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£. s. do
LIEF OF THE MISSIONS OF THE UNITED Hon. Mrs. Pomeroy ......... 1 29.

Mrs. Leigh ................ 1 100
The sums marked with an asterisk are des

J. Waller, Esq. (county of Li-

merick) ................ 5 0 0
tined for the relief of the sufferers at

Right Hon. the Chief Justice . 11 7 6
Moscow, mentioned in the Appeal.

Miss Burgh ............... 1 2 9
Donations and Collections at Dublin for the Miss Char. Burgh .......... 1 2 9
Missions and our plundered Congregations Mrs. Smyth (Merrion Square) 3 00
on the Continent, received by the hands Miss Smyth ............... 1 0
of the Rev. John Holm, at Dublin.

A Lady and Gentleman, per

£. S. d. 'Nirs. Smyth ............. 0 4 10
Viscountess Lorton ........ 2 0 0 Mrs. Brownlow ............ 1 2 9
Mrs. Mallett...............

..... 2 0 () Hon. Mrs. George Knox ..... 2
Mr. Kearney ...............

100 Daniel Moore, Esq. ......... 100
Mrs. Kearney ...........

1 2 9. Rev. Silver Oliver (county of
Mrs. Vincent .......
1 2 9 Armagh) ::....

Hamden Evans, Esq. .......
1 0 0 Lörd Mount Sandford

Thomas Parnell, Esq. ....... 5 0 0 Lady Mount Sandford ..


1 0 0
Robert Percival, M. D. ...... 15 0 0 Mrs. Sandford .........,.,, 8 0
Mr. Napper

2 5 6 Miss Sandford ............. 1 0 0
Paul Johnson, M. D. and Friends 6 0 0 Miss E. Sandford ........... 1 0 0
Mr. John Mallet ...

2 5 6 Miss Oliver (of Castierea) .... 1 0 0
Miss Mallet .......

00 Rev. Hans Hamilton (county of
Mrs. Courtney .......

1 0 0 Kilkenny)............... 1 0 0
Mr. John Keen ....

0. Mrs. Hans Hamilton ........ 100
Mrs. Wolfingdon

100 Jobn Flood, Esq. (county of
Mrs. Pointz

0 10 0 Kilkenny) ............... 1 2 9
A young Lady ............, 1 0 0 Lady Molyneux ............ 1 0 0
Her Governess .............

( 2 6. Mrs. O'Donel .............. 2 0
A Gentleman ....

10 0 0 Richard M. Reynell, Esq. (coun-
Mr. Newenham .......

5 0.0 t y of Westmeatb) ........ 1
Mr. Duydale .............. 1 0 0 Richard Aldworth, Esq. (county
Mrs. Martin Keen, per Mr. Dug-

of Cork) .......

... 129
dale ................"

..' 1 0 0 Mrs. Aldworth ..., ...... 1 2 9
Rev. Mr. Moss ............. 1 2 9 Rogers Aldworth, Esq. ...... 1 0 0
Mr. Ellis ...........

. 100 Mrs. Robert Wilmot (Cork).. 1 0 0
Mrs. Bowers .......

O Rev. Dr. Woodward (county of
Mrs. Hobson ......
0 0 Cork) ...................

1 2
Mrs. Prim ....

0 Rev. Robert Disney .........
Mrs. Harty ........

O. Mrs. Robert Disney ......... 2 0 0
Major Maddan .......

Thomas Disney, Esq. ....... 1 0 0
G. Neville, Esq. ......

Mr. Michael Donnelly........ 0.10 0:
G. Walsh, Esq. ..........

0 10 O Miss Temple......
Rev. P. Roe..

1 2 9 Rev. Thomas Gibbings (county
Lady Maxweil ........

1 10 0 of Cork) .......
Mr. Thomas Figgus ......... 5 00 Mrs. French (Monival Castle), 110 0
Rer. Mr. Drueth, per Mr. Elliot 2 5 6 Hon. James Hewitt ......... 12 9.
Arthur Guinness, Esg. ...... 22 15 O Bishop of Elphin ........... 5 0 0
Benjamin Gựioness, Esq. .... 5 13 9 Miss Oliver (Castlerea), second
Mr. William Disney ..........
500 Donation ....

Mrs. A. Disney ..........

