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THE KING OF SPAIN'S DECREE FOR RE- me, that the oppressor of Europe bas not :· ESTABLISHING THE INQUISITIOx. , aeglected to employ as an efficacious me

thod of introducing the corraption and disa The glorious title of Catholic, which dis- cord which supported so well his projects, tinguishes us from among all other Chris the suppression of this Tribunal, under the tian princes, is owing to the perseverance vain pretext that it could exist no longer in of the Kings of Spain, who would never consequence of the enlightened state of the tolerate in their states any other religion present age; and that the pretended Cortes, than the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman. general and extraordinary, under the same This title imposes upon me the duty to ren- pretext, and under the farour of the conder myself worthy of it by all the means stitution which they tumultuously decreed, which Hcaren has placed within my power. abolished also the Holy Office, to the regret The late troubles, and the war which has of the whole nation. desolated during six years every province For these causes I have been earnestly in the kingdom; the long abode which bas supplicated to re-establish it in the exercise been made in Spain by troops of different of its functions; and, yieiding to considersects, almost all of whom were infected ations so just, and to the wish manifested · with sentiments of hatred towards our reli- by my people, whose zeal for the religion of gion; the disorder which bas been the in- our ancestors has anticipated my orders, by evitable result of this, and the inattention hastening to recall, spontaneously, the subwith which the affairs of our holy religion altern inquisitors of some provinces; I have been treated during this unfortunate have therefore resolved, that for the preperiod; all these circumstances united have sent the Supreme Couneil of the Inquisilaid the field open to wicked persons, who tion and the other Tribunals of the Holy have never experienced any check; danger- Ofice, shall resume their authorities conous opinions have been introduced, and formably to the concessions which bare been have taken root in our states by the same made to them by the Sovereign Pontiff's, at means as they are spread in other countries. the instance of my august predecessors,

Wishing, then, to remedy so grievous an by the prelates of the dioceses, and by evil, and to preserve among my subjects the kings who have assured to them the the holy religion of Jesus Christ, which they full exercise thereof, observing, in this bare always revered, and in which they have double jurisdiction, ecclesiastical and civil, lived and always wish to live, either on ac the ordonnances which were in force in the count of tlie personal obligation of having year 1808, and the laws which have, on no other imposed on the princes who reign different occasions, beea made for obviating orer them by the fundamental laws, which certain abuses. But as, independent of I have promised and sworü to observe, or these ancient laws, it niay be proper to add because this religion is the most certain new ones ou this subject, and my intention méans of preserving my people from intestine being to perfect that establishment in such dissensions, and insuring to them that tran a manner as to render it eminently useful quillity of which they stand in need, I have to my subjects, it is my desire, that as socn juiged it necessary, under the present cir as the said Supreme Council of the luquicumstances, that the Tribunal of the Holy sition shall be assembled, two of the meniOffice should resume its jurisdiction. bers who compose it, joined to two of

Upon this subject learned and virtuous the members of the Council of ('astile, both prelates, many respectable corporations and appointed by me, shall examine the forms grave personages, ecclesiastics and scculars, and mode of proceeding of the Holy Ottice have represented to me that Spain is indebt-' in its processes, and with respect to the ed to this Tribunal for the good fortune of censure and prohibition of books : and if not having fallen, in the sixteenth century, they find that the interests of my subjects, into errors which have caused so many mis- or the claims of sound justice, require any fortunes among other nations; and that, reform or change, they will make a report on the contrary, at that period the sciences to me, supported by their observations, in were here cultivated with distinction, and order that I may take the necessary resolu

Spain produced a multitude of great men, tions. , distinguished by their knowledge and their July 21, 1814. 'I, TRE KING.

piety. It has fütler been represented to

EXTRACTS FROM THE TEXTH REPORT or mine, which the natives brought to bing

THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN BISLE 'sa from the wreck ; some of the MuhammedCIETY.

ans went and told him that he did wrong Letter from the Rev. L. Butscher to the

in buying those things, because they be

longed to a bookman who was on board that Rev. John Owen.

wrecked vessel, and if he did not return Sir, Sierra Leone, June 5, 1813. the things to that bookman again, God

would punish him by burning his house and I am a missionary of the “ Church Mis

all the goods. The trader laughed at them; sionary Society for Africa and the East."

