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the highest heavens, after having perfect. Let us attend to Saint obtained eternal redemption for Paul's description : “And after the us. He declares further, that our second vail, the tabernacle, which great“ High Priest, who is set on is called the holiest of all ; which the right hand of the throne of the had the golden censer, and the ark Majesty in the heavens, is a minis- of the covenant overlaid round ter of the sanctuary, and of the about with gold; wherein was the true tabernacle, which the Lord golden pot that had manna, and pitched, and not man *.” He also Aaron's rod that budded, and the calls our exalted Saviour an high tables of the covenant; and over priest of a greater and more perit the cherubims of glory shadow, fect tabernacle, even of one noting the mercy-seat." made with hands +. All which By " the second vail" is meant, clearly implies that this most saw that inner and richly embroidered cred place was a figure of heaven. vail which formed the partition be. And, indeed, the Apostle plainly tween the two compartments of tells us that it was so ; for he inti. the tabernacle. And the chief mates that “the tabernacle and its thing to be noticed in the most vessels of ministry were patterns holy place is that sacred and most of things in the heavens ;" he sig- remarkable chest called “the ark nifies that “ Christ is not entered of the covenant.” This was made into the holy places made with of wood and overlaid with gold, hands, which are the figures of the but its upper lid was formed of so.. true ; but into heaven itself, now lid gold, and called the mercy, to appear in the presence of God seat; the cherubim which overfor us I.” And though these ob- shadowed the meroy-seat rested servations seem to apply generally upon it, and were formed of the to the whole tabernacle, yet the same substance with it. The context shows that the Apostle has ark with its cherubims was always his eye fixed chiefly on the most considered by the Israelites as an sacred part of it: he also observes outward symbol of Jehovah's glory, elsewhere, that the Christian’s which is said to have departed from « hope, which is the anchor of his Israel when the ark was taken by soul, entereth into that within the the Philistines. And from the va.. vail (by which the most holy place rious allusions made to this sacred is evidently intended), whither the type in Scripture, we may infer, forerunner is for us entered, even that it was designed to be a memoJesus Ø ;" who we know is gone rial of the everlasting covenant of into heaven.

peace entered into by the three di· Thus, by comparing Scripture vine Persons in Jehovah: indeed. with Scripture, we can demon- this very name, “ ark of the covestrate, that the holy of holies, in nant,” whereby it is distinguished, God's ancient tabernacle and tem- implies as much. Those extraorPle, was a type of the highest headinary and mysterious figures callven: and we shall find, upon fured cherubims (there is good rea. ther examination, that it shadowed son to suppose) were intended for

forth in a most striking and beau- emblems of the great Three in 'tiful manner that place of consum One, as haying joined in counsel · mate holiness and happiriess, where to redeem and save lost sinners,

Jéhovah dwells in perfect beauty; by the incarnation and obedience where he unveils his glory, and of the second Person in the Tri, manifests himself to the holy an- nity * The ark itself which sup. gels and spirits of just men made * Heb. viii. 1, 2. f Ib. ix. 11.

* See Parkhurst's Lexicon on the word Ib. ix, 23, 24. Ib. vi. 19, 20. 272,

ported the cherubims had the ap- the person and work of Christ; it pearance of a throne, and the up exhibited Him as waiting to be per lid or covering of it, to which gracious, and both able and willing they were attached, was no doubt to bestow the most important faintended to prefigure the atone- vours, in and through what the ment of Christ ; for it is called the Lord Jesus Christ hath done and mercy-seat or propitiation; which suffered. This plainly appears St. Paul tells us that Christ is; for from the following considérations, * God hath set him forth to be a The Lord communed with Moses propitiation, through faith in his from between the cherubims. The blood *.". The mercy-seat, there people of God, in all their prayers fore, denoted the complete atone and devotions, wherever they might ment and satisfaction which the be, always directed their faces to Lord Jesus hath made for the sins wards the most holy place; this of his people, by his obedience was a testimony of their faith in unto death ; in consequence of the great Mediator, on whose which, God the Father is recon- atonement they depended for acciled unto them; he has laid his ceptance with God. Thus David anger by, and can now display his pleads with God in prayer: “ Hear grace and mercy towards them the voice of my supplications when without any infringement of his I cry unto thee: when I lift up holiness, justice, or truth; but mine hands towards thy holy orn. with perfect honour to himself. cle* ;” which signifies the ark and And as the mercy-seat was made its appendages in the most holy of the most costly materials, this place. And God is invoked by pointed out the transcendent value the Psalmist Asaph, and others, as of the blood of Christ. The che “ dwelling between the cherurubim had their faces turned down bims." And the Prophet Jeremi. toward the mercy-seat, as we are ah, evidently alluding to these saparticularly told : and this signi. cred emblems, observes, “ A glofied that the covenant between the rious high throne from the beginsacred Three has respect to the ning is the place of our sanctuatonement and righteousness of aryt." St. Paul likewise exhorts Christ, as the sole procuring, me- usato come boldly to the throne ritorious cause of all those rich of grace, that we may obtain merblessings which are bestowed on cy, and find grace to help in time the chosen people of God. There of need.” That expression, “ the was a visible manifestation of the throne of grace," plainly refers to glory of Jehovah above or between the mercy-seat, above which were the cherubims, which appeared in the emblems of Jehovah's glory. the form of a bright cloud: on The great propitiation by Jesus this account St. Paul styles them, Christ is God's throne, because “ cherubims of glory." -So that, this exhibits the glory of his chawhether the account just given of racter--it is "his throne of grace," - these mysterious figures be correct because he can display mercy and or not, it is equally certain, that grace towards sinners in no other the ark with its appendages was way than through the atonement. intended for a memorial of Jeho- in the ark were deposited the vah's presence and glory: it exhi. two tables of the law, which were bited Him to the eye of faith as written with the finger of God: reconciled unto sinners, and infi- this implied that righteousness is nitely merciful unto them, through the habitation of God's throne, and

