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£. $. d. receipt for 5001. to Messrs. Van der SmisRev. J. Buxton ....... .. 6 6 0 sen, at Altona. We send you the annexed J. Hill, Esq. .............

... } 0 0 documents, which will serve to give you Rev. T. Martyn .............

.. 2 0 0 the afflicting details of the nature and exMr. J. Todd .......

... 0 5 6 tent of those calamities under which great T. Gray, Esq. Sackville Street 1 1 0 numbers of our countrymen are suffering. Mr. Hatchard ....

1 0 0 Our committee will exert itself as much as Friends at Fairfield ......... *4 0 0 possible for the assistance of our unfortuMrs. Smith ................ 1 0 nate fellow-subjects, and we need not re

peat our request, that you will earnestly



Report of Counsellor Kauffmann, President PARTS OF THE CONTINENT.

of the Institutions for maintaining the

Poor in the City of Hanover, dated Feb. Appeal from Gross Beeren, &c. coinmuni

19. cated by Sir T'homas Tyrwhiit.

The most distressing effect of the caleSEVERAL Official attestations have been mities under which Hanover has suffered laid before the Committee, by which it ap

for these ten years past, is the entire 'ruin pears, that the following villages in Bran

- of the excellent institutions established in denburg suffered, from the battle of Gross this city for supporting the poor widows Beeren, a loss 'in grain, cattle, standing and orphans, and of the public hospitals corn, implements of husbandry, and build

and workhouses. All the funds of these ings, to the amount of 82,639 rix dollars : instit

institutions have disappeared. What scenes siz. Gross Beeren, belonging to Counsellor

of wretchedness I have witnessed! How Von Båndemer; Klein Beeren, to the same;

shocking is the present condition of things Ossdorff, to the Baron of Witten; Hei

when compared with the prosperity that nersdorff, to Mr. Mumme; Stansdorff, to

formerly reigned in this unfortunate place! Mr. Hake; Klein Machnow, to the same. If we call on our fellow-citizens, whose The attestations accompanied a memorial,

names are not yet on the poor list, they dated the 30th January, addressed to Mr.

with tears in their eyes point to the soldiers * Lutz, the British consul at Berlin; in which

who are quartered on them, who consume these gentlemen state, in substance, on be

what little remained for the families of the half of themselves and the inhabitants .at

inhabitants. While these soldiers, on their large, that the effects of that memorable

march through our country, are fed and battle which turned the tide against the

e made comfortable in their quarters, our proud invader, and frustrated his destruc

streets exhibit numbers of our wretched tive designs on the capital of Prussia, had 'fellow-subjects, wandering about like spe fallen heavy on them, by depriving them of tres, pale from hunger, and shivering with their property, and leaving them destitute cold and many others, who, stretched on of subsistence; that all their houses, barns, their bed of sickness, fervently pray to and stables, had been emptied, and most God to send death to release them from of them destroyed; and, the resources of

their misery. But what is still more afthe country having been exhausted by the fecting, young persons, hitherto virtuous. calamities of the last seven years, that they

y plunge into vice to gain some few pence could expect very little aid from their fel

from the foreign military, to satisfy the delow-citizens.

mands of hunger, or to assist their stary. ing parents. But my pen denies its office;

the tears dropping from my eyes while I Extract of u Letter froin Dr. Salfeld,

(d, sketch this lamentable but faithful picture . Albot of Lokkurn, to the Rev. W.

of the wretchedness that surrounds us, obper, dated 12th Feb. 1814.

literate my writing. I can only find conseHow happy have you made me last Wed- lation in the thought, that the all-ruling nesday evening, when I received your providence of God, which turns evil to friendly letters of the 4th, 14th, and 20th good, has not forsaken us, and that there of January, in which you gave me the are sill benevolent persons who have the pleasing assurance, that the London Com- means and the will to assist us, when made uittee has once more directed its benevo- acquainted with this miserable situation of lent attention towards our distressed coun- our fellow-citizens, and who will enable - trymen. I hastened to convey this gratify- me more effectually to persevere in my sa

ing news to the other merpbers of our com- cred call to feed the huggry, comfort the mittee, who received it with the most lively old and sick, tó clothe and educate the arexpressions of joy and gratitude, and yes- phans and other helpless children of this terday, agreeably to your order, we sent a city.

