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promise to his disciples, “ What- or divine glory? Shall we reduce soever ye shall ask in my name, him to a level with his creatures, by that will I do!”

making him a mere man like ourThus it is clear, that the very selves? When he, “ the first besame perfections which belong to gotten of God, was brought into God the Father, belong also to the world,” or became incarnate, God the Son. It must follow, then, all the angels were commanded to that the latter is a correct likeness worship him. And shall we, so of the former. How unreasonable, much their inferiors, and so much therefore, was Philip's request; needing a divine Savioar, refuse to

Show us the Father, and it suf- " bow the knee” before him in holy ficeth us.” And with what truth adoration and reverential awe ? might the Saviour answer, and say Let any one seriously, attentively, unto him, “ Have I been so long and impartially consider the chaptime with you, and yet hast thou ter from whence the words which not known me, Philip ? He that stand at the head of this commuhath seen me hath seen the Father. nication, are selected, and it must And how sayest thou, then, Show be impossible for him to doubt the us the Father?” Hence it is no Saviour's divinity; it must be imwonder that St. Paul declares, that possible for him to avoid exclaim"Christ is God manifest in the flesh;" ing, with the unbelieving disciple, and that u in him dwelleth all the “ MY LORD, AND MY GOD!" Let fulness of the Godhead bodily.” us then fear " this holy Lord . And since he is the image of God God.” Let us stand in awe of the Father, he cannot be God the him." Let us “ kiss the Son,” Father himself, and must, conse- lest we provoke him to anger, and quently, be distinct from him in, we perish everlastingly. Ah! “it respect to his personality; just as is a fearful thing to fall into the an attested copy of a legal instru- hands of Christ, the living God," ment, though it be the same in all the Judge of quick and dead. respects with the original, is yet “ He is our Lord, therefore let us distinct from it. They are two worship him.”_“Let us not dare things; two similar and distinct, to lift up our heel against him.” because the one is a transcript of Let us not spoil him of his dignity: the other. So the Lord Christ, al. rather let us, “ glorify the Son." though he have communion with Let us entertain the loftiest, the Father in regard to his God. thoughts of him. Let us “ wait head, is, nevertheless, quite distinct for his law,” receiving and emfrom him as to his person. Quod bracing the Gospel. And let us erat demonstrandum. .

endeavour to“ please him" aş
Such being the excellency of his much as we would endeavour to
dignity, what reflection so natural “ fear God and keep his command-
and so becoming as the following: ments."
How ought we to reverence the Lord

Christ! He is most assuredly- )
Į a divine person. And," as. 11 REMARKS ON DANIEL, CHAP. VIII.
water face answereth to face,” so

doth God the Son to God the "
Father. - Surely, therefore, men To the Editor of the Christian
ought to honour the Son as they

Guardian. honour the Father. If divine ho- SIR, nours are to be paid to the latter, Your correspondent Nemo, who they are equally due to the former. is certainly somebody, has applied Shall we, then, presume to rob the a passage in Daniel, chap. viii. 9Lord Jesus Christ of his essential 12, to the impostor Maliomet.[Sep

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tember 1813, page 308.] Having omission, so ably commented on been engaged, a short time ago, by your correspondent, does not, in studying the original Hebrew it is true, prevail yet to any extent; of this passage, I was forcibly but it has begun to prevail, and struck with its applicableness to when innovation begins (innovathat arch-deceiver. One thing, tion, too, upon acknowledged exindeed, rather puzzled, me: how cellence), past ,experience has this little horn could be said to taught us the difficulty of saying spring out of one of the four to it, “ Hitherto shalt thou go, and horns, that is, the successors of no further !” Alexander the Great, since thoseThe regulations of our Church powers, had been annihilated by allow time enough to give the the Roman empire. Mahomet whole of the service in all churches certainly sprung up in the country and episcopal chapels, and even over which one of those four no- on Sacramental days, a moderately tabie horns reigned, viz. Seleucus long sermen at the end of it. It and his successors, and was of the is great pity, therefore, that any tribe of the Korashites, the noblest Minister should deem it necessary in the country. If any line of con. to curtail the Liturgy, in order to nexion between Mahomet and the avoid curtailing the sermon. A word ancient kings of Syria, the Ses to the wise, Sir, is enough; and Jeucidæ, could be satisfactorily the good men, who feel themselves traced, the difficulty which I felt obnoxious to this charge (and good would vanish. Perhaps your cor- men they are), will, I dare say, respondent can afford me a solu- prove it to be sufficient. tion. Mr. Scott in his commentary, There is, however, Mr. Editor, after combating the opinion of another evil hinted at by C. H. those, who apply the passage to much more general, and therefore Antiochus Epiphanes, coincides requiring your animadversion quite with Sir Isaac and Bishop Newton, as much as this: the fault of it who interpret it of the Roman rests not with the Minister, power. But, with all deference but the people; not with the to these eminent critics and com- Pastor, but his flock: and I would mentators, I did not feel satisfied conjure those of the Church of with their interpretation, and still England, who wish to be consi. adhered to my own conjecture, dered as of the Church universal, waiting for an opportunity to ac- to reflect on the injury they inflict quire a clearer insight into this re- on Christianity, and, above all, markable prophecy. I am not upon themselves, by the repetition aware that Mr. Faber has given any of it. This evil is, late attendsolution of the subject in hand; ance. if he has, please to inform me Late attendance, said a cele. where it is to be found, and you brated Scotch Divine, a few Sun. will oblige, Sir,

days ago, is the curse of all LonYour constant reader, don congregations. And I am