however, his house and goods became à Under its patronage I have been six years

prey to the fames two days after. Whether on the coast of Africa, near Sierra Leone,

this happened by chance, or was done or but was called home on a visit last year.

purpose, I cannot state; it showed, howPrevious to my return to Africa, the Bri erer. that they have some regard for the tish and Foreign Bible Society furnished me

'man who brought the word of God among with many English Bibles and Testaments, them; and I may venture to say, that my and with 12 Arabic Bibles; the first were

baving been cast a way may, perhaps, bre given to me for the use of the Society's

the saving of many of those into whose schools in Africa, and the latter to distri

hands these Bibies have fallen, or shall fan bute among the Muhammedans. Having in future and should this be the case. left England on the 11th of December last,

ast; surely my haring been cast away, and lost I was wrecked on the Tangui rocks, about

almost erery thing with which my Society, 20 miles to the south of the Gambia river, and that of which rou are a member, have on the 5th of January; all lives on board

so liberally furnished me, cught never to be were saved, except the captain and one of

a source of regret. 'the passengers, who were killed on shore

In the mean time, I would heg your Soby the natives. These latter immediately

ciety to supply me again with some Arabic took possession of the vessel and cargo;

Bibles, as I have frequent opportunities of we passengers, and the crew, Aed to Goree

distributing them among the Muhammedin three crafts which we had laden with

ans; and I trust they will, by the blesspart of the eargo of the wrecked vessel. ing of God, be productive of much good. Among these saved goods were some boxes

. With much respect I remain, Sir, of Bibles and Testaments, which were sold

Your humble servant, with the rest for the benefit of the under

Rev. John Owen.

LEOPOLD BUTSCHER, writers ; of these I bought 90 Bibles and go Testaments. I wrote from Goree immediately to a trader on the Ganıbia river, Ertrmet of a Letter from Statoard. whom I have known these six years, to whom, I supposed, many of the goods of

March 12, 1819. our wrecked vessel might have been carried I FEEL truly happy in communicatiug to by the natives for sale ; requesting him to you a copy of the memorial presented to send me any thing which he might bave His Majesty the King of Wirtemberg, tobought from them, mentioning to him all gether with His Majesty's answer. You the post valuable articles I had lost, and will easily conceive how much our hearts especially those Arabic Bibles. A fortnight were filled with gratitude to God, and reafter, I received an answer from him, in spect for our King. The regulations he which he stated, that the natives bad sent us are very suitable: we shall now inhrought a great quantity of our goods to mediately make our appeal to the Christian the Gambia river, and sold them to the public. traders residing there; and that he was par

(Memorial.) ticularly searehing for the Arabic Bibles and “We, the undersigped, bare often heard other books I mentioned, but that he could with pain, the regret expressed by school get but a few of the latter; and as for the masters in town and country, that, owing Arabic Bibles, the Muhammedan natives to the poverty of parents, by far the greater would not part with them at all : he went part of the children are without the Bible. even so far as to offer for one to the value. They, as well as various parish mioisters in of 8l. yet could not get it. Thus it appears - the country, expressed a wish that somethat the word of God is more highly es- thiog might be done towards relieving thiese teemed among these Muhammedans, than wants, deeply convinced of the beneficial in many places where the Gospel of Christ effects which result from an acquaintance has been introduced; and it seemed that with the pure word of God without note some of these Muhammedans had even a or comment. The undersigned feel disregard for me, the person to whom the posed to make an attempt for the attainPibles belonged. There was, at the same ment of this beneficial object, by collecting time, an old slave-trader in the Gambia ri- voluntary contributions from benevolent in ver, we bought a great many things of dividuals. They will gladly make a report

of their measures, and the result of the ments at the disposal of the undersigned, Same to the Supreme Consistory, and also whose province it shall be to find out truly render an account of their income and ex- Christian families and individuals, from penditure. The undersigned most humbly whom a grateful reception, and conscien, submit this to the gracious consideration of tious use of such a gift, may reasonably be Your Majesty, respectfully soliciting Your expected. Such of the poor as are found Majesty's approbation of a plan, the simple completely destitute of the means of paydesign of which is to furnish poor chil- ment, are to be gratuitously supplied; whilst dren and families with the Word of God.” those who can afford to pay a little, shall (Signed), &c.

receive copies at reduced prices. Stutgard, Nov. 12, 1812.

