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tion which' first drew breath în Ja- lic and private acts of devotion, is nuary 1802.

another of the " things which we A spirit of censoriousness prevails, ought not to have done.” It is not at times, among Christians. Their necessary here to enumerate these censoriousness, indeed, is of a dif- acts, because every Christian ferent complexion from that of the knows them; and every Chrisungodly. It has reference chiefly tian knows, too, that he has been to religion. We sometimes think lamentably deficient in them, He or speak uncharitably of those has not performed them with that who either differ from us on points fervency, sincerity, humility, faith, of " doubtful disputation," or are love, thankfulness, and joy, that quite irreligious. We are too apt he ought: so that he has been in to sit in judgment upon others danger of “ offering strange fire." where religion is in question,

Seeing, then, that all these Moreover, prodiyality with re- things” are so, this question may gard to time, is another charge fairly, be asked: Does not conwhich may be preferred against science assure us, that'" in many Christians. They are not, indeed, things we have all offended?” We guilty of killing time; neither are have “ offended in pride, in impe. they guilty of wasting it in amuse- nitence, in unbelief, in hardness of ments,” routs, or 'ungodly. com: heart, in a contempt of God's pany, as is the case with the fol-, word, in a neglect of the means lowers of the world. Yet there of grace," &c. &c. (See the usual are instances of their trifling it Form of Prayer for a public Fast.). away, and of their not carefully “ Which thing ought not to be improving it. It is to be feared done." The good Lord grant that they sometimes act upon the that we may henceforth “ learn" principle of having a future op- and practise « righteousness !!' portunity, or a sufficiency of time May he « sanctify and cleanse before them. But does it not be us with the washing of water by come the probationers of eternity the Word,” that we may be “ holy, diligently to improve each moment and unblameable, and unreprov. as though it were their last? able in his sight.... Once more. Remissness in pubs,


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DIALOGUE ví, 'vour of God, and obtain his blesse BETWEEN THE GOVERNESS AND ing. .: HER PUPILS..

G. In order to explain this, we

will pass over the historical part of Anna. AFTER telling us of the the Old Testament, and only at· wisdom, power, and goodness of tend to the prophecies which refer God in the works of creation, you to the coming of the Messiah; left the human race in so miserable which is spoken of by all the Proa situation, with respect to their phets, but more particularly by ingratitude towards him, and their Isaiah These prophecies were in

inability to obey his will, that we the appointed time fulfilled, and i are desirous of knowing how our the Saviour of the world was born

fallen nature can recover the fa- of & Virgin of the house of Davido

in Bethlehem, as he had predicted. L. But what is meant by lead. After the blessed Saviour had lived ing a new and divine life? long enough in this world to in. G. I have already told you, that, struct us in our duty, and had per- as coming from Adam, we are all formed a great number of miracles born in sin; therefore those who are to confirm us in his doctrines and to enterinto the kingdom of heaven, precepts, he suffered an ignomi- our Saviour says, must be born nious death on the cross, 'as a såagain; that is, they must be changed crifice for our sins. This you will from a state of nature to a state of see likewise explained by the pro- grace. But unless we know our phet Isaiah, and particularly in the sinful state by nature, and feel the Epistle to the Hebrews. i There- burden of sin on our minds, we fore, if we truly repent of our sins, cannot expect the influence of the and pray to God for the influence Holy Spirit to incline our hearts to of his Holy Spirit to enable us to hate sin and to love holiness. lead a new and divine life, and to Those who are regenerate, or born trust in what our blessed Saviour again of the Spirit, have new has done and suffered for us, we thoughts and new affections; they shall obtain salvation. . love God, and fear to offend him ; F., I have read somewhere in the they love their poor neighbours, and Scripture, that Christ died for all. take pleasure in comforting their Will then the murderers and other minds and relieving their necesvery wicked persons be saved ? sities; and they follow peace with

G. If they are not, it is because all men. they will not believe in the Gospel, L. Then, if we are born' again, nor accept the terms there offered I suppose we may depend on being for their salvation, which include rewarded by God for our good not only repentance, but a change deeds, and that he will give us a of heart from sin to holiness. place in heaven, because we have When our · blessed Saviour was kept his commandments. upon earth, he said to those who G. I am afraid, my dear, you would not believe in him, “ Ye have not been attentive to what I will not come unto me that ye might before told you, if you think we have life," meaning everlasting can be saved by our good deeds : life: and in another place, “ He if so, we should not stand in need that believeth not on me is con- of a Saviour; bụt remember, it is demed already."

