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LECTURES TO THE JEWS, AT ELY CHAPEL, church of St. Saviour, and esteered bŷ conFOR THE YEAR 1814.

noisseurs one of the finest specimens in January 6. The two covenants; the co- the kingdom of the ancient Saxon archi

venant of works and the covenant of tecture. It was originally called the cha.

grace. The first designed to show the pel of the Virgin Mary, and was appropri· need of the second. See Exodus, xxi. and ated to divine service; but is now the

Jeremiah, xxxi.--Rev. D. Wilson, M.A. Consistorial Court of the Bishop of WinFebruary 3. Abraham's obedience to God's chester, where ecclesiastical causes, during

call, illustrative of his faith in the divine the terms, are still heard. Illuminated as word.

it was on the present occasion, it exhibited March 3. The promised seed of Abraham, from the hustings, erected on the site of

in whom all the families of the earth were the old chancel, a very grand spectacle. It to be blessed, proved to be Messiah, and was completely filled at an early hout. At fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth.

least fifteen hundred persons were crowded April 7. The deliverance of Isaac, the son within the walls, and an equal number

of Abraham, from death, throngh the were obliged to return without being able

offering of the ram, designed to elucidate to reach the door. . the doctrine of substitution for sinners. In this court, under Gardiner, Bishop of May 5. Moses's vail, illustrative of the Winchester, in the times of the Papal Old Teståment dispensation.

persecution, sentence of death was passed June 2. The ceremonial sacrifices being on some of our pious reformers; a circum

appointed to atone for ceremonial trans stance to which appropriate allusions were · gressions, indicative of the need of a di- made by several of the clergy, who con

vino atonement, to propitiate for moral trasted those unhappy times with the pretransgressions. ,

sent; the mildness of our ecclesiastical July 7. The office of Messiah, as a pro-' laws and government, with Papistical, in· phet, exemplified in the history of Moses, · quisitorial power; and congratulated the

who was sent as a prophet to Israel. company on the different purpose for which August 4. Aaron, a type of Messiah, as they were now assembled not to sentence

sustaining the office of high priest. our zealous preachers to the flames, but to September 1. The history of David, illus raise up among them Christian missionaries,

trative of the office of Messiah as king. who might volunteer their services on the October 6. The character of Messiah, as a shores of Africa, the plains of Juggernaut,

conqueror, celebrated in the 45th Psalm.. and the banks of the Ganges; and who, November 3. The manna whieh was given under the divine unction of the Holy Spi

to Israel in the wilderness, designed to rit, might prove the happy instruments of * illustrate the office of Messiah, as the counteracting the licentious and sanguinary supporter of his church.

rites of Moloch, and of rescuing from the December 1. The transcendent excellency flames the thousands of deluded womca

of the blessings of the Gospel dispensa- who, to secure their families from the de* tion, above those of the ceremonial dis- gradation of the loss of caste, are every year pensation.

burning themselves alive with the dead bodies of their husbands. ..

Henry Thornton, Esq. was appointed SOUTHWARK CHURCH MISSIONARY President of the Association; Jesse Curl ASSOCIATION.

ing, jun. David King, Henry Pigeon, RiA VERY numerous, and one of the most chard Thornton, and Florence Young, interesting meetings we recollect ever to Esqs. Vice-presidents; C. Holehouse, Esq. have witnessed, on any charitable or reli Treasurer; and the Rev. J. Shephard, and gious occasion, was held on Monday, the the Rer. D. Ruell, Secretaries. The prina 13th of December, in the Spiritual Court, cipal speakers were the Rev. J. Pratt, som St. Saviour's, Southwark, for the purpose of cretary of the Parent Society; the Rev. forming a Missionary Association, to em- Dr. Middleton, Rector of Rotheriitle; brace all the parishes of Southwark and Rey. Basil Woodd, Rector of Drayton its vicinity; and intended as an auxiliary Beauchamp, Bucks; Rev. Wm. Dcaltry, to co-operate with the parent Church Mis- Rector of Clapham; Rev. Wm. Mann, sionary Society for Africa and the East. Chaplain of St. Saviour's; Rev. J. Mann,“

The chair was taken at six o'clock, by Rev. J. Saunders, Rev. J. N. Lake, Rev. J. Henry Thornton, Esq. Member for the Bon Shephard, Rey. J. Wilcox; and E. N. roagh, who briefly stated the object of the Thornton, J. Poynder, and C. S. Dudley, Meeting, and referred to the Rev. Josiah Esqs. The last-named gentleman was Pratt for a fuller explanation of the princi- hailed as the well-known Lay-secretary of ples, plan, and progress of the Parent In- the Southwark Bible Auxiliary. The Rev, stitution.