5 0 0 Charles Tisdal, Esq. ........ 1 6 0
Kev. Mr. Rider ........:

6 Miss Hamilton ............. 1 0 l
Mrs. Oliver ..........

Mr. Ferrier ............... 1 0 0
Miss Oliver .........

2 0 0 Mr. Clarke (Granby Row)...., 1 2 9
Miss Madden ...........

0 Robert Percival, M. D. (second
$. C...!!!..........

0 0 Donation) .............. 25 for


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. s. d. EXTRACTS FROM THE SECOND ANNUAL Donations, per Mr. Elliott .... 3 11 6 REPORT OF THE NATIONAL SOCIETY. Several small Donations ..... i 5 0 Collection for German Congre

The formation of schools throughout the gations, May 8th, 1814 ... *40 9 7 country has been materially promoted by

the National Society, by pecuniary grants Nett profit from the sale of

Halbeck's Journal ........*31 6 8 from its own funds towards the building of Collection at the Parish Church

school-rooms, where this necessary accomin Corifin (county of Clare),

modation was not otherwise to be procured, by the Rev. Frederick Blood 5 11 5 and where the grant of the Society seemed Donation from Plunket Street

likely to prove an inducement to the inbaMissionary Fund, by the Rev.

bitants, or to the neighbourhood, to contri. W. Cooper .............. 10 0 0 bute towards the undertaking. Since the

last meeting twenty-seven societies - and Total (Irish)

1300 3! schools bave been thus assisted by the Na

tional Society, in different proportions, acAt par, British ...... £276 195 cording to the exigency of the case, or the

importance of the situation. In the first A Friend ...............*10 0 0 instance, prudence suggested the dealing N. N. .................... 2,0 0

out with great caution the resources which Rev. B. Paget, Grendon ...... 2 0 0

the public liberality had placed at its dispoRev. T. Welch and Friends,

sal, till experience had pointed out in what Newbury ......

way they could be most beneficially applied, Society at Perth for propagating

and the standing expenses of their central the Gospel .............. 40 0 0

school be better calculated. They base now ventured to dispense them with a less sparing hand, having respect to the abore

circumstances. Of those schools which, CHIGWELL BIBLE ASSOCIATION.

from the importance of their situation, the

General Committee have patronized with A BIBLE Association for Chigwell and an extended liberality, the school in Or-' its vicinity was formed on the 21st of Oc- chard Street, Westminster, though the mentober last, in connexion with the South- . tion of it was introduced into the last Rewest Essex Auxiliary Bible Society. This port, should in this place be again brought is the first institution of the kind hitherto forward into notice, as the grant was made established within that district; and 'we within the period of the proceedings of hope the laudable conduct of its friends which the Committee are now rendering an will speedily be followed by other villages account. It will' at once appear how imin South-west Essex. We are the more portant it was to establish a school upon an anxious on this subject, because it has extended scale, in the populous vicinity of been long ago rumoured that very unex Westminster; and as there was a school pected and peculiar difficulties stood in their there conducted upon the Madras system, way, which the active Committee of that under highly respectable superintendence, auxiliary society did not think could ever and capable of being enlarged, the Commitbave been removed! There are several tee are persuaded that but one sentiment populous towns in South-west Essex, where, will prevail upon the appropriation of 2001, if they do not form efficient branch Bible to the managers of it, in consideration of societies, after the recent example of Ep- their carrying into effect, in that quarter of ping, they will perhaps feel a disposition the metropolis, the designs of the Society ; to institute Bible associations, for the par- and they have the greatest satisfaction in ticular advantage of the labouring classes stating, that through the exertions of the and poorer inhabitants of those large Rev. Dr. Carey, Head Master of Westminplaces': but, without meaning improperly ster School, who, in the midst of his other to anticipate such voluntary efforts in this important avocations, has found leisure to grand cause, we may be allowed to men- attend to this charitable work, this approtion, that the liberality and zeal of the priation of their bounty is now producing Chigwell association, in sending thirty such effects in the religious improvement of pounds to the funds of their auxiliary even the children, 'as to afford a striking exenibefore it was fully organized, is a fact plification of the system, and almost to surwhich cannot be too strongly held up for pass the most sanguine expectations of the general commendation.