J. B. O. sorry to add, that'it is more espe

cially the curse of those denomi

nated serious, and where the Gospel ON LATE ATTENDANCE AT

is most faithfully preached! There CHURCH.

are churches and chapels of this MR. EDITOR,

class in London, where the ear is The remarks of C. H., inserted teased with the perpetual opening in your June Magazine, will be and shutting of the doors, and the attended, I hope, with a proper attention of those who came in and salutary effect. The evil of time distracted by the noise, ever

to the conclusion of the prayers. though “ the brightness of that Come when they may, however, Father's glory," came down to die these rude intruders never forget for you, and, while fulfilling his one part of church duty. They mission, had not where to lay his engage for a short space in private head! prayer, which, as it cannot be pre- Sir, I could enumerate churches fatory, we will suppose to be--for where this abuse most alarmingly forgiveness of late attendance, fol. prevails-where the prayers are lowed by a confession of the sin, read over almost to empty pews, and divers weighty excuses for con- and where those pews continue tinuing the practice of it! But empty, or filt but slowly, till the the subject is too serious for a jest, commencement of the sermon. and I will be serious upon it. What an insult is this to our most

Will those who indulge in this excellent Liturgy-to that warmthunworthy habit permit a question inspiring formulary so well adapted or two?

to every individual where all may, Do you respect the Church of find prayer and supplication, England ? Do you love her doc- thanksgiving and praise, suited to trines and discipline? or are you every case.. rather a wolf in sheep's clothing, There may be some colour of exseeking to seduce others from their cuse for those Dissenters who attend allegiance, and, by your example chapels not episcopal, where the of neglect, not sparing the fiock ? church service is in use; and wlio Do you wish to avoid even the ap- object to the said service as the pearance of evil on the Sabbath- cause of their halfoprice attend. day? or think you that the punc- ance; but, I apprehend, it is the tuality never omitted in matters of colour only of excuse that even temporal interest, may be dispensed they can plead ; and that, in dili. with when eternity is concerned, gent self-examination, they would and when God waits upon you find the objection ascribable (much What if a person, who receives fa- more than to any other cause) to vours at.your hand, were to appoint indisposition and indifference toa certain hour to meet you, and, ward God, and “the place where instead of attending to the appoint. his honqur dwel:eth,"? ment, were to come an hour after

J. S. word! should you consider such conduct either respectful or de

Anecdote còrous? You answer, No; I should feel such indifference, and be of.

OF BISHOP BULL. fended at it. Yet, strange to tell, To the Editor of the Christian you, who would be mortified at such

Guardian, a circumstance, scruple not, week sỊR, after week, to manifest far greater The following anecdote is taken 'indifference toward the King of from the Christian Observer, yol. Kings--the Creator of the world! vii. p. 92. . If you regard it as You enter the temple, not at the calculated to be useful, you will hour when His worship begins insert it in your Magazine. (the hour of appointment), but as

HENRICUS. best suits your lazy habits and fancied necessary occupations. WHEN Bishop Bull was minister This is not imitating the bright ex- of St. George's, near Bristol,' he' amples set before you in the Gos- was sent for to baptize the child of pel-this is not being like-minded a Dissenter. The good Bishop with Him who, in all things, repeated from memory the service obeyed his Father's will; and who, appointed for the baptisin of chil

dren, and administered the sign they owe their all; and the Reof the cross. When he had finish. deemer's presence will be your ed the ceremony, the man thank- heaven for evermore. Should you ed him, and said, “ How much forsake his service, or hold secret better, they pray and perform di- correspondence with his foes, you vine service, who do not tie them- must be punished, like them, with selves down to forms, but who de- eternal infamy in hell. pend on the help of the Holy Spi- The enemies you have to op. rit; and that if he had not made pose and conquer will probably the sign of the cross, nobody be, first, your intimates, friends, could have objected to his excel and nearest relations, whose po. lent prayers." Dr. Bull then told lite conversation and affection for him, that he had used the service you have been so pleasing; for, in the Liturgy; which circum- till their judgment of sin, true stance, with the arguments he ad religion, and man's chief good, are duced to remove his prejudices, formed from Scripture, as your influenced him ever after to attend own now is, they must both dethe church.--Vide Nelson's Life spise and hate the way of life in of Bishop Bull. . .