A Letter from the Rev, M. Wyuechen, A Letter of the Rev. Mr. Ritscher, Super

Superintendent at Ratzeburg, to Abbot intendent of Gifhorn, in : Hanover, to Salfeld, dated 2d Jan. 1814,

Abbot Salfeld, dated 5th Jan. 1814.

Since the breaking out of the Prussian During cleven years this principality has, war, the inhabitants of this district have like all other parts of our dear country, never been free from foreign soldiers. But been systematically plundered under the our greatest sufferings began when the French dominion. Thus exhausted, we army of Eckmuhl took a position here had last year during fourteen weeks to şus- against the Russian cerps under Czernitain the extortions of the numerous French cheff. There was, during a fortnight, army stationed in this district. Then our constant fighting between the two corps, deliverers approached. The beginning of in their marches and countermarches, the this memorable year, 1813, brought us inhabitants had to maintain numbers of new hopes of regaining our liberty. We soldiers quartered on them. I myself saerifieed most cheerfully our last means have, within that short time, lodged and to maintain the allied troops collecting in fed at my house 1495 men and their this principality, and preparing for an at- horses. The smallest houses of the peatack on Hamburg. You know what fol- sants had daily from 80 to 100 men. The lowed. From the 17th of August, when soldiers took from them whatever they could hostilities broke out again, we had most find : many people fled from their houses. dreadfully to suffer for our patriotism. On After the French, who had hardly left us the 3d of September, Prince Eckmuhl, any thing, came the Russians, under Czerafter he had been beaten at Gross Beeren, nicheff. Then came the army of the Crown removed his head-quarters to this place. Prince of Sweden, , wbich was followed by An adjatant of his, who announced his the corps of Woronzow. The marching arrival, brought orders to arrest twenty of and quartering of troops still continue ; all the most respectable inhabitants. The around us is a scene of devastation. WliatFrench officers declared openly they would ever could serve as fuel has been deleave us nothing, and they were as good stroyed; all the gardens, which are the as their word. The French army united principal mean of support of the inhabitants with the Danish, while in their position of this place, lie open and waste. God along the Steckniz, committed on our knows what will become of us, if this wincountry all kinds of excesses. Whatever ter continues to be as severe as it began, the French soldiers did not consume or and if the murrain spreads fartber in this wantonly destroy, was taken from us to neighbourhood, provision Hamburg, and to increase the magazines in Holstein. Our whole harvest,

LONDON SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING our other provisions, 10,000 head of cattle,

CHRISTIANITY AMONG THE JEWS. were either consumed or carried off. The farmers, who, in order to cultivate the

On Wednesday, March 30, a very nic fields, bought their horses again from the merous and respectable Meeting, principally French. lost them a second time. The of ladies, assembled in Freemasons' Hall, fugitives from the grand army, who hast for the purpose of forming a Ladies' Society, ened to Hamburg and Holstein, took from in aid of the above institution, particularly the inhabitants what little was left them.

iri support of the female department, in Our fields are lying waste, our fine forests cluding the religious instruction, maintecut down. many houses are destroyed, our nance, and education of Jawesses, with the public funds have disappeared, and the girls' school: Wm.-Henry Hoan, Esq. in communities, to meet the enormous con

the chair. , tributions and requisitions, are deeply in

The chairman briefly introduced the gevolved in debt. On leaving us in this neral objects of the London Society to the miserable situation, Eckmuhl, without any

attention of the assembly, and referred to military necessity, destroyed the long

the Rev. Dr. Collyer, who more fully exbridge which connects this city with the

plained the particular object of the present main land; after which he ordered three

after which he ordered three Meeting.' unoffending farmers in our neighbourhood

The Rev. Legh Richmond expatiated on to be shot, which order was executed in the too general neglect of the moral and the most barbarous manner. I need not religious instruction of Jewesses, and the say any more to convince you, that our advantages to be expected from the pro

os deserve that kind attention which poscd exertions in this eause. you have already, in so gratifying a manner,

The Rev. F. A. Cox adverted to the olie shown to our unfortunate fellow-sufferers

jections urged by some persons against the in this principality.