hè, who has promised his Holy - F. But I think many people say Spirit to assist and qualify us for they believe, yet do not obey the his heavenly kingdom, if we pray commandments of God, by leading to him, and accept his grace; a good life: I s therefore salvation is a free gift · G. Yes: there are many, as the from God, as we cannot possibly

Apostle says, who' “ profess they do any thing of ourselves which know God, but in works they deny may lay claim to so rich a reward. him.”. These arê hypocrites who We will now, postpone any furdesire to gain the applause of their ther conversation on this subject

fellow-creatures ; but they are soon to the next Lord's day, - discovered, for « the hope of the hypocrite shall perish,"


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A Practical Exposition of the Tend- will most of our readers think.

ency and Proceedings of the But such are his “ patriotic and British and Foreign Bible So- charitable" feelings, that, however ciety, begun in a Correspond, "thankless” the undertaking, he

ence between the Rev. H. H. must expose “ the real tendency Norris and J. W. Freshfield, Esq. of the Bible Society to the world."

Telative to the Formation of an He tells us his book “ answers the Auxiliary Bible Society at Hack- demand of those who call for DE, hey, and completed in an Appen- MONSTRATION;" and that “the sür, dix, containing an entire Series mises, which were deemed too un of the public Documents and pri- candidand improbable to be listened

vate Papers which that Measure to, are verified.i occasioned; illustrated with Notes Many of his documents are - and Observations. Edited by the drawn from proceedings at “ Hack

Rev. H. H. Norris, M. A. Ci- ney;" but these are illustrated rate of St. John's Chapel, Hack- from " parallel passages from ney, and Chaplain to the Earl scarce remains of Puritanical hisa

of Shaftesbury. Rivingtons. tory, and from the system of the Price 9s. Boards.


author has out-heroded Herod. 1. When we were writing a short However hackneyed the abuse article for our December Number against the friends of the Bible on the very interesting Tour of Mr. Society, we believe our author is Steinkopff, we little expected that the first who has classed our our duty, as Christian Guardians, princes, our nobles, our bishops, would have called upon us to ex- our senators, with " United Irishpose the DEMONSTRATIONS of the men.” If this be patriotic-if this Curate of Hackney.

be charitable-- it is patriotism and This work is dedicated to the charity very different from those present Bishop of London. With which the Bible describes... i what modesty and submission to The publication commences constituted authority the au. with a series of letters between thor takes upon him, without the Editor and Mr. Freshfield; permission, to address a volume to this is added enough to swell it to his Diocesan, we must into a pretty thick octavo. Our leave him to DEMONSTRATE.- author professes great personal reWe conclude he had expected spect for Mr. F.: he says that he the countenance of “, a late is equally alive to the importance distinguished Prelate ;” and in of the object of disseminating the consequence of his death, as a Bible; and that he has long been Bishop of London must be ad- an active member of a most venę. dressed, he has ventured on this rable Society, the Society for prounauthorized way of giving sanc. moting Christian Knowledge. tion to his book.

Mr. F. having sent the author The author tells us, in his an account of the meeting at Cam. Introduction, that he has en- bridge, the author says, 6 Though gaged in a " thankless under all their titles are displayed, I can taking,” and so we are persuaded assure you, there is not one of

them whose opinions, upon theo trict; and, after his most diligent logical points, are held there in examination, if he can only find much consideration."

two instances in which the Soci- With Socinians, Arians, Pela- ety's benevolence has been abused, gians, and Semi-Pelagians, per- has he not had DEMONSTRATION haps the theological opinions of We say two instances, for we da those learned professors are not not allow that the case of the wo.. held in much consideration; but man who had the small printed with orthodox churchmen, we ven- Bible is at all relevant, because, in ture to declare, that those gen- many instances of aged persons, a

tlemen who took part in the disa small Bible could not be read, 'cussions at Cambridge are as re- and therefore the venerable Sociespectable, and as respected, for ty for promoting Christian Knowa their sound knowledge of divinity, ledge, as well as the Bible Society, as any other body of men in the have published octavo and larger University.So much for the Bibles for the aged. candour of the Curate of Hackney! The friends of the Bible Society