J. Pratt having mentioned, in the course The Spiritual Court is a spacious of his observations, that one object of the building, annexed to the venerable parish- Parent Society was to institute schools for

the instruction of children in Africa and Rev. Melville Horne, late Chaplain of SiIndia, Mr. Dudley came forward to state, erra Leone; to the favourable attention of that though, as belonging to the Society of the Meeting. Friends, he could not support a preaching Rev. Josiah Pratt. The cause which I mission, he could and would cheerfully rise to plead is not new to the inhabitants contribute to the support of that depart of this place and its vicinity. That revered ment which had for its object the religious and apostolic man, the late Rev. -Thomas education of children. On his rising he Robinson, whose loss you so deeply and was instantly recognised, and cheered by a justly bewail, was one of the earliest memburst of applause, as a grateful testimony, bers of the institution which I have the and the well-earned praise, of his valuable honour to represent. He felt a sincere inservices.

terest in its prosperity; and, on occasion of It would be equally impossible to do jus- the last anniversary of the Society, which tice either to the eloquence or the argue he attended, he said with much feeling, ment displayed on this important occasion; “I take shame to myself that I have not or to describe the general effect, in that in- entered more zealously into the grand views terest and feeling which seemed to be un of this institution;" nor can there be a Versally excited. It must suffice to say, doubt but that his whole heart would have that should the consequences of this Meet- been engaged in promoting the object for ing be at all answerable, either to the im- which we are assembled this day. . . portance of its religious design, or to those And what object so noble can draw to

pectations which its appearance and its gether an assembly of human beings? By impressions certainly warrant, the South- far the greater part of our race are sitting wark Church Missionary Association will, in darkness and the shadow of death; and, be another bright gem in that rich constel of these men who are perishing for lack lation of charitable and religious institu- of knowledge, sixty or seyenty millions are tions which already constitute the chief or- under British dominion, fellow-subjects vament of Southwark.

: , with ourselves, and partakers with us of

the inestimable privileges of equal laws and

of their beneficent administration. But $OME ACCOUNT OF THE PROCEEDINGS ON they partake not vet of our higher privi. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1813, AT levesi That light which shines on new


are bound, by every consideration that can OF THE LEICESTER AND LEICESTER

affect the conscience and the heart, to SHIRE CHURCIL DISSIONARY ASSOCIA communicate to them. And it is to assist TION.

in this great work, and in the attempt to The Worshipful the Mayor having taken civilize and convert the whole heathen the chair, stated that he had granted the world, that we are now assembled. use of the hall, and had given his counte The OeJECT, Sir, of the Church Misnance and attendance to the Meeting, at sionary Society, is, to embody together the the request of some of his most respected pembers of the Church in this noble frieods and neighbours. He expressed his cause; and its CONSTITUTION is formed hearty concurrence in the object proposed, with a view to effect this object. and called upon the Rev. Mr. Vaughan to We have no wish to depreciate those Soexplain it more fully.

.cieties in the Church, which aim, in some Mr. Vanghan stated, that the object measure, at the salyation of the Heathen. purposed was to form a Leicester and Lei No, Sir, the “ Society for propagating the cestershire Association, which might act Gospel in foreign Parts," and the “ Sociein concert with the Church Missionary So- ty for promoting Christian Knowledge," ciety, established in the year 1801. In may justly claim for the Church the praise order to afford the fullest explanation and of manifesting concern for this object, du

information on the subject, he, in con- ring a long course of years, while no other · junction with some other friends, had re- body of Christians among us showed any

quested the attendance of the Secretary of feeling at all for the conditica of the hea the Society, and of some other gentlemen, then world. The United Prethren first who were fully competent to declare its ori. caught the sacred flame, and have long lagin, proceedings, constitution, and plans. boured with exemplary patience and great At present he should content hinıself with success. But, while the two societies in uniting in Mr. Mayor's testiinony to the our communion take up the subject of mishigh importance of the question they were sions to the Heathen as a part only of their now proceeding to agitate, which could objects, the founders of the Church Misnot but be interesting to all the true friends sionary Society considered that the urgent of mankind. Mr. Vaughan then intro- necessities of the Heathen required an induced the Rev. Josiah Pratt, Secretary to stitution which should aim solely at the rethe Church Missionary Society; the Rev., lief of those necessities. We shall most Edward Burn, of Birmingham; and the bladly witness such an avgmentation of the