London Society, particularly from the alleged small degree of success which had been obtained, in proportion to the exer

tions that had been made, and the monies had been manifested, congratulated the ' expended. He argued, that even if the Meeting on the auspicious appearance of success obtained had been as small, or its numbers, and in conclusion reminded smaller than the objection supposes, it was them, that although their local wants as to nevertheless at all times the duty of Chris-' the Scriptures was the first object to which tians to attempt the conversion of the an- their attention was to be directed, and these cient people of God; and that this duty, were already in a course of being supplied like every other, ought to be judged of by by the endeavours and social union of the the Divine command, not by the degree of poorer classes, yet that another leading obe saccess which attended its performance. ject was, to forward all the momentous pur.

The children were then introduced, and poses, and to contribute to the power and sung a hymd, after which

energy, of the parent institution. The Rev. T. Grimshaw, in the most af- The Report was then read. Thanks being fectionate terms, recommended them to carried with the strongest expressions of look to the ladies present as their mothers, respect to the patrons, and felt confidence in the ladies' care, as His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent proving equal to maternal regard. He ex- again rose, and expatiated on the important plained the nianner of admission into the moral bearings of the Bible Society on the schools, and showed that they were received · condition of the lower orders, and on the on the voluntary offer of their parents alone. unanimity it secured among all classes of

The Rev. John Styles supported the ob- Christians. He was persuaded that the servations which had been made in a very prevalence of the principles of the Bible able manner. The object of the Meeting, among the military would tend to elerate! thus enforced, was unanimously approved, the character, and renovate the condition, and suitable Resolutions were passed for the of the soldier. formation of a Ladies' Society.

- The Meeting was afterwards addressed The children then retired, singing, “Ho- by His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, sanna to the Prince of Peace."

who, with much persuasive energy, illusThe following ladies were elected Vice trated the various benefits attending the Patronesses :Lady Olivia Sparrow, the establishment and efforts of the British and Hon. Mrs. Hoan, the Hon. Mrs. Windsor, Foreigu Bible Society in its domestic and Mrs. Babington, Mrs. Collyer, Mrs. Gason, foreign relations, and made a very forcible ale' Mrs. Read Kemp, Mrs. General Neville, lusion to the noble example set by the great Mrs. Puget, Mrs. Stanhope, and Miss Way. Head of the Russian empire, in affording - The Rev. Messrs. Ruile, Evans, Frey, his powerful patronage to the Bible SocieHare, and Dr. Collyer, with Messrs. Cunz ties in his dominions, and who, surrounded ningham, Hamilton, Pugh, Stevens, and by the grandeur of imperial sway, and the Way, severally addressed the company. · triumplas of his victorious legions, regarded

The plan of this Ladies' Society is, by the furtherance of the cause which that Inviting the assistance of ladies, to collect Meeting was held to celebrate and extend, twelve or more annual subscriptions of 56. as an object of coinmanding and concurrent per annum and upwards, to be applied to moment, the object of the London Society, parti Mr. Gutteridge, in the course of an inçularly in the instruction and support of teresting speech, in seeming allusion to Jewesses.

the scene now passing on the Continent, compared the Bible Societies to the co

lumns of a great army marching by differa CAMBERWELL AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY.

ent routes to the same centre, all actuated A very numerous and respectable meet: by the same principles, animated by the ing was convened at the Grove House, Cam- same hopes, surmounting the like obberwell, on Saturday the 2d of April, being stacles, encountering the same enemies, the first anniversary of this institution, at pressing on with like success to the attainwhich His Royal Highness the Duke of ment of their mighty purpose, to the subKent took the chair, supported by His version of the power and infuence of moral Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, Sa- evil, and the establishment of the governmuel Thornton, Esq. M.P. Benjamin Shaw, ment and principles of the Prince of Peace, Esq. M.P. Rev. Drs. Storie, Werninck, MrSamuel Thornton addressed the Draper, and Collyer; Dr. Blundell, Rev. Meeting on being appointed Vice-president. Messrs. Johnson, Owen, Hughes, &c. &c.; The Duke of Kent summed up the busi. Messrs. Willis, Stephen, Cattley, Alexan- ness, and closed a highly gratifying Meetder, Maitland, and a large number of the ing, at which His Royal Highness had very gentry of that part of Surry.

ably presided with his wonted dignity and · The Royal Chairman presented a rapid condescension. sketch of local exertions and circumstances, A large proportion of the company concommended the zeal and liberality which sisted of ladies. CHRIST. GUARD. VOL. VI.