The produce of sale is to be applied to (Substance of the Answer.)

the purchase of a fresh stock of Bibles ;

, and an appeal is to be made to the friends .“ His Majesty, having considered the of Christianity in our parts for benevolent Vemorial and Plan of an Institution in contributions, in order that a permanent tended for the distribution of Bibles among fund may be kept up, in which case the Sothe poorer classes of the people, has most ciety in London is willing further to aid graciously resolved,

our exertions. Having discovered in you « That wbile he by no means wishes to a heart filled with a sound zeal for the cause obstruct the benevolent views of the supe of God and Christ, as well as for that of plicants, he at the same time declares, that humanity and virtue, we do not hesitata as soon as the formation of a public charity confidently to request your participation in is intended, such an institution must be our exertions. We entreat you, therefore, placed under the inspection of such persons to inform us of such individuals and famia as shall be proposed by the Supreme Direc- lies in the circle of your acquaintance, res tory of all Schools and Seminaries of Edu- specting whom you may entertain a reason, sation. To them alone the collection and able bope, that, by the gratuitous distribus application of a fund for this purpose is to tion, or cheap sale of the Scriptures among bre intrusted.”.

them, the benevolent end of the Society. By a subsequent royal decree of the 16th may be accomplished. The first attention of February 1813, a number of gentlemen, is to be paid to those families where neither who had freely offered their services, were parents nor children possess a Bible, and appointed by the King as a Committee of are yet desirous to obtain it. As every Administration, and the rules and regula- saving of expense increases the means of tions of the Society were finally settled. doing good, we entreat you, in the convey,

ance of Bibles, to make use of the kindExtract from an Address printed and cir

ness of merchants who trade to this city. culated by a Bible Committee at Leip

Should it be in your power to apply to any

wealthy friends of the Bible, for contribusic. Feb. 1813.

tions to our funds, you are fully aware how -:ABOUT eight years ago, a considerable much such active aid will gladden our number of truly Christian persons, of dif hearts, and promote the good cause. The ferent ranks, united together in England, pleasing consciousness of having contributfor the purpose of a more general diffusioned to the benefit of your fellow-creatures, of the Holy Scriptures. This Society has and the glory of God, is, to a mind like already spent upwards of a million florins yours, far more than all the grateful apin promoting the translation, printing, and probation of which you may rest assured, circulation of the Scriptures in various lan- both on our part, and that of the members guages. .

of the above-mentioned excellent Society." This noble-minded Society bas directed its views likewise to Germany; and thousands in the southern parts of our native

From the Rev. L. Van Ess, a Roman Cao | country, as well as in Switzerland, have been put into possession of the Scriptures,

tholic Clergyman. Marbury, March who else, from their poverty, would have

9, 1813. been unable to procure them. The under: I AFPEAR before you, charged with thanks signed have been honoured by its Foreign givings of thousands of your German felSecretary,'with the commission to promote low-Christians, for the gift of love you the same good cause in the northern parts have bestowed upon them; namely, for the of Germany, more especially in Saxony; 2001. appropriated for the distribution of ånd are desirous to furnish with a Bible or 3000 copies of my German Testament. New Testament, such of the poor as are There have now, accordingly, been gratuiprevented by their present distresses from tously distributed among Catholics, in the paying the bookseller's price, or even a vicinity of part. Tuis Society has placed a consider- Frankfort. ... ....... 256 copies able number of Canstein Bibles and Testaa Wurtemberg ....vse . ..... 100%


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Bararia .................. 150 copies of Jesus Christ. Not merely thousands of Halberstadt............... 400

individuals, but thousands of schools, those Cassel (in Catholic Schools).. 100 purseries for the garden of Christ, claim Paderborn (in ditto)........ 300

our assistance. Let these little ones be Hildesheim (in ditto) ....... 200 conducted to the Friend of children, and Osnabruck. ............... 100

be directed how to seek and find him in his Forty Catholic Schools in my

Gospel. If you possibly can afford further** neighbourhood .......