funds of those two societies as will enabte tion of languages for the purposes of traffic them to enlarge their care of the Heathen. or of policy, the unrivalled dominion of There is more than room for all our exer- this country on the ocean, her high chations. And we come forward --not to cen- racter among the nations, her actual sway sure the partial efforts of past times, but over a tenth part, perhaps, of the whole to aid and to augment those efforts ; ---- not human race; the vast change which has to call on institutions to execute a work been operated in the minds of men, the for which they are not in fact competent; degradation of Popery, and the dissolution but to combine our exertions with them, of that charm by which it bound its multithat we may together become somewhat tudes, the symptoms of decay and tuin more competent than we can otherwise be, which Mahometanism has exhibited-all to meet the great duties of the times in these things concur to urge me to inquire which we live.

with seriousness into the peculiar duties of For the leadings of Divine Providence such a day. call us, Sir, in these days, to more strenú- As Churchmen, therefore, we come for ous, diversified, and extended exertions forward to excite and embody the zeal of our the benefit of our fellow-men, than in fellow-members of the Church. , : any former age. And the just and legiti- But as we disavow every idea of dopre- . mate defence of ancient institutions against ciating other institutions in our church, we the accusation of not effecting more than enter into no hostile array against other they have done, is, their incompetency and bodies of Christians. Where the doctrines their want of opportunity to do more: but and the discipline of the Christian church such opportunities are now multiplying come into question, we wish to act with upon us on every side, and we are anxious those who entertain similar views on those that the Church should take her full.share subjects with ourselves; but we can gladly in answering the calls of Divine Providence. see, and we do gladly see, other denomi

Many of us who are present have lived nations of Christiaus exerting themselves long enough, Sir, to witness very striking according to their views; and we heartily and remarkably coincident circumstances in bid them God speed! We wish to adopt the moral state of the world. The admir- and to recommend the excellent spirit of able system of Sunday School instruction the Baptist Missionary Society, in a paper has both meliorated, to a vast extent, the circulated by them: “ We wish our colcondition of the lower orders, and has lectors," they say, after enumerating the given a powerful impulse to the spirit of other missionary institutions, « not to atbenevolence. A deep concern for the hea- tempt urging any persons to subscribe to then world has grown, in part, out of the our mission, whose connexions would naincreased anxiety for the religious educa- turally lead them to give the preference to tion of our own poor, and has diffused it- either of these societies : whatever is voself through the various communions luntarily offered we thankfully receive; which exist among us. An ardent and in- but we would not indulge for one moment creasing zeal for the conversion of God's any desire to advance our own interest at ancient people accompanies this effort in the expense of others. If we had richer behalf of the Heathen. Plans of educa- funds, and fewer calls for money than . tion, simple in execution and energetic in they, we should be glad to aid any of these effect, have opened to us a prospect, the excellent institutions." This is the true most distant glimpse of which could scarcely spirit of men who are pursuing conscienhave reached our forefathers, of UNIVER, tiously one common end the advancement SAL INSTRUCTION! And, while the capa- of their Master's kingdom! city of reading is thus widely communicat- Our aim, Sir, is to excite and to employ ed, the Bible Society, on the grand and the zeal of all classes among us. Our simple plan of circulating the Divine word constitution is such, that it invites the exwithout note or comment in every human ertions of the pastor and of his parishiontongue, has united together Christians ofers; of the parents and of their children; every denomination and of every clime, on of teachers, and of the little members of that common ground on which they can their schools; the very labouring orders

agree, and has called such energies into are not now neglected, in exciting to the · action as were never witnessed before, for work of charity. And I am borne out, Sir,

supplying all who may be rendered able to in asserting, that never, in any age of the read the Word of God.