- Co

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SOUTHWARK LADIES' ASSOCIATION, IN AID ject in particular, will bę faithfully appro.

OF THE SOUTHWARK CHURCH MISSION- priated to the purposes of this separate ARY ASSOCIATION.

fund. Patroness-Mrs. Henry Thornton. Trea- An Address from the Ladies of the Southsürer-Miss Pinhorn. Secretaries-Mrs.

wark Church Missionary Association. , . Slade, Mrs. Beales, Miss Wardale.

' When the exalted type of qur great A Code of Rules for the Government of the

the Emmanuel was preparing materials for the Southwark Church Missionary Associa

erection of a temple to the honour of his

God, and, with beneficence that receives tion of Ladios.

increase of enjoyment from participation, I. That this Meeting, being influenced called upon his people to take a share with by a full persuasion that the “ Church him in the honourable and delightful work, Missionary Society for Africa and the East” they gladly heard the call; they offered is decidedly attached to the doctrines and willingly to the Lord; they rejoiced in episcopal government of the United Church their offering; and adored the grace that of England and Ireland, and calculated to had imparted the ability and the will. bring into action the zeal of her members in them we have an animating example. for the conversion of the heathen, do most Great indeed was their privilege to bear cordially approve of the object, constitu-, part in the erection of a temple, in which tion, and proceedings of that Society. God would manifest his presence and com

II. That, a Southwark Church Mission- municate his blessing: but how much ary Association having been recently form- greater is the privilege to which Christians ed, this Meeting do deem it expedient to are invited the privilege of enlarging their annex to that Association an Association of Redeemer's kingdom, and of building up Ladies, in furtherance of the funds of the that spiritual temple whose chief cornerSouthwark Church Missionary Association, stone is laid on a suve foundation, the rock by the collection of weekly and monthly of everlasting truth! contributions; and that the following be To a participation in this glorious work the rules of this Association :

our Lord invites his people, when he makes 1. That every person collecting one shil- them the instruments of sending his Gosling, or upward, a week; or five shillings, pel to distant lands; and such is the hoor upward, a month; be a member of this noured employ to which our venerable Association ; be entitled to receive a copy Church now calls her members, when she of each Annual Report and Sermon of the addresses them through the Church MisChurch Missionary Society, and of each sionary Society. number of the Missionary Register; and Nor does she call in vain. Subjects of will have her name, together with the the Prince of Peace bave stepped forth : alamount of her collections, printed, , both ready they court the honour of being his in the Lists of the Association and in those heralds to the benighted nations, while of the Church Missionary Society.

Christian opulence contributes liberally in 2. That Ladies who may be induced to aid of their great designs. With the one subscribe annually One Guinea shall be en- and the other we rejoice, and pray they titled to attend all Meetings of the Associa- may abound more and more.. tivn, in the capacity of visitors; as well as But the poor in this world's goods are

to have their names printed, and to receive sometimes rich in faith; they glow with - a copy of the Annual Report and Sermon. holy zeal to evince their loyalty and their

3. Tbat, the business of this Association love to Him “ who became poor that they be conducted by a patroness, treasurer, might be rich;" and would present, if but three secretaries, and the meinbers who as the widow's mite, a free-will offering to compose it.

their God. • 4. That all sums collected by this Asso- To collect these humble tributes of gra·ciation shall be paid, after deducting ex- titude would require more time than can be

penses, once every quarter, to the Trea- afforded by those to whom we look for prosurer of the Southwark Church Missionary vision and support. On the female, thereAssociation.

. fore, seems to devolve the gratifying task of 5. That vacancies in any of the offices of enabling the poor but pious inhabitant of this Association be filled at the monthly the cottage and other bumble spheres of meetings.

life to bear a share-not less acceptable for • III. That the committee of the Church being small-in the divine, the glorious Missionary Society having opened a sepa- work of sending the light of truth to the kate fund for the establishment and support distant corners of the earth. of schools among the heathen, and the fo- Deeply impressed with this conviction, reign possessions of the British Crowii;' the ladies of Southwark have formed themithe contributions of sucb. persons as may selves into an Association for the purpose wish to direct their benerolence to this ob- of collecting weekly and monthly contri

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butions, in aid of the funds of the South- less and defend the widow'.” Our God rewark Church Missionary Association; and quires no sacrifice of your existence; lire, in this address they presume to request the to act the father's and the mother's part, female members of their Church to coun- to protect, to defend your offspring; live, tenance, by participation, their intended to know yourself, and to instruct them in work, which, if at all a labour, will, they the knowledge of that Saviour, who, disare confident, be deemed a work and la- persing the gloom of ignorance and error, bour of love.

hath brought life and immortality to light They particularly request a due consider- by the Gospel. ation of the principal design with which B ut your liberality may save a father this Association has been formed; which is, too, that other invaluable protector : yes, to devote a portion of their time and in the voice of truth and grace may reach the . fluence, not only in pleading the cause of ear of him who had gone forth to cast himthe Church Missionary Society, among their self beneath the idol's car. Again, then, families and the poor; but, also, in collect- enter the dwelling where your messenger ing weekly or monthly the sums which can has proclaimed the glad tidings of salvaonly thus be spared.

tion. Behold a father, a mother, a family, The ladies who circulate this address, do forming an assembly of humble, of gratenot feel it necessary to enter into a detail of fal worshippers, who, while they adore the

the various and urgent wants of the mil- Fountain of their mercies, are fervently ·lions who are involved in the darkness of craving Heaven's richest blessings on the

heathen ignorance and superstition : for British isles, the medium through which such iaformation they refer to the Reports those blessings flowed. . of the Church Missionary Society, and 'to If, therefore, the feelings of loyalty to the Missionary Register. One picture of your King, and love to your, country; of misery, however, which appeals to their conjugal, of maternal, or filial regard, aniown sex, they venture to exhibit.

mate your bosoms-and we åre assured Of that sex it is the permitted and most they most powerfully do-obey the holy honourable characteristic, to commiserate impulse which has been giren : fear not to with suffering humanity. Never can this.' contribute the least mite, while this congrace be more nobly displayed than it is by descending notice stands on record, “ She contributing to the departure of a servant hạth done what she could;" Nor doubt of Christ to those who sit in darkness and the final triumph of the glorious cause. the shadow of death. Let the anxiously Soon will the intelligence be announced, fond mother, who trembles lest her tender “ The kingdonis of this world are become offspring should, by a wise but inscrutable the kingdonis of our Lord and of his Christ; Providence, be deprived of either of the and he shall reign for ever and ever."..." guardians of their early years, for a moment endeavour to realize the poignant ánguish which must rend the breast of that "THE CHRISTIAN AND TIIE MAHOMETAN mother, who, in the decease of her chil

CREEDS. dren's best support, hears the summons for SOME time ago (says Mr. Klein, one of her to forsake them, at a time, too, when the missionaries of the Church Missionary they most need her fostering care; and to Society) three foulahs called on us, and immolate herself on her husband's funeral desir:d to see my “ Foulab Book," mean-, pile!—The affecting representation excitęsing the Arabic Bible. They wished to ex; our sympathy: let it stimulate our exer- amine whether it agreed with theirs. They

had only a few leaves of one; and admired Nor, while it interests the feelings of mine very much, looking it through and your parents, ought it less powerfully to through. One only of them could read excite yours, ye favoured young persons, it: after reading for some time, he began who bask in the sunshine of parental ten- to laugh; and asserted that Jesus Christ derness. Think what would be your an. was only the friend of God, and not hiş guish, if your parents were, almost by one son. I maintained the contrary; and pressstroke, thus torn from you; and be hence ed upon him the worth of liis soul, and induced, by extending the hand of charity, the evil of sin, and asked him how he to dry the ungenial tear which so often be, would appear before God in judgment. dews the cheek of youth in a distant land. He said he would go to Malomet; I told

Having traced the mournful reality which him Mahomet was a sinner, like bimself; excites your pity, we, beg to stop the sym- and that he could not savę either himself pathetic tear, and bid you enter the dwell or others; bis only refuge was in Jesus ing where your messenger lias spoken these Christ." He said, Jesus Christ would not words: “To thee, mourning widow, I am accept him, but send him away: I assured commissioned to say, “Sorrow not as those him, that, if he now believed on him in without hope ;' but know there is a God this life, Christ would never after reject who bath said, 'I will preserve the father. him,

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