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God is said to be in herrden, or riches, and wisdom, and strength, in the heavens.' His presence, in and honour, and glory, and blessdeed, filleth heaven and earth: ing. It should also express the the heaven and the heaven of hea fervent wish of the pious mind that vens cannot contain him. We are the faith and obedience of the taught, however, to conceive of servants of God may flourish and some particular place as the resi- abound; that those who are called dence of God-a place where the by his name may no more give ocAlmighty in a particular manner casion to the enemies of the Lord manifests his glory; where his to revile, but, in their respective holy angels behold his presence; stations and vocations, may believe where the God-man, our exalted in him to sanctify him in the eyes Saviour, sitteth at the right hand of the people ; and so let their light of the Majesty on high; and where shine bejore men, that they may see believers have a promise of being their good works, and glorify their one day présented to the heavenly Father which is in heaven. It Father.

should express an anxious desire “ Hallowed be thy name.” Hal- for the repentance of sinners, that lowed is an old term for sanctified. they may be brought to give glory : The name of God signifies himself to that God whom they are now

-himself as known to his crea- dishonouring. Or, where this tures by the manifestation of his cannot be accomplished, it should attributes. The word sanctify, as express an humble acquiescence applied to God in Scripture, de- in the approaching judgment of notes in general that magnificent transgressors, that the name of conception and awe-inspiring re- God may be no longer blasphemed: verence, with which the mind of Even so, Lord God Almighty, true man ought to feel impressed with and righteous are thy judgments ! regard to the holiness, the power, '“ Thy kingdom come." It was and the truth of the great Jeho- the common hope and expectation vah; it is to ascribe to him the ho- of the church of old, that the nour due unto his holy name: Sanc- Messiah would come to establish & tify the Lord God in your hearts, great and everlasting kingdom, and let him be your fear, and let The Apostles, we perceive in read. him be your dread. So, on the ing the Evangelists, were full of other hand, whatever seems to this notion; nor, indeed, was the question, or to fail in the acknow- expectation without foundation in ledging of the glory and honour the promises of God, since it had due unto the Deity, is said, in been, from the earliest ages, the Scripture, to profane his holy name, perpetual theme of prophecy. To As God is honoured by the faith quote but one passage : “ And the and obedience of his creatures, so kingdom and dominion, and the is he dishonoured by their unbe greatness of the kingdom under the lief and rebellion ; dishonoured, at whole heaver, was given to the people least, so long as neither submission of the saints of the Most HIGH, on the part of the transgressor, whose kingdom is an everlasting por inflicted punishment, vindicates kingdom, and all dominions shall the rights of the violated Majesty serve and obey him *. It is easy, of heaven. The declaration, there. therefore, to perceive what idea fore, hallower be thy name, should the dictating of the petition before express the devotedness of the us would excite in the minds of heart to God, while it ascribes to the disciples : they would not hehini in its thoughts all power, and sitate to suppose that they were ' * 2 Cor. vi. 17.