Committee. The school consists at present We are informed that the Rev. Morgan of 182 boys and 137 girls, but it will be Lewis was elected the President; William much enlarged as soon as a proper room "Blair, Esq. the Vice-president; John Bel can be found. There are now 106 boys lin, Esq. the Treasurer; and Messrs. West, candidates for admission, and as in this Gould, and Jones, the Secretaries. • scheol the children are dismissed at an

early age, that the parents may have the be- Still, however, their funds fell very greatly nefit of their labour', the rapid succession below the sum required for accomplishing of which the system is capable is here seen so great an undertaking. To this instituto operate-they are dismissed early, but tion, therefore, the Society have nade their not without being well grounded in useful largest grant, having voted them 3001. and learning.

even encouraged them to make a second apThe school at Oswestry, in the diocese of plication, should they find their resources St. Asaph, upon the borders of Wales, still deficient. Thus at the two extremities stands next in order, as having also receive of this great metropolis, as well as at Baldod from the Suciety a grant of 2001., and win's Gardens, in the centre of it, have the when it is stated, that Oswestry is the key National Society provided large establishto the principality, and that it may be con ments for dispensing to the mumerous poor sidered as a central point, at which masters in these populous neighbourhoods the benemay be trained for Wales, and from which fits of their system. They have now also the system may be disseminated through the pleasure of communicating to the pubthat part of the empire, and that the grant lic, that the dissemination of the same is of the Society has been attended by the advancing in its progress in those parts zealous co-operation of those who in that which were better provided with the means part of the country interest themselves in of education on the old plan, since an estathe great work of national education, and blishment of similar extent, through the has enabled them to purchase a most eli- zeal and perseverance of the Rer. Mr. Hese gible building, easily convertible to the keth, Curate of St. Mildred's, in the Poulpurpose in view, which they could not other- try, in conjunction with many others of the wise have been enabled to procure, the Com London clergy and laity, - and under the mittee cannot but anticipate in this instance patronage of fourteen of the aldermen, and also the public approbation.

other very respectable citizens, is now in The parishioners of Whitechapel have great forwardness in the heart of the city. long been distinguished as early pronoters Of the schools in the country whose exiof the Madras system. In the charity-school gencies have appeared to the General Compof that parish this improvement of educa- mittee to give them a claim to assistance tion was first exhibited in all its efficiency; from its funds, those in the Forest of Dean and the school in Gower's Walk, that mo- are the first in order and importance, the nument of the indefatigable exertions of particulars of which have been given in the Mr. Davis, bas been the object of great at- last Report. We have now only to add, tention, since the public mind has been that 501, has been granted to one of them : roused to the general promotion of instruc- 100l. to the other : and the effect has been, tion among the poor as a great call of duty. that Mr. Proctor has erected a school and In these two establishments 470 children established a permanent master in the Foare gratuitously instructed, and employed in rest; and that Mr. Berking relieved in some useful trades ; but the number, large as it degree from the heavy charge which his zeal may appear, was known to bear no propor had brought upon him, still continues himtion to the population of the parish; and self to act as master of the school with inthose who had devoted themselves to the creased energy, and that each is rapidly in calling forth and admiuristering this best troducing among the parents, as well as species of parochial bounty, could not rest the children, both in a civil and religious satisfied that they had executed what they view, an amelioration of their condition. had undertaken, till they had made a great effort to render the benefit complete. Ac-. cordingly, under the conduct,, and with the EXTRACTS FROM THE SIXTH REPORT or co-operation of their rectos, Mr. Mathias, - THE LONDON SOCIETY FO32 PROMOTING they made a personal inquiry through the CHRISTIANITY AMONG THE JEWS. parish into the number of children who The occurrences of the past year do not were still left destitute of education, and furnisla to your Committee matter for a having ascertained that it amounted to 2200 large Report; yet they are bappy to be enabove seven years of age, they published abled to assure the Society that they have their report, and together with it submit- not been without encouragement in proseted to their fellow-parishioners a resolution cuting the objects of the institution during to meet the emergency by the immediate that period. erection of a school for 1000 children, and The number of adults and children of then undertook a second circuit to receive the Jewish race who are this anniversary rea. their contributions. Their success was ceived into the Christian church by baptism, such as to prove that they had not over- affords a pleasing evidence that your labour's rated the liberality of their neighbours, and for the spiritual benefit of the descendants their design appeared moreover so generally of Abraham are not unavailing, and that. useful, that it received from'many distin-, they continue to receive the Divine counte-; guished individuals pecuniary support. Rance. Your Comreittee would here ex