* See Romans, iii. 25; where the word that the moral law is the rule of rendered propitiation is saasipoy, the same which denotes mercy-seat.

* Psalm xxviij. 2. Jer. xvii. 12.

his government. But as the ner him as a Being of infinite holiness; cy-seat was placed between the justice, and truth, but wrath and tables of the law, and the faces of condemnation? But now, in and the cherubic emblems with the through Christ Jesus, he manifests glory above them, it implied, that himself unto us as a God of mercy by the propitiation of Christ our and love; he displays the exceedtransgressions of the divine law are ing riches of his grace, and shows concealed from God's view, and us how he can justify the ungodly our sins covered. A golden pot without the least violation of his full of manna, and Aaron's rod holiness, justice, or truth. Here that budded, were also placed near we see, in his covenant plan of the ark, in the holy of holies ; for salvation, “mercy and truth meet there was nothing in the ark, as we ing together, righteousness and are expressly told, but the tables peace embracing each other." He of the law. Manna was the mira- that is convinced of sin by the culous food wherewith God fed the teaching of the Holy Spirit feels children of Israel during their jour self-condemned, ashamed, and conney through the wilderness: and founded before God; he dares not Aaron's rod, which blossomed, and to lift up his eyes to heaven ; nor brought forth almonds, in a won- can he venture into God's presence derful manner, was the sign which without trembling. What confi.. God gave Israel that he had chosen dence, encouragement, and conso. him to be his priest. These things lation, may such a man derive from were deposited close by the ark, those delightful views which God not only as historical memorials of hath given us of himself as reconthe marvellous works of Jehovah, ciled in Christ Jesus! What was but also as typical memorials of the petition of the self-condemned Him who is the bread of life to publican? God be merci ful (be every true Israelite; and who is propitious) to me a sinner!" The consécrated by the divine decree a expression * alludes to the mercyhigh priest for evermore. St. Paul seat in the temple, towards which makes mention, further, of a gold. the publican directed his eyes and en censer, which was, probably, a his thoughts, understanding the small vessel wherein the high priest meaning of that sacred emblem-burnt incense on his entrance with- “ And he went down to his house in the vail. Such, then, was the justified." So let the humble, selfholy of holies a type of heaven condemned sinner direct the eye of itself, containing a visible mani. faith to the throne of grace above, festation of the throne of God and let him act faith upon the great of his glory, as shining forth in the atonement, and he shall have hereperson and work of Christ. A by evidence of his personal interest few reflections must be added on in it; he shall “ be justified from what has been advanced.

all things from which he could not 1. How encouraging is the re- be justified by the law of Moses." presentation which these sacred 2. How thankful should we be emblems afford of the great Jeho- that we have liberty of access to vah, as reconciled to sinners the throne of grace above at all · through the perfect obedience of times! Under the law the high the God-man Jesus Christ, and as priest alone was permitted to enter inhabiting a throre of grace! We the most holy place, and behold might weil despeir of salvation, if the visible emblems of Jehovah's the great Jehovah had not been glory : “ The Holy Ghost thus pleased to reveal himself unto us signifying (as St. Paul observes) in this engaging point of view; for what can guilty sinners expect from

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that the way into the holiest of all such thing." Let us beware of was not made manifest while as the setting bounds to the mercy or first tabernacle was yet stand- grace of God; for his mercy is, like ing *.” The way of access to God himself, infinite; and his grace is was but very imperfectly revealed inexhaustible ; it is therefore suffiunder that dispensation, and it was cient, and more than sufficient, to altogether hidden from great mul- relieve all our necessities. titudes of people. But now, un. Lastly. How glorious and deder the Gospel, the great mystery lightful is the prospect which lies of reconciliation by the blood of before every true Christian, of see. Christ is distinctly revealed ;—the ing. God as he is in all his majesty way wherein we may draw near to and glory! Jesus has not only God with acceptance is most clear- opened the kingdom of heaven to ly pointed out, and we have liberty his believing people, but has enterof access to him at all times : “ We ed it too, as their forerunner. Ify have boldness to enter into the ho- then, we are living the life of faith liest of all by the blood of Jesus,' in the Son of God, and daily comby a new and living way, which he ing to the throne of grace on earth, hath consecrated for us through we shall eventually appear before

