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ingly; and so much the rather, met him, persuading him to pray because I perceive you to be a to our Lady to intercede for him ; good Christian, and a man fearing to whom he meekly answered, God." The family were then as: “ Cease; tempt me not, I entreat sembled ; and, every thing being you.” On reaching the fatal spot ready, he requested them to hear he knelt down, and thrice repeata him for a little while, and dis- ed, “ O thou Saviour of the coursed to them on the institution world ! have mercy upon me! Faç of the Lord's Supper, and our Sa- ther of heaven! I commend my viour's death and passion; exhort- spirit into thy holy hands." Then ing all who were then present to rising, and addressing the specta. mutual love and holiness of life. tors, he said, “ Christian breHe then gave thanks, and distri- thren and sisters, I beseech you, buted the bread among those who be not offended at the word of were disposed to communicate, God for the torments which you entreating them to remember that see prepared for me; but I exhort Christ died for them, and to feed you that ye love the word of God, on it spiritually. Afterwards tak- for your salvation, and suffer paing the cup, he reminded them that tiently, and with a comfortable Christ's blood was shed for them; heart, for the word's sake, which and, having tasted it himself, de- is your undoubted salvation and livered, it unto them. He then everlasting comfort. I pray you concluded with thanksgiving and also, show my brethren and sisters, prayer, and withdrew to his cham- who have often heard me, that ber.

they cease not to learn the word Shortly after, two executioners of God, which I taught them accame, by appointment of the Car, cording to the measure of grace dinal; and having arrayed him in given unto me, for any persecu. a black linen coat, they fastened tion or trouble in this world whatseveral bags of gunpowder to dif- soever ; and show them that the ferent parts of his body; next they doctrine was no old wives' fables, put a rope round his neck, a chain but the truth of God: for if I had about his waist, and tied his hands taught men's doctrine, I should behind him. In this state he was have had greater thanks from men; conducted to the place of exécu- but for the word of God's sake I tion, against which all the ord- now suffer, not sorrowfully, but nance of the castle were planted, with a glad heart and mind. For the gunners being ready to dis- this cause was I sent, that I should charge the cannon in case any at- suffer this fire for Christ's sake. tempt should be made to rescue Behold my face, you shall not see him. Opposite the stake also were me change my countenance. I the castle windows, which were fear not the fire; and, if persecudecorated with tapestry and splen- tion come to you for the word's did hangings, for the accommoda- sake, I pray you fear not them tion of the Cardinal and prelates, who can kill the body, but have no while they beheld the sanguinary power to slay the soul.” Next he spectacle,

i prayed for his accusers, saying, “ J. As Wishart was going to the beseech thee, Father of heaven! stake, some beggars asked alms of forgive them that have, of igno, him ; to whom he replied, that his rance or of an evil mind, forged lies hands were bound, with which he pf me; I forgive them with all my was wont to give alms, but prayed heart. I beseech Christ to forgive the Lord 'to pouchsafe to give them that have condemned me this thein every thing needful both for day ignorantly.” After this the exebody and soula, Two friars then cutioner requested his forgiveness

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whose cheek he kissed,' saying, much ignominy as he now leans * Lo, here is a token that I for- there with pride." As he congive thee: do thine office."

cluded these words, the execu, Wishart was now bound to the tioner strongly pulled the cord stake ; and, the fire being kindled, that was around his neck, so that the powder-bags blew up, but did he spoke no more: and thus, like not terminate his existence. This another Elijah, he took his flight being observed by the captain of by a fiery chariot into heaven, and the castle, he drew near, and ex. obtained the martyr's crown, on horted the Christian hero to be of the 1st of March 1546. good courage; to whom Wishart replied, “ This flame hath scorch Melvill, one of the conspirators. After ed my body, yet it hath not daunted

which they suspended his body out of the

very window from which, not three months my spirit; but he" (looking up to

before, he had, with impious satisfaction, the Cardinal ) " who from yonder beheld the sufferings of Wishart. The place beholdeth us with such pride, conspirators, aided by some other adherents, shall within a few days be hanged held out the castle for some time, till, being out at that same window * with as

besieged by the French, they surrendered

it, on condition of having the lives of all * This prediction was literally fulfilled

who were then in it secured from violence

and injury. on the 28th of May 1546; when John Les

This murder of Beaton is, ley, brother of the Earl of Rothes, and

'doubtless, totally indefensible upon every several others, who were enraged at the

principle of reason and religion: it affords, .

however, an additional proof, that the remurder of Wishart, surprised the castle early in the morning; and having secured

tributive justice of God will, sooner or lam or turved out all the persons that were in

ter, overtake every offender against his it, they seized the Cardinal, who received

holy law

tery, a mwo or three wounds from the hand of Jolx


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ÉSSAYS ON THE NAMES AND ing: Can he obtain pardon for a

TITLES GIVEN TO OUR DIVINE guilty sinner? Can he justify a REDEEMER.

condemned sinner? Can he gloNo. IV.

rify the divine perfections in this Jah, Ehjah, Jehovah,

display of mercy? Can he sanctify a polluted' sinner? Can ho

support a feeble creature in the Part. I.