Church, were means put into the lands of . But, Sir, there are other coincidences superiors of awakening and interesting in which mark our day as a day of singular the heavenly work of doing good, all who promise, and pregnant with events of most are dependent on them, so abundant and so important bearing on future times. The efficient as they are in this day. spirit of discovery which has distinguished Under the patronage of many distin- , the reign of His present Majesty, the acti- guished persons, the affairs of the Society vity of commercial enterprise, the cultiva- are conducted by a committee, consisting

of all clergymen who are members of the will be widely diffused through the West Society, and of twenty-four lay members India islands. of the Church, who are annually elected. By means of Malta, where great facili"All persons who collect, by weekly or ties are afforded to the Society's designs, monthly contribution, to the amount of 1s. we hope to announce salvation to the nu. or upward per week, are not only recog. merous and interesting nations which bornised as members of the Society, but are : der on the Mediterranean shores. entitled to receive all its publications,

Several clergymen are now preparing for Associations, in aid of the institution, foreign stations, and four other young men are forming in various parts of the empire; are under education for holy orders. Proand we are met this day to enlist this town spects of usefulness are opening before us and county in the support of the same on every side; and it is on this ground, great cause.

Sir, that we venture to make our appeal to Our PROCEEDINGs have been of a nature, the inhabitants of this town and county. we trast, to secure the confidence of those After thirteen years of patient labour, the who shall constitute us the almoners of Society comes forward with confidence to their charity to the perishing Heathen. claim the support of the Christian world,

Originating, in a great degree, in the and particularly of the members of our i counsels of some of those benevolent men own church. They invite all the fellow

whose persevering and undaunted courage members of their communion to support effected, under the Divine blessing, the them in their efforts to meet the duties of abolition of that infamous traflic in slaves the times. When they first entered on which so long disgraced this land, it might their designs, the then Archbishop of Canbe expected that the Society's first views terbury, Dr. Moore, and the Bishop of would be directed to that shore which had London, Dr. Porteus, encouraged them to been most deeply injured. We have en proceed, and promised to regard their efdeavoured to remunerate the inhabitants of forts with kindness, and to afford them the IV'cstern Coasts of Africa, in some de- countenance and protection, when their gree, for the incalculable evils inflicted on proceedings should have attained such mathem by men bearing the English name turity as to commend themselves to their and professing the Christian creed. And approbation. But these revered prelates it has pleased God to open to us there, pro- were removed to a better world, while the spects of great and increasing good. Many Society war in silence laying its foundaLutheran clergymen, sent out by the So tions. It can now, bowever, make tha ciety, are now bringing up multitudes of appeal, and it does make it with confidence, African children in the nurture and admo- which may satisfy every faithful member of nition of the Lord. These worthy servants the Church, that it offers to the whole body of Christ are about to erect Christian a fair and promising opportunity of taking churches, and to proclaim the glad tidings its just and proper share in attempting the to a race of men habituated for a course of conversion of the heathen world. The inyears to deceit and cruelty, but now conci- terest which had been previously excited in liated to our missionaries by the kindness the town by our worthy friends who are of their spirit and the consistency of their here present, and the very liberal contribucharacter.

tions already made, leave us in no doubt of The East is opening to us opportunities ample success. for great exertions. The Society took the I have endeavoured, Sir, to give a brief lead in awakening the public conscience to view of those grounds on which the Church, a sense of its duty toward this large por- Missionary Society solicits support; and tion of the empire; and now feels its ex- beg to introduce to this Meeting my excelertions abundantly repaid by the seal with lent and dear friend, the Rev. Edward which many parts of the kingdom are com Burn, who will state to the Meeting the ing forward to support its plans. A large many obligations under which we lie of exsum is now annually devoted to the educa- erting ourselves in the extension of Christ's tion of children in the Indian peninsula, kingdom. and to the preaching of the Gospel in the The Rev. Edward Burn. It will not be East. Two Lutheran clergymen are on expected that any thing I may offer can mathe point of sailing for India, under the terially add to the impression already prolicense of the Court of Directors; and two duced on this Assembly, by the able stateEnglish clergymen will follow, at no dis- ment you have just heard from my highly tant period, for Ceylon.

esteemed friend the Secretary. I cannot, To New Zealand the Society is extend- however, refuse the call my friend has made ing its care. That noble race, of perhaps upon me, to add my humble testimony on þalf a million of immortal beings, bas this interesting occasion. The plan, obe never yet heard the name of a Saviour. ject, and proceedings of the Church Mis