assistance, fulgi, I beseech you, my request · Various distributions in Lippel

in the name of the Lord; to the end that, "PP 300 Detmold ,,...........

the true light and knowledge of Jesus

Christ, in his divine doctrine, may peneDistributed........ 2466 trate the darkness of the Catholic schools, Payment received for 3000 and the rising generation be trained up in

pure Christianity, and become worthy memReniain for distribution 534

bers of Christ's kingdom. which are in my hands for the supply of the Deplorable as is the aspect of the Cathopoor, and will soon be disposed of; the lic countries in general, for want of the eagerness to read the Scriptures being very Scriptures, yet I have been as' much diso. great, and the applications of the indigent tressed, by observing, during my short retor New Testaments very frequent. . .siilence in Hessen, the state of many Pro

By the blessing of God, my solicitations testants. Some recently ordained Protestant bare prevailed upon the bishop to allow the Ministers assured me, that in their parishes introduction of the New Testament in forty they had scarcely found two Bibles, and · Catholic schools, to which prirpose I de- that a great want of thein prevailed in many

voted 560 copies, accompañying them with parts of Hessen. Having assisted them priva'e. letters to the parish priests and with some New Testaments, I found mye schoolmasters; and, indeed, the Lord self įuduced inmediately to write to a memcrowns this work with erident blessing. In ber of the Basic Society, residing in Franknany places I have been assisted by the fort on the Maine, soliciting from him schoolmasters, wbo are encouraged by me Bibles, of which I received eighteen copies, to meet the people on Sunday erenings in with a promise that more should be sent. their houses or chapels, for the purpose of Even these few copies occasioned a great reading the New Testaments.

rejoicing. I should like to have a great It is, however, a melancholy fact, that many Basle Bibles for distribution, in order in some surrounding provinces and districts, that I may assist my Protestant fellow-miscarcely one schoolmaster 'out of twenty is nisters in reriving the decliving cause of furnished with a Bible. In most schools Christianity. There exist several excellent the Bible is not to be met with at all. On translations of the Scriptures ' executed by this account, it is iny most ardent wish to Catholics; but, on account of their high introduce the New Testament into all of price, they are out of the reach of the them. The plan is practicable; its execu- laity. Having, for these four years past, țion meets with no obstacles in the pro- employed my leisure hours in translating vinces of Paderborn, Halberstadt, and Hil- the Old Testament from the original laindesheim; where my cousin, as well as my- guage, I hope (should it please God to self, enjoy the confidence of the Bishop preserve my health) to commence printing

To furnish the Catholic schools in these it the beginning of next year.“ parts with the New Testament, about 8000 - From every quarter into which I sent copies would be required, which, at four the New Testaments, I receive pleasing indouble groschen (about si.) per copy, formation of the moral and religious imwould make the sum of 1333 rix-deliars provement the people derive from it, and (about 2701.). I should endeavour to raise of the consolation it affords them under voluntary contributions for the binding the pressure of these eventful times. Much,

The state of the Catholic schools is a indeed, of this I myself saw in the neighmournful tale ; but poverty, and the pres- bourhood where I formerly officiated. At sure of the times, fetter many a willing the preaching of my farewell sermon, Prospirit.

testants, Catholics, and even many Jews, Never were the minds of men more ac- were present; their expressions of gratitude cessible to the word of life; never was the for the New Testament became loud; and necessity of religious comfort so deeply felt; still more fervent were my thanks to the never was the entrance of the kingdom of Lord for this undeserved mercy. Let the heaven more widely open than now. O my sincerest thanks be ascribed to our God and beloved friends! satisfy this hunger with the Redeemer, for choosing you, my dear brebread of life, toster this flame with heaven- thren in Christ, as instruments in his ly oil; continue to hasten to the relief of hands, to promote his cause, and to bring the inmortal - souls of thousands of your forth such fruits of spiritual union, by your brethren, purchased with the precious blood extensive dissemination of the Bible.