* Bar, vi 27... . CHRIST. GUARD. VOL. VL


taught to pray for the coming of society formed in the midst of the this promised kingdom. That their world; for the most part, indeed, conceptions concerning the nature unnoticed and unknown, but which of this kingdom, and of the season at times has excited much alarm, of its appearing, were defective and roused the powers of earth and erroneous, we know indeed, and hell to persecute and extermifrom the frequent occasions which nate. This privy conspiracy (to our Lord takes to correct their use this term in an inoffensive views and expectations. He teaches sense) is still carrying on, and ex* ? them not to look for its coming, as tends its branches into most nations they were disposed to do, in the of the civilized world; soldiers are setting up in that age of a tempo- every where enlisted, and sworn by ral authority and worldly dominion, a mysterious oath to be faithful to but in the peaceful and silent in- an unseen leader; arms are prostilling of a religious principle into vided, which, though not suited to the hearts of men; a principle a carnal warfare, will prove mighty which would form them into a dis- through God: nay, those who have tinct society, united by spiritual åt heart the promotion of Messiah's bonds, in subordination to an invi- kingdom, may say, in the language sible head: The kingdom of heaven of a late demagogue, when encou. cometh not with observation ; neither raging the efforts of his faction in shall they say, Lo, here! or, Lo, the meditated overthrow of the sathere! for the kingdom of God is cred institutions of this country, within you. Nor was this incon- “ We are, as it were, laying gunsistent with the word of prophecy; powder, grain by grain, under the Daniel in particular had said, that old building of error and superstithe stone which was to demolish tion, which a single spark may the fabric of human power, and, hereafter inflame, so as to produce in the sequel, to become a great an instantaneous explosion.” The mountain, and fill the whole earth, society, in short, waits a signal, would be, first, a stone cut out of which is the appearing of the King the mountain without hands. Our from heaven, with those of his Lord, moreover, told his disciples, people which are fallen asleep in that they should not see death till him : then shall be heard the great they had seen the kingdom of God voice in heaven, saying, The kingcome with power. This clearly be- doms of this world are become the gan to be fulfilled, when, after his kingdoms of our Lord and of his resurrection, and the descent of Christ, and he shall reign for ever the Holy Ghost, the Gospel of the and ever. Then, and not till then, kingdom was proclaimed in all the will this petition, thy kingdom come, world, and a people were thereby cease to be the fervent prayer of separated to the Lord, and made the church. On that occasion, as the subjects of the King Messiah, the prophetic word informs us, the under the rule and guidance of his prayer of this petition will be conheavenly Spirit. The kingdom of verted into a subject of everlasting heaven, as it existed at that time, praise: We give thee thanks, 0 is described by St. Paul to be, Lord God Almighty, which art, and righteousness, and peace, and joy wast, and art to come ; because in the Holy Ghost. And the same thou hast taken to thee thy great is the kingdom of God in the pre- power, and hast reigned. And the sent state of things. It is the nations were angry, and thy wrath reign of grace, and standeth in the is come, and the time of the dead subjugation of the hearts of men that they should be judged, and that to the spiritual dominion of Jesus' thou shouldst give reward unto thy Christ. - We may speak of it as a servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, self has dictated to him. Your both small and great, and shouldst Father knoweth that ye have need destroy them that destroy the earth. of these things: seek first the • “ Thy will be done in earth, as kingdom of God, and his righa it is in heaven." This petition is teousness, and all these things shall to be united to the former: it em- be added unto you.” However braces the glorious scene which hard, therefore, be the times, or will be the grand result of the however the poor believer may be coming of Christ's kingdom. As straitened in his means, the use of far as the secret influence of this this prayer, offered in faith, shall rising kingdom now extends, sub. be to him the prophet's blessing mission to the royal commands of upon the widow in the famine; the King Messiah is produced ; in The barrel of meal shall not waste, proportion as this influence shall neither shall the cruse of oil fail. be diffused, will the pleasure of the This petition has also been very Lord be seen to prosper: and when anciently understood as supplithe kingdom of our God shall fully cating for a supply of divine grace come, then shall the will of God or heavenly influence-the Bread be done by men on earth as it is of Life, which is to nourish and now by his angels and saints in support the soul. For this heaheaven: all kings shall fall down venly food the Christian will be no before him, and all nations shall less an hungered than for the bread serve him,


that perisheth, in order that his “ Give us this day our daily soul as well as his body may probread.” All creatures, if we duly sper and be in health. In this rereflect, depend upon God for their spect the Christian' has wants, to daily subsistence; and, however which the world are strangers, and - abundant be the provision made, bread to eat that they know not " or the command over ordinary of. . means possessed by the creature, - “ And forgive us our trespasses, they cannot, without the blessing as we forgive them that trespass of God, avail to the nourishment against us." From the connexion of the body, or prolong for an hour of this clause with the petitions, the 'temporal existence of man. both which precede and which folThe rich man in the parable said low it, in the Lord's Prayer, we he had much goods laid up for are not, I think, to understand it many years. But he was mistaken! retrospectively alone-as referring Hence it will appear that the bro- . to sins past; but, perhaps, princi. ther of high degree, is not, as might pally, to the future prospects of at first be supposed, uninterested the believer, in his daily walk with immediately in the offering of this God. He is taught to anticipate petition : for it is not bread alone his failings, and to bespeak the that can support life, but bread as compassionate consideration of his the gift of God to that end. heavenly Father during the apDoubtless, however, it is the poor proaching day: but he is permitted and destitute, he, whose means of to ask it only, as he shall extend support are uncertain, and seem the same forgiveness and charity every now and then ready to tail, to others. For with the judgment who will feel it in a particular that ye judge, skall ye, saith our manner his happy privilege, that divine Master, be judged; and he is directed to pray to God for a with the same measure that ye mete, supply of his daily wants. For shall it be measured to you again. HE, who taught him thus to pray, - How indispensably necessary then cannot but be supposed to be to the prosperity and peaceready to answer the petition him- ful tenor of a Christian's life, iş


Found out



Letters, &

, &c .i. [AO the cultivation of a forgiving tem- humble him and to prove him, and per! How desirable the indwell to make known what is in his heart. ing of the spirit of love and cha- < But deliver us from evil.” rity in his breast! Then, indeed, This last petition will bring to cur he will meet with no occasion of recollection the prayer which our falling; but otherwise, when he Lord offered himself for his disappears before God with his ap- ciples, Holy Father, keep through pointed offering, he will be in dan- thine own name, those whom thou ger of asking a curse instead of a hast given me.-I pray not that blessing!

thou wouldest take them out of the . . " Alas! alas!

world, but that thou wouldest keep Why all the souls that are, were forfeit

isit them from the evil. Evil, in this once,

Prayer, is to be interpreted geneAnd he that might the 'vantage best bave rally : from all evil, spiritual and took,

temporal, from sin and misery,

ou from our ghostly enemy, and from If he, which is the top of judgment, should everlasting death; and, at the end Butjudge you as you are? o, think on that, of a long and eventful life, old Ja. And mercy then will breathe within your cob could speak of the God which is lips,

had fed him all his life long-of the Like man new made."