press an earnest hope that the new con- last anniversary meetitig. Your Committee verts will act in a manner worthy of their allude to the formation of a society by the Christian profession. The number of Jews converted Jews for prayer and other purwho had been baptized since the formation poses relating to the spiritual welfare of of the Society, and previously to the pre- their brethren. The rules of this infant sent anniversary, was thirty-two adults and association will be found in the Appendix twenty-seven children. Those baptized on to the Report; but your Committee cannot the present occasion swell the total number deny themselves the gratification of bere to farty-fire adults and thirty-five children.' inserting an extract from the introduction - The schools of tlie Sociéty bavé continued to these rules, which is as follows : “ Béo to increase. Twelve boys and eight girls lieving that the fruition of heaven, or the bave been admitted into them since the last enjoyment of God to all eternity, is the end anniversary, making the total number since and consummation of the religion of Jesus the Society was formed, seventy-six boys Christ, it has been considered by those and fifty-one girls, of whom there remain Jews who, through the instrumentality of in the schools, forty-eight boys and thirty- the London Society, have been led to emseven girls.

brace Jesus of Nazareth as their Messiah, During the past year three boys have to be essentially necessary to meet together heen bound as apprentices, two of theni to for the purposes of prayer and supp ication, the printing-office, and one to the basket not only for themselves, but for the thoumanufactory, and two girls sent out to ser sands of their' Jewish brethren who are still vice.

involved in darkness and superstition, and · Your Committee haté next to report, to use such means as may appear best adaptthat the house adjoining the chapel, in ed to promote their present and future welBrick Lane, was found too small for the fare. They purpose, therefore, forming increasing number of boys in the school; themselves into a society, to be called, " The and as it was without any ground for the Children of Abrahan;" for distributing children to play in, there was a risk of their among their poor brethren as many Bibles health being injured. It was therefore and other publications 'as their funds will judged expedient to remove them to a situ- admit, and which may appear calculated to ation where they might have the advantage enlighten their minds and remove their preof a better air and exercise. And as there judices. They also design to render petuis reason to apprehend a considerable time mary assistance to each other in case of must elapse before the intended school- sickness." house can be erected on the Society's ground Your Committee cannot but remark, at Bethnal Green, your 'Comunittée have that the existence of a society of conrerted taken a lease of a commodious school-house, Jews, who statedly ineet for the purposes with ground adjoining to it, on the road of prayer and niutual edification, is å fact in leading to Hackey.

the history of the Christian church of which The girls in the Society's school having there has probably been no other example also increased in number, it was thought since the apostolic age. Without placing requisite to provide for them a larger house. too much reliance upon insulated circumThey have accordingly been removed to the stances of this nature, your Committee, premises in Church Street, nearly opposite when they connect tbeni with other importthe Jews' Chapel, formerly occupied as the ant appearances among the Jews, and the printing-office; but as this house has no general features of the times, cannot but ground adjoining to it for the recreation of indulge the pleasing anticipation of still the children, and is not sufficient to acconi- greater mercies to the house of Israel, while modate many inore than it now contains, it in this extraordinary circunstance they are is very desirable that the girls' school-house led to recognise the inchoate accomplishshould be erected as soon as possible; and ment of that gracious promise of thc eteryour Committee hope that, through the be- nal covenant, “ I will pour out upon the nevolent and liberal exertions of the ladies' house of Israel the spirit of prayer and supsocieties, formed in the metropolis and dif- plication." ferent parts of the kingdom, funds will be provided for this object.

During the last vear your Committee GOLDEN SQUARE AND CARNABY' MARKET bave taken measures for the establishment

BIBLE ASSOCIATIỚN. of the intended asylaim for Jewesses. A On the 17th of October the first annual house is provided, and they are there in- meeting of the aliore Society was held at structed in satin-stitch and child-bed linen the Argyle Rooms, and was most numework; and four Jewesses have already been rously attended, James Pearson, Esq. admitted.