Amen. Lord Jesus! continue to prosper third edition of 2000 is on hand), and this grand work, and to crown it with thy 19,000 New Testaments separate. ! richest blessing; preserve the spirit of active charity and benevolence in thy faithful From the Rev. Dr. Brunmark. Stockholm, worshippers ; cause them to promote, by

Sept. 18, 1813. their gifts of charity, thy glory and their

I HURRIED up to Stockholm on account own bappiness, until that day in which

of the meeting of the Committee of the " they shall rejoice, bringing their sheares

Evangelical Society, since it was to be a with them.” At thy feet, o Thou that

at meeting of great importance.' The wortky hearest prayer! I offer up the fervent sup., President hinted to me the last time I was plications of thousands of my brethren, here, that he meant to lay down his staff. wlio languish for the bread of life, who

of office; and this he did last Thursday. “I willingly would seek and find thee in thy

need not tell you that it was a scene of, Sacred Volume, but are not acquainted

much interest to see this keyered old man, with it. O! incline the meek and benevo

take leave of a body of men who all loved lent hearts of our English brethren to do

him as their father. But none ventured to what seemneth good in thy sight. Hear,. obiect: all felt that he wanted rest. A thou merciful and Almighty Friend, the

dead silence followed his impressive farecry of German Catholics, and of their

well. At last, a hymn lent utterance to thousands of schools !

the feelings of the Committee ; after which * The grace of our mutual Lord and Head

they adjourned. I was prepared for this. Jesus Christ, be with you all.

scene, and had in the morning waited upon Baron Rosenblad, the Secretary of State

for the Home Department, to know if he From the Rev. Dr. Bruumark, Chaplain to

possibly could spare time to become the new the Swedish Embassy in London, who President of the Society. . His answer was, visiteit his untile Country in the Summer couched in these remarkable words: “L

of 1813. Pesteras, Avgust 17. ; should one day have to reproach niyself if . · HAVING on the 2d instant arrived in I refused to accept the office." Stockholm, I waited on three of His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, for From the Rev. J. Paterson. Kanapa in the Foreign, Home, and Ecclesiastical De

Esthonia, June 19, 1813. " partments. They all expressed their ap-. I LEFT St. Petersharg on the 11th. The probation and admiration at the generosity Lord prospered me so far, that in two days and good-will of the British nation; and, I arrived in Dorpat. On the road I found indeed, my connexion with the British and my fever still hanging about, me; but the Foreign Bible Society, and the Philanthro- Loid supported me. I soon met with friends pic Committee which lately did so great. in Dorpat willing to take an active part in things for this country, has opened to me a the Society's plans.' I then hastened to this door aad a welcome every where.' The fol- place, about ifty versts, or thirty-five Englowing day I waited upon the Hon. Mr. lish miles from Dorpat. Here lives our Leyonmark, President of the Evangelical friend Mr. Schmidt, and the dean of the Society; a Lighly respectable wan, whom district, the Rev. Mr. Roth, with whom the you would take to be only 60 years old, idea of forming a society originated, and whereas he is 80. His hands shake a little, who have hitherto corresponded on the buand his inemory fails him (wherefore he siness. I took up my lodgings at Mr. Roth's, talks of retiring).; but he walks as nimbly by whom I was received in the most friendly as you. After the first salutation (so does a manner. I arrived on the evening of the father receive a son), and after mention- fifteenth. We immediately conversed freely ing the British and Foreign Bible Society, and fully over all matters. I had no conhe turned kastily, into his study, and came ception that there really existed such a want back instantly, holding the new Swedish of the Holy Scriptures in this district. Here Bible in his hands. “ See !" said he, and there are about 106,000 inbabitants, and his eyes sparkled as fire-a tear of joy in- among this number they assure me that not creased their brilliancy, and the shaking of 200 New Testaments are to be found. Yea, his hands became violeut" see,” said he, there are thousands here who have never - what I have what they have done for seen the New Testament in their life; there us."-No further arguments were wanting are even pastors who have none in the diabetween us. We then agreed that he should lect in wbich they must preach. Yet in invite the different officers of the Evange this district there are above 11,000 people lical Society to pieet at his house. The who appear truly pious, in connexion with dext morning Mr. Hambraeus, the treå- the United Brethren, and perhaps nearly as surer, and two other members, came to bid many who are inquiring after the truth, me welcome. From them I learned that besides those who do not stand in any conthe Siciete bad printed 9000 Biblos (a nexion with them.

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