· midst of powerful and malicious JEHOVAH. :: enemies ? Has he wisdom to direct The grand concern of man is through ceaseless difficulties and the salvation of his soul ; and the perplexities, till he present the great object of revelation is to dis- objects of his love holy and happy cover to hirn a Saviour. To him, before the throne ? What answer then, who feels the guilt of sin, does revelation return to these inthe danger of his state, and the teresting inquiries? Blessed be difficulties which must arise in ac- God, it allays our fears, it excites complishing the wonderful design, our hopes, it lays a sure foundation it is a question of no little conse- for the reliance of faith, in declar, quence who it is that proposes ing the person of Him in whom we himself for the arduous undertak- are called to trust, as Jehovah, bem

éomé our salvation. Hence the rupted their own Scriptures, subchurch takes up the language of stituting the name Adonai in its triumph-5 This is Jehovah, we place *, calling it in common conhave waited for him, and he will versation, by way of emphasis, save us." (Isa. xxv. 9.) This THE NAME, or the name of four name, as it is the security of the letters f. - It appears under three covenant of grace, as it consti- forms in the sacred Scriptures, all tutes the dignity of his work, the derived from a root which signifies merit of his atonement, and the to be :-Jah denoting present or stability of our hope, deservedly necessary existence ; he who is claims the first place in our atten. Ehjah denoting future or eternal tion. Amidst the glorious names existence; Jehovah denoting abof our Redeemer, may the Spirit solute essence or subsistence: and Jehovah bear his testimony, aid perhaps the best interpretation is our consideration, and glorify him that of the Apostle" He who is, to the understanding, the faith, and who was, and who is to come,and love of the writer and the It is, then, the Scripture name readers! The name Jehovah in of the Divine Essence, of the inour translation is generally ren- dependent self-existent Being, who dered Lord *, a term very inade- alone hath life in himself, “ necesquate to the purpose, as it ex- sarily existing of and from himpresses but one property of that self,” and to whom the past, the glorious Being who beårs it his present, and to come, are one authority or dominion. The idea eternal now--eternally, unchangewhich we annex, though arbitra- ably the same. So far we have rily, to the term God, may come, some just, though limited idea of perhaps, the nearest to its true im- 'the meaning of the word ; though port; though no word, in any lan- of the thing expressed by it, as guage, can convey its comprehen- finite creatures, we can have none. sive meaning.

The more we search into the Di. It is that incommunicable name vine essence, the more incompreof the Divine Nature, that never hensible we shall discern it. The has been, and never can be, ap- essence of the meanest thing plied to any created being, as im- around us is hid from our obseryplying that glory which he will ation, much more of Him who is not give unto another. This con- the uncaused Cause of all. Of sideration is very important in the him we can know no more than his present subject, since, when we word has revealed; but of his difind it beyond all controversy ap- vine essence he has revealed no. plied to the person of the Re- thing but the name, and has in efdeemer, it affords an unanswerable fect charged us to check our too argument of his union in the Di- curious inquiry as to the mode of vine 'nature and glories. Other his existence; and to be satisfied names of God, which generally with and thankful for the rich disimply some relation which he covery of names declarative of bears to us in the covenant of re- those relations which he sustains demption, even the most exalted, in the covenant redemption for the are frequently applied in an infe- , rior sense to the creatures, but ; * The Jews hare even brought it as an this never; and such was the sun accusation against our Lord Jesus Christ, perstitious reverence of the Jews, that, hy some mystical use of this name, he for it, that, to avoid the necessity performed bis miracles.

+ Some conceive this is only the redu-of uttering it, they have even cor. plication of the first groom', the last

.. . 'jah being dropped in forming it into one' Csually printed In Romag capitals! word.

salvation of his people.' Here, inquiry in this manner, we need then, we stop our further investi- not recur to any which are, du gation ; sufficient is revealed to sa bious or disputed; the only diffi tisfy the faith, though not the culty will be what to omit amidst pride of man. We submit to be the variety of passages which ignorant where finite knowledge force themselves upon the recolcan never reach; and to search no lection. The glory of Jesus is the more where searching can only testimony of propliecy; he appears be the effect of pride, and end in the Alpha and the Omega of the disappointment or error.' The Scriptures, as well as in the mysname Jehovah, then, is acknow- tery of redemption; and the most ledged as the essential name of evangelical of all the Prophets afthe Godhead; incommunicable to fords the most abundant testimoall but the self-existent Essence: nies to this effect: Selecting a few it will open, therefore, a most inte." of these, we shall' endeavour to resting view of the character of compress our own observations in the Saviour, when it appears that to as short à compass, as is conthis very name is frequently attri- sistent with proving their applicabuted to the Messiah of the Old tion to Messiah. .