The author, while he approves have always had pleasure in conof the circulation of the Scrip. sidering the late Bishop Porteus tures, still thinks (p. 40–41), that as one of its earliest and best & the manner in which they are friends ; but our author would en. distributed by the Bible Society, deavour to insinuate, that if his is far from being calculated to pro- Lordship were now living, he mote the proper end of their dis- would disapprove of the plans of tribution, the dissemination of the Bible Society. P. 45. Christian knowledge; inasmuch as Here is another assertion with it has a direct tendency to de- out proof..Has the Bible Society grade the Sacred Volume in the departed from its original plan, of eyes of the people, and so to circulating the Holy Scriptures in lessen its practical influence upon the authorized version of this their minds.”-A strong charge country, without note or comindeed, and requiring, something ment-No. Has it circulated more than the author's ipse dixit. any religious tracts enforcing any But, gentle reader, we have been peculiar mode of church-govern. rather too sharp on this charitablement ?-No. Has the constitution Curate; for we find, in a note at of its committees or governors p. 79, he has brought forward -been altered ?--No. Has the pro. what he calls proof in THREE in- portion of Church influence in the stances : Ist, That of a woman, Society increased or diminished? who was reprehended by her -We say, greatly increased. lodger for saying she had a Bible. Then what has the Society done, 2dly, Of one who had a Bible or how is it altered, to make it with small print, and was induced probable that that venerable man, "to take one she could read. 3dly, who supported it in its infancy, * A woman who had a good Bible, and cherished it when but little

and got another by telling a false- known, should not now be willing hood, of which her husband to share its triumphs; and, with * boasted.

the twenty Bishops of the If the most zealous friend to United Church who are members the Bible Society wanted proof of of Bible Societies, give his counthe real good done by the institu- tenance to the Auxiliary Associa. tion, with comparatively little tions? We are persuaded, that, which can be called evil,' let him had his valued life been spared, but follow the Curate of Hack- every part of his diocese would "Rey through that populous dis- have had to boast of Bible Socie.

ties, with their sainted Bishop at: gotry (not the Bible Society) “so their head.

, completely entrances: the unders, Our author remarks, p. 46, standing, that a person in himself ** However excellent be the de- kindly-affectioned, doing justice, · sign of this widely-spreading in-' loving mercy, and walking hum-,

stitution, its prominent effect (as bly with his God, once fascinated every county newspaper will de- to drink of its incantations, from monstrate is to unite into one that time forth becomes blind to body every denomination of Dis. all religious excellence.”'. senters, and to produce strife, We find by a note at p. -5, that animosity, and dismemberment in the author is dreadfully alarmed the Church."-What a Pandora's lest the whole of our existing in, box is here opened! If such be stitutions in church and state the effects of the Bible Society, should be undermined by a set of no wonder that the author should • cautious veteran engineers," sound the alarm. But where are We would request the reverend his proofs ? Why, Christian rèagentleman to dispel his : fears; . der, you will find them, says the great numbers of the friends of author, in “every county newspa- the Bible Society have more than per." From our situation, we are a curacy.to lose ; and we can as. certainly not in the habit of see- sure him they have no wish for a ing many county newspapers, but second Gunpowder plot. . we now and then relieve an hour In reading another note in the in the winter's evening after study same page, we were obliged to by looking into the newspapers, and wipe our spectacles, and look among them some provincial ones. closely, lest, during our absence We could mention several respect from our study, some work of able county papers, and we are Mr. Gandolphy's had been placed bold to declare, that in no one of upon our table. For we scarcely them have we seen any instance need say, that we were truly astoof the bad effects here pointed nished at meeting with the follow'out. We have indeed found va- ing words from a Protestant minise rious denominations of Christians, ter of the nineteenth century: instead of biting and devouring - “ Has he (Mr. Freshfield) yet to one another, learning mutual cha- learn how ILL-CALCULATED the rity and forbearance. . We have distributing Bibles, divested of read of Churchmen so far sub- notes and comments, is to effect duing the spirit of dissent, as to this benevolent design among induce persons of intelligent those who are the special objects minds even to speak in commend of the Bible Society's care, the ation of our Liturgy: a pre-emi. ignorant and the uninstructed ?" anent instance of this we had in See likewise p. 158.

the well-known speech of Mr. It is said, page 81, « The apple Hall, of Leicester, a minister of of discord at Leicester was an unthe Baptist denomination, which fortunate testimony of commendais as creditable to the head as the tion to the Society for promoting heart of this enlightened and Christian Knowledge, borne by 'amiable man.

the venerable Dean of Middle* We have in the passage of the ham.” Now we have made in· author just quoted, such a proof quiry into this fact, and have been - of a bigoted spirit, that we know positively informed, that reference . not how better to characterize it, of the most respectful kind was than by applying to himself his made by other speakers to the own words, used with reference to Society for promoting Christian a very different object, p. 49. Bi- Knowledge, which was received,

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