Angel that had redeemed him from « Consider this,

all evil. That in the course of justite none of us

“ For thine is the kingdom, and Should see salvation. We do pray for the power and the glory, for ever mercy,

and ever, Amen.” This is thought And that same pray'r doth teach us all to

to have been added to the original render The deeds of mercy.”

Prayer of onr Lord in the early

ages of the church. It is an asa " Lead us not into tempta- cription of praise and glory to tion.” Temptation to sin is evi. God, similar to what we find in dentry intended here. A fear of several parts of Scripture, and can sin, and not a bold confidence in never be unsuitable to the occainvincible integrity, and uncor- sion. Blessing, and honour, and rupted virtue, is the characteristic glory, and power, be unto Him that of an enlightened Christian, ac- sitteth upon the throne, and unto the quainted with the depravity of hu- Lamb, for ever and ever i.. man nature, and properly aware of

· D. E, the powerful seductions of sin. The petition, therefore, which is here put into his mouth, he will ORIGINAL LETTERS FROM PIOUS not think too degrading; though,

CHARACTERS DECEASED. indeed, it is humiliating! For, it . No. LXX. is, in fact, acknowledging, that we From the Ren. John Newton, late think we are not to be trusted in trying circumstances. And, alas!

Rector of St. Mary Woolpotky

London, to Mrs. B , for that child of God who must; by bitter experience, be taught to MADAM, make this the prayer of his heart! I RETURN you my sincere thanks who, unwarned by the falls of for your obliging, answer to my many eminent saints, in confidence request, and I wish to join with of his strength, or guided by a

by Mrs. C. and pfi her friends, in blind mistaken zeal, ventures where thanking the Lord for his goodness he ought not, so that he provokes to her, in supporting and com: his heavenly Keeper to suffer him forting her under the present attlicto be exposed to temptation, to

Rev. v. 15

tion, and giving us hopes of a that He may be glorified in them happy issue.

and by them. Thus these trees of His children are in his hands; righteousness, which his own hand surely, then, they are in safe has planted, bring forth fruits difs hands. Their steps and the very ferent according to the season ; as hairs of their head are numbered. in health or sickness, in plenty or When I think how securely Noah poverty, in peace or in trouble ; sat in the ark, when there was ruin but all their fruit is from him and all around him, how happily the for him. So he may have glory, ' ark was conducted, without his care whether by their life or their and contrivance, by an infallible death, they leave all the particuá Pilot, and that he was brought to lars to him. How noble and how land just at the right time, and in ennobling a thing is the religion the right manner, when the earth of the Gospel, considered in this was duly prepared for his recep- view! What sentiments does it tion; then, methinks, I have an inspire! What peace does it proemblem of the established be- duce! But only the Gospel can liever, who has attained to cast make it practicable. Jesus is the every care upon the Lord, and door and the way to this life, and to dwell under the shadow of his there is no other. To those who promises and providence. Such enter by him, and walk in him, a persons need not be afraid of evil path of peace and safety lies tidings, nay, strictly speaking, they through the midst of this wildercan receive no ill tidings; for they ness, and across the dark yalley know nothing can take place but of death, quite to the gate of the under their Lord's direction, and heavenly Jerusalem, they cannot fear that he will do I sat down to thank you, Mathem harm, yea, they know that all dań, for your letter, but I have things must and shall work together allowed my pen to run on a little, for their good. But then they believing the subjects which ought have enlarged and generous views to be familiar with me are not ur. of good. People that have this welcome to you. Dost thou befirm dependance upon God, cannot lieve in the name of the Son of be confined within the little circle God? You do well, Madam ; then. of self. It is is true, they do expect all things are yours. What a to be happy, and in a measure they temple, altar, sacrifice, High are so already. But they are not Priest, and mercy-seat, are you inmore comforted with thinking that terested in! What a Shepherd, Sathe Lord is their portion, than by viour, Lord, and Husband have feeling that they are the Lord's you! May the Lord increase your property : they are not their own: faith, peace, and holiness, how much on his part they are bought with a soever they be, a hundred fold. price; on their own part, they have Through mercy it is pretty well. devoted, given themselves away, with us. Mrs. Newton joins me in and they cannot recal the surren- respects to you, and affectionate der, nor form a desire that way. best wishes to Mrs. COn the contrary, it is their daily I am. Madam business and delight to repeat the surrender they have made. It is your obedient ana oguged Servant, both their honour and their happi

John Newton. ness to belong to him, and their Charles Square, Hoxton, great leading and ultimate wish is, Dec. 18, 1784.

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