Testament, and to Jesus in " the - With what a sublime and awful New.

it, i description of the God of Israel The least attention to Scripture does the Prophet open' one of his language must convince` us that prophetic visions !(Isaiah, vi.) the term is there applied to three The scene is taken from the tema spiritual agents; and how this can ple: the vail of the most holy be unless there are three distinct plade is thrown aside; the glo. though not separate persons, rious throne of the divine Majesty united in the essence of the one is discovered, himself seated on Jehovah, it is difficult to conceive the mercy-seat, ' over the ark of and for which the opponents of the testimony between the cherua this doctrine can never satisfac- bim : the skirts of his robe, the torily account. · Upon this the an- overflowings of his glory, fill the cient Creed of the Jewish church place, while his attendant miniswas founded : “ Hear, O Israel ; ters surround him. It is the vision the Lord thy God is one Lord." --- of the Adonai (ver. 1*), a name In the original, Jehovah thy Aleim peculiar to the Messiah ; yet the is one Jehovah.

song of surrounding 'seraphims“ < But as further notice must be adores him as Jehovah, God of taken of this under other names of Hosts. (Ver. 3.) We cannot but the Redeemer, we shall at present 'feel something of the same solemn omit the consideration. That it is awe and deep humiliation that imused in reference to Messiah 'pressed the mind of the Prophet might be proved in many ways; it while contemplating the grandeur might also be demonstrated that of the scene; his infinite holiness, the works which belong only to his eternal glories, his solemn worthe self-existent Jehovah, are at- ship, remind us of our polluted tributed to hin, such as creation, 'nature, and bid us fear and trempreservation, absolute govern ble, till a live coal from the altar ment. &c. But as this argument of burnt offering, the emblem of will be more suitable in another his justice satisfied, the token of place, we shall confine ourselves his grace and mercy, as it touchin the first instance to the expressed the Prophet's lips, revives declaration of the Scripture, where

* If the true reading be here retained, the promised Messiah is spoken of and it is not corrupted from Jehovah ly , as Jehovah.. While conducting the Jewish superstition.-See Lowth in loc.

our souls. But the Lord Jeho- angel, " to go before the Lord Vah upon the throne, according to their God in the spirit and power St. John (xii. 41 ), was Christ; and of Elias.”. (Luke, i. 16, 17.). And the vision ( no doubt) related to hiş by his father “ to be the prophet of future kingdom when the veil of the Highest ; going before the face feparation was to be removed, and of the Lord to prepare his way, to the whole earth was to be filled give knowledge of salvation to his with the glory of God revealed to people by the remission of thejs . mankind. (Lowth.) Hence the dis- sins.” Ver. 76, 77. čovery of grace to the trembling Can any testimony be more den Prophet, the emblem of its future cisive and convincing! And yet this riches towards his church, when might be strengthened by various Jehövah, in the person of Jesus, other passages to the same effect*, should actually become our salva: in which the expected deliverer of tion. This is the subject of admi- his people is expressly spoken of fátion, in the 12th chapter, to under the name Jehovah, and to be which let us now turn our attention, celebrated in the praises of his

The subject is the salvation of church as such. Messiah, “ the rod and branch of (2.) But it may be better, pere Jesse and his root,' to be erected haps, to pass on to another class of as an ensign to the Gentiles. The proofs arising from those Scrip. Ilth chapter contains an account tures, in which the term Jehovah of his preparation for his work; is applied to the Redeemer, and the salutary effects of it upon the united with the different names: world; and the deliverance which offices, and characters which he he should accomplish for his peo- bears in the covenant of redempple. The 12th chapter is the song tion. The promised REDEEMER of praise for this wonderful event, is himself Jehovah : Thus saith Jeand the person by whom it was hovah thy Redeemer, is the comto be achieved, is celebrated as no mon style of prophecy. And though other than Jehovah Aleim:“ In that in some cases the application of day shalt thou say, O Jehovah, Redeemer might refer entirely to I will praise thee: though thou the redemption of Israel from the wast angry with me, thine anger is Egyptian or Babylonish captivity: turned away, and thou comfortedst in few, perhaps, is it to be confined me; for Jah, Jehovah, is my to this; while in others the spi strength and my song, he also is ritual redemption of all the elect become my salvation." Ver. 1, 2. people of God is the chief, if not.

When, therefore, his approach the only object. is celebrated, and his harbinger Let us take notice but of one directed to prepare his way; if we Isaiah, lii. 9. " Break forth into ask, who it is that cometh, and for joy, sing together, ye waste places whom this solemn preparation is to of Jerusalem ; for Jehovah hath be made ; the voice of him that comforted his people, he hath rem třieth in the wilderness proclaims, deemed Jerusalemp." The next * Prepare ye the way of Jehovah; verse evidently alludes to that the glory of Jehovah shall be reveal work of redemption so beautifully ed, and all flesh shall see it toge described in the passage inmedither ; for the mouth of the Lord ately following, and so literally acs hath spoken it.(Is. xl. 3, 5.) The complished in the person of Jesus application of this passage to the as to leave no doubt of its applicaBaptist in the New Testament, tion. When the Lord made baré makes the design of the Holy his holy arm in the eyes of all the Ghost by the Prophet perfectly clear. He is therefore eaid by the * Is. xli. 14. Is: xlixt. 1., 14. Is. xlv. *.

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