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be on your side, whose grace is band was sealed in the presence of sufficient for you. Very soon, the attendant angels, and committed enemies whom ye have seen to-day, to Patriarchs and Prophets. ye skall see again no more for ever. " A long series of rites and ceCLERICUS DERBIENSIS. remonies, sacrifices and oblations,

was instituted to preserve the me

mory of that solemn deed. And ! A SPECIMEN OF WELSH ELO

at the close of the four thousandth QUENCE.

year, behold at the foot of CalTo the Editor of the Christian

vary the incarnate Son of God! Guardian.

Justice too was there : in her hand SIR,

she bore the dreadful bond ; she Tue following specimen of ge- presented it to the Redeemer, and nuine pulpit eloquence was taken, demanded now the fulfilment of verbatim, from the lips of à its awful terms. He accepted clergyman in Wales. I am per- the deed, and together they as- , suaded that the peculiar beauty cended to the summit of the Mount.. of the imagery, and the sublimity of Mercy was seen attendant at his the thoughts, will be acceptable to side, and the weeping Church folyour readers. As such, I request lowed in his train. When he you to insert it in your valuable reached the summit of the Mount, Miscellany.

what did he with the band ? Did ; A CONSTANT READER. he tear it in pieces, and scatter it

to the winds of heaven ? Ah! no: “IP I should compare the na. he nailed it to his cross; and when tural state of man, I should con- the wood was prepared, and the ceive an immense grave-yard, fills devoted willing sacrifice stretched ed with yawning sepulchres, and on the tree, Justice, sternly cried, dead and dying men. All around Holy Fire, come down from heaare lofty walls, and massive iron ven, and burn this sacrifice!' Holy gates. At the gate stands Mercy, Fire replied, “I come! I come! sad spectatress of the melancholy and when I have consumed this scene. An angel flying through sacrifice, I will burn the universe.' the midst of heaven, attracted The fire descended, and rapidly by the awful sight, exclaims consumed his humanity-but when • Mercy! why do you not enter, it touched his Deity it expired! and apply to these objects of com- Then did the heavenly hosts break passion the restoring balm ?'— forth in rapturous strains Glory Mercy replies, · Alas! I dare not to God in the highest; on earth enter; Justice bars the way. By peace, and good will towards her side a form appeared like unto men!! the Son of man.-- Justice, he cried, 'what are thy den ands, that

ANTIDOTE TO TEMPTATION. Mercy may enter, and stay this carnival of death?' I demand.' said [Continued from Vol. III. p. 271.] Justice, “pain for their case-de To the Editor of the Christian gradation for their dignity-shame

Guardian, for their honour-death for their SIR, ' life !--I accept the terms; now, I KNOW not how to justify the Mercy, enter!'-_What pledge do delay that has taken place in transyou give for the performance of mitting to you the sequel to the these conditions -My word'! páper you were pleased to admit my path!'- When will you fulfil into your useful publication in them?'--Four thousand years 1811. I can only say, that, hay hence, upon the hill of Calvary.' The ing been removed to a distant part

of the kingdom, in the midst of of the law, and death of body and the cares of a very important situ. soul? --He died in our stead an ig. ation, want of leisure, for the most nominious death. Did we deserve part, together with want of recol- the anger of God?-He endured lection, has been the cause. I his Father's wrathful displeasure, hope, however, it may not be too that so he might reconcile us to late to afford in season that conso- his Father, and set us at liberty. lation to some troubled though be- He that deserved no sorrow felt lieving soul, which it has afforded much, that we, who deserved to myself,

much, might feel none: and by I am, &c.

his wounds we are healed. (Isaiah, Silvon. liii. 5.) Adam ate the apple;

Christ paid the price. In a word, Objection. I grant that the Lord whatsoever we owed, Christ disis merciful and gracious, slow to charged; whatsoever we deserved, anger, and abundant in goodness he suffered, if not in the selfand truth, forgiving iniquity, same punishment (for he, being transgression, and sin : but he is God, could not suffer the eternal just as well as merciful, and there- torments of hell), yet in proporfore he will not acquit the wicked tion; the dignity of this person (Exod. xxxiv. 6, 7), but reward (being God and man) giving value them according to their works. unto his temporary punishments, (Rev. xx. 12, 13; xxii. 12.) and making them of more value

Answer. He will therefore par- and worth than if all the world don all thy sins (if thou unfeign- should have suffered the eternal edly repent, and wholly rely on tórments of hell : for it is more Christ for thy salvation by a lively for one that is eternal to die, than faith), because he is just; for as for others to die eternally. Therethe Lord cannot in justice let sin fore was the Son of God made the go unpunished (for the wages of son of man, that the sons of men sin is death, Rom. vi. 23; death might be made the sons of God: in the person, if not in the surety; and therefore was he both God and therefore he hath punished the and man; lest, being in every resins of all men, either in his Son, spect God, he had been too great or will thoroughly punish them in to suffer for man; or being in the parties themselves), so the every respect man, he had been same justice will not admit, that too weak to satisfy God. the same sins 'should be twice pu- And again : it is the Lord's conished, once in our Saviour, and venant made with his church, and again in the faithful : or that a committed to writing (Jer. xxxi, debt once paid should be required 34 ; Heb. x. 16, 17; Psa. xxxii. à second time. (1 John, i. 9.) Now 10; Isa. lv. 7; Ezek. xviii. 21that Christ hath sufficiently satis- 23; xxxiii. 11; Mal. iii. 17), confied for all the sins of the faithful, firmed and ratified by his seals, the and paid our debt, even to the ut- sacraments, together with his most farthing, is evident from many oath, that there might be no place

places of Scripture, as, Isaiah, liji, left for doubting; for “ God, will· 4, 5; 2 Cor. v. 21 ; Heb. ix. 26