At Antigua a footing has been obtained, sionary Society have my most cordial apo by which, it is hoped, Christian education probation and support; and I am anxious,


with my friend, that the Church of which which had been collected and sent honte by I am a member, may have her full share in their excellent Missionaries. These were, in the great work of evangelizing the Hea- the mass, just such ridiculous, conthen. I honour and venerate the Societies temptible, and disgusting figures as you in our own Church, which have gone before would select, if you were inclined to amuse in this labour of love, and I can contem- ' or to frighten your children! · But there plate, with respect and hearty good will, were still greater abominations than these! the labours of all Societies who have sub- symbols of the most polluted imagination! stantially in view the same great object. --horrible proofs of an understanding darkThe Church Missionary Society, as my ened, “ being alienated from the life of friend has right!y told you, offers itself, not God, through the ignorance that is in as the competitor of any pre-existing $o- them!"- a sight truly pitiable, disgraceful, ciety within our own pale, but as ready to aid and affecting! But, Sir, I saw in the · their honourable and Christian labours; same apartment, and placed nearly by the not as running the race of party rivalry side of these, other objects, which to this with any Society whatsoever, but, so far as hour excite my admiration of those retheir object is to propagate true religion and nerable men, to whose labours, under God, sinde led, as the auxiliary of all. And they are to be ascribed. I saw specimelis surely, Sir, the field of Christian labour, the of the Scriptures translated, and in course harvest of souls, is large enough to call of translation, into fourteen òr fifteen dif-, forth the resources, and to employ the ut- ferent dialects of the East! It is, Sir, by most efforts, not of one community alone, labours like these, accompanied and folbut of Christ's CATHOLIC CHURCK! Tic lowed by living interpreters, that we may inhabitants of the carth are, I think, stated hope to see the Pagan world delivered from at one thousand millions, of which eight this bondage of corruption. For, give' hundred millions are sunk in gross idolatry them Revelation---let the Word of the Lord or superstition! I do not vouch for the have free course--let but this true light perfect accuracy of this statement; but if it spring up and shine on the millions now be any thing near the truth, what a picture sitting in darkness, and then the wilderness does it present to the mind of the condition shall become a fruitful field, and the desert of by far the greater part of the human blossom as the rose- it shall not only race! The earth, with the exception of a blossom, but bud, and ripen into fruits of comparatively small portion of it, covered civilization, holiness, and peace! with darkness, and with gross darkness he Sir, it is matter of astonishment and repeople!-a 'vast moral desert, a solitary gret, that, in this Christian country, a displacc, whose dark retreats are filled with the position should have shown itself to dishabitations of cruelty! And what adds to courage, and even to ridicule and condemn, the horror of the representation is, that its niissionary labours. Sometimes they are inhabitants, whether barbarous or ci- altogether scouted as visionary and fanavilized, are presented to the mind as cut tical. But, surely, those who entertain off, outcast and forlorn, “ without Christ, such opinions of missionary attempts are haring no hope, and without God in the not aware, that it is to such efforts we owe world !” I need not stay to detail the evi- the sum of all our boasted privileges! To dence by which this representation is sup- the first Christian Missionary that trod our ported: it must be present to the recol- soil, they may all, under God, be attrilection of every man who reads, and who buted. Before - they condemn our object, believes, his Bible, or credits the daily ac- therefore, they should settle the degree of cumulating testimonies given on the state ignominy that must; on their principles, of modern Paganism, and especially in the attach to the memory of the man who first East. The mind of an enlightened Chris- conveyed to Britain the good tidings of our tian sickers at the bare recital, and turns salvation, and, with it, I may add,' the away with horror from that stupendous charter of all our privileges. mass of impurity, barbarism, and impiety, Mych has been said, and confidently said, which constitutes, in whole or in part, the of the impracticability of all attempts to religion of so large a portion of the human convert the Hindoos. But this has been species ! A visit which I some months ago said, not only without evidence, but in made to Bristol, on an occasion similar to open defiance of the positive testimony of this, furnished what was, I confess, to me 'facts. Witness the known success of the a new and most affecting illustration of this Danish mission, under the auspices of the melancholy subject. The gentleman who apostolical Swartz and his illustrious colpresides over the Baptist Seminary there, leagues--witness the progress made by ihe did me the honour to show me the library Baptist mission-witness the fact of nearly and museum attached to that Institution. one million of Hindoo Christians in India. Amongst other curiosities, lie produced, I But, Sir, if these facts were wanting, there tlunk, somothing more than FIFTY VARI- is another consideration which we may conETIES OF IDOLS worshipped in Hindostan, fidently oppose to all speculations on the

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