was in the chair. Several resolutions were A most important and interesting cir- agreed to, relating to the past and future cumstance connected with the great objects regulations of this Society. From the Reof the institution has taken place since the port of the Secretary, it appeared that the

funds were insufficient for the numerous rank, of whom the greater proportion were claims that were made. Five hundred and ladies. seventy Bibles had been distributed in the The Rev. Wm. Gurney, the proprietor course of last year; and upon the most di- of the Chapel, being called to the chair, ligent inquiry among the pawnbrokers of addressed the Meeting, requesting of them the district to which the Association extends all individually, in his double capacity of ed, it did not appear that more than two had proprietor and minister of the church in eren been offered to pledge. This was con which they were assembled, to, conduct sidered as a triumphant answer to the op themselves with that decency and decorum ponents of Bitle societics in general. which became the place in which they Among the persons present were, tie Rer. were met together. Instead of applauses J. Carter, the Rev. J. Martin, the Rev. Mr. or the contrary, they should bave a full Macaulay, of Leicester, the Rer. Alexander opportunity of approving or disapprovWaugh, and Professor kidu, of the Uni- ing of what might be proposed to them, versity of Aberdeen. Each of these genile- by holding up their hands or otherwise. If nien delivered luis sentinents upon the they refused compliance with this desire, utility and advantage of Bible associations, he should feel himself called on to refuse and exhorted those who were present to them the use of the church on any future contribute towards the extension of those occasion; if they attended to his request, blessings which resulted from the diffusion he was convinced, that on going away, of the Scriptures. The Rev Mr. Carter, after the business for which they were met in the course of his speechi, mentioned á had been concluded, they would not regret letter which bad been received froni the the restraint which hai. been laid upon Rev. Mr. Pilkington, who was travelling them. over the Continent to extend the know The Secretary then read the Report of ledge of the Scripturés, as an agent of the the Comniittee of Management for the last British and Foreign Bible Society. It ap- year, from which it appeared, that the peared from that gentleman's communica- Society was instituted in December 1818, tion, that a Bible Society had been está- at the Meeting on which occasion there blished at Berlin, under the auspices of were collected 15l. The whole subscripthe King of Prussia; another åt Warsaw, tion for the year amounted to 1041 The. at the express recommendation of the Eme Committee had distributed 555 Bibles, at peror of Russia ; and that in the Crivien, an exense of 1201. so that there was due even one of the Muftis had subscribed to the Treasurer 161. This deficiency was 50 roubles a year to a Bible Society. At easily accounted for by two circumstances, Petersburgh, Mr. Pilkington inet Sir Gore which the Conimittee greatly deplored, but Dusdey, the British ambassador to the which, they trusted, woull now, with the court of Persia, who showed him two co- return of peace, cease to operate, and pies of the Bible and New Testament, would never again occur; namely, that, of translated into the Persian language ; and the 555 persons to włoni Bibles had been 'added, that the sovereign of Persia had furnished, 385 of them, who had received expressed his wish that they might be read their Bibles, the moment they had, by generally throughout the empire. Several weekly instalments, paid up oue balf of the other interesting facts were brouybt for- price of them, had from that moment dis. ward, showing the rapid diffusion of the continued their weekly pilyunerts ; and by Scriptures in various parts of the world, furnishing Bibles to children belonging to from the exertions of the Eritisk and Fu- the charity-schoot of the district, whose Teigo Bible Society.

parents had failed to pay for them, the Society bad sustained a loss to the amount of


The Rer. Mr. Thomas Smith next ad The Anniversary Meeting of this Sceiety, dressed the Meeting fie was sorry to see Hastituted in an especial manner for the sup- that Mr. Gurney and limuself were the only ply of Bibles to the inhabitants of this clergymen of the Establishment present, particular district, containing a greater This might sceni iss ic there was not among number of poor than any other space of the clergy of the Establishnient generally, the same extent in the metropolis, was that regard to the duty which they owed to held on Monday evening, the 26th Septem- the great cause ia support of which they were ber last, in West Street chapel, being the now met, by which it would be desirable only place of worship in London in which to see them anunated --He confessed there “ the poor hare the Gospel preached to was too much the appearance of this; but then” gratis. The lower part of the church grill he was happy to think they had been, was, as usual, appropriated to the poor, and would be joined by others who were not and was amply filled; while the galleries, ashared of the Gospel. Our Saviour had twhich are extensive and commodious, lite- told the multitude who followed him, that Tally overflowed with persons of a superior except their righteousness should exceed · CHRIST. GUARD. VOL. VI.


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