illness in 1722, which can hardly though attested beyond all doubt : be told without horror, and by yet this great master of medical which the course of his lectures, knowledge was so far from a preCHP.ist. GUARD. VOL. VI.

% Q . :

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