the vail, that is to say, his flesh.” the throne of glory above. The · At the death of Christ the vail of true Christian, even in this world,

the temple was rent from the top derives much consolation and hapto the bottom; and hereby the holy piness from drawing near to God, of holies became visible and acces. and meditating upon those rich şible. This signified, that by the discoveries which he hath made of rending of the flesh of Jesus upon his covenant salvation in his word. the cross, “ the kingdom of hea- The true Christian delights to cona ven,” the true holy of holies, “ is template the glory of God shining opened to all believers." Confid. forth in the person and work of ing in the sacrifice of the Redeem Christ. What transports of joy, er, and sprinkled with his precious then, shall he feel-what exquiblood, we may now draw near to site happiness shall he experience, God with an assured hope and when he is introduced to the thronę trust that he is well pleased with of the Majesty in the heavens, us, that he accepts of our services, when he is admitted into the imme. and listens to our petitions. God diate presence of Jehovah, and sees will graciously condescend to hold him as he is, beholding his glory communion with us from his mer- without an intervening cloud! Of cy-seat.-What an unspeakable the happiness of heaven we can inprivilege is this !- liberty of access deed form no adequate idea in the to God as reconciled in Christ Jesus! present state; language is wanting, Let us ever avail ourselves of it: and expression fails to describe it. let us come into his presence, " Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, spread our case before him, and neither have entered into the heart fill our mouths with arguments. Let of man, the things which God hath ụs make known unto him all our prepared for them that love him.” wants and necessities. Let not un. This, however, we know, that Je.

belief, or a sense of our unworthi. hovah's presence constitutes the . Dess, keep us back; for though we chief felicity of heaven; that his

are utterly vile and polluted in redeemed shall serve him day and ourselves, yet in Christ Jesus we night, and shall enjoy perpetuał. are made righteous, and appear communion with him in his temple " without spot or wrinkle, or any above. Ever remember, believer

in Jesus! the glory of the end, * Hebrew's, ix. 3. . ' amidst all the temptations, trials.

and difficulties, which you meet kingdom of God and his righteous. with by the way.-Ere" long the ness; and from motives that are present warfare shall be accom- calculated to bring most glory to plished; you shall join the general our Redeemer, and to make our assembly and church of the first- light shine before men; not from born; thine eyes shall see the, that principle of covetousness, abKing in his beauty; they shall be- horred by God and despised by, hold the land that is very far off. men, of heaping, wealth till the GREGORY PETER. rust of it witnesseth against you;,

or by joining house to house, and

field to field, till there be no REVELATION THE ONLY SURE :

: more room; but that ye may pro. GUIDE.

vide things honest in the sight of Too much regard cannot be had all men, that ye may have to give to the Revelation of God as our to him that needeth; that ye may safest and only rule of conduct; walk honestly toward them that are in whicn path, as far as we are led without, and have lack of nothing. by the Spirit of God, our steps will The great privilege of a Chris. be guided. At the same time, tian seems to me to be, that Christ when Satan could quote Scripture his treasure being in heaven, there. to the Lord Jesus himself, in order, is his heart; therefore it is his if possible, to turn his faith into whole desire, that whether he eats presumption, it is no wonder he or drinks, or whatever he does, it should assault his followers in the shall be to his glory who redeemsame manner. The surest way of ed him with his most precious escaping his snares is by following blood. He will labour and work that dear Lord's example, and hard, because the Lord Has comcomparing spiritual things with spi- manded it; leaving it to the Fa. ritual; thereby we may be enabled, ther of mercies in his wisdom to through the enlightening grace of bestow what success he pleases God, to find out in some measure upon it. the way in which we ought to walk. To forsake father, mother, wife, or children ; to cut off a right .. hand, or pluck out a right eye, sir,

May 13, 1813. when any or cither of these stand The following aphoristic articles in the way of following the Lord' are respectfully submitted to your Jesus, is most clearly commanded;, judgment: if they should be thought as is also the proper care of these worthy a place in your valuable near and dear relations. Chrís-, work, I may take the liberty of tians are exhorted to take care of, offering others. and show piety to their aged rela

I am, Sir, tions who may want their assist-, Most respectfully yours, ance. (1 Tim. v. 4.) . It is said,

J. M. W. also to be the duty of parents to lay up for their children. (2 Cor. How far is man from wisdom, xii. 14.) And a sharp rebuke is seeing his highest attainments do given to those who take not care of but bring him partially acquainted their own house; they are said to with his ignorance and perversedeny the faith, and to be worse ness! than infidels. (1 Timothy, v. 8.) Throughout the Bible are the It is most awful and dangerous strongest exhortations to the most to hear the Word of God with apa unremitting industry; though still probation and yet without prayer; in subserviency to seeking first the after having been heard a certain .


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