which you must persist. With these

opposers your corrupt nature will ORIGINAL LETTERS FROM PIOUS

take part; and so will Satan, a CHIARACTERS,, DECEASED,

subtle destroyer, long practised in No. LXIV.

arts and wiles to compass the ruin

of immortal souls. In this perilous From the late Rev. H, Ven1, A, M. condition you have joined your

to Captain Jonathan Scott. self (effectually influenced by DEAR SIR, . Nov. 6, 1765. his grace) to Christ, as your lead. ,

I CANNOT leave Shropshire er and commander. Under his without giving you joy on your banner, diligently using the means', knowledge of Christ, and deter- he in tenderest love enjoins, you mination to live in his service. are confidently to expect both This connects us more closely than 'protection and victory. if we had sprung immediately These means are, secret prayer. from the same parents ; for, in study of the Bible, public wor. numberless instances, own bro- ship, hearing his preachers, Christhers will be separated from each tian society, and much retirement. other far' as heaven and hell; but Secret prayer, at stated times, all who love the Lord Jesus shall was constantly practised by our dwell for ever with him. Love to Lord. " At evening,” says he, him and your soul.prompts me to “and morning, and noon-day, will lay before you a few hints, furnish- I cry unto thee, and that instantly, ed from long service in the church and thou shalt hear my prayer." of Christ, which had I received All his illustrious saints have done on my entrance into it, they might the same. Indeed, stated times of have preserved me from many prayer, where they can be had, hurtful mistakes.

are no less needful to make the Your Christian calling is a war- soul flourish, than stated meals to fare where no quarter can be given keep the body in health ; wilfully on either side. If you prove to neglect them is to walk confaithful unto death, angels will re- trary to the example of Christ and ceive your departing soul; eternal his saints, which can never pro, glory will be your crown; the ar- 'duce resemblance to them in our , mies of the saved will receive you life. Yet stated times of secret with transport, as a soul ransomed prayer will grow tiresome, and with that precious blood to which prove of no use, unless you take

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pains to present yourself a wore devout study of the Bible, because shipper before the Lord in spirit it is our infallible guide, and the and in truth, by looking up, and treasury of all truth necessary to begging the spirit of grace and salvation. But the riches laid up supplication may be poured out there are not to be found by proud on your soul. But when you duly or careless .minds; none possess observe stated times of secret them till they dig for them as for prayer, be not cast down, because silver, longing to know the will of you will often find great stupidity God that they may do it. To suof mind, and know not what to perficial readers of the Bible it ask; or because you feel your presents little more than a great faith very weak, much backward. number of duties, which must be ness to pray, and a swarm of idle performed; and sins, which must thoughts oppressing you. Do not be renounced; with insupportable on this account leave off your con- pains, on failure of obedience : stant devotions ; nor question whe- passages of excellent use, when ther they will profit your soul. It believed; as they at once rouse is much for your good to feel you' the selfish soul of man to seek rehave no power to command your conciliation with God, and help thoughts. It is much for your from heaven; and sweep away good that your own experience every refuge of lies, under which should confirm what the word of love of sin leads us to take shelter. God and his people teach, that But earnest and devout readers disyou are weak and poor, 'always cover much more-they discover standing in absolute need of the the tender heart of Christ, the effimercy of God, the grace of the cacy of his blood to cleanse from Lord Jesus Christ, and the power all unrighteousness, and a variety of the Holy Ghost.

of spiritual blessings, which are the On the contrary, beware of be- present reward of being true. ing elated on account of great en- hearted in his service. I am at & largement of heart, and spiritual loss for words to express how much joy, which you will find sometimes solid knowledge, transforming your flow in upon your soul. Should mind into the Divine image, you this favour lead you to think will certainly gain by persevering highly of yourself, carelessness in diligent prayer, year after year, first, and then a miserable fall, for the true interpretation of God's will follow; for self-exalting blessed word, that you may be thoughts always defile the soul, made wise and holy. A pattern is and grieve the Spirit of God. Nei- plainly set before us in these mether can any dependence, as to morable petitions : may they come future safety, be justly built on from our hearts, and everdwell on what has passed in our own minds : our tongues ! “ I am a stranger witness the noble confession Peter upon earth (very soon to leave it, made of his faith in Christ one therefore its' riches and honours hour, and the astonishing repri- cannot profit me). O hide not mand he received the next : “ Get thy commandments from me, thee behind me, Satan; thou art which will enrich me for ever, an offence unto me." These sweet Open thou my eyes, that I may sensations of spiritual joy realize see wondrous things in thy law. to us some of the precious pro- Thy hands have formed and fam . mises made to believers in Christ, shioned me; O give me underand are designed to allure us, not standing, that I may know thy to excite a conceit of any thing law." This method of reading good in ourselves.

" the Bible must be continued To secret prayer, you will join through life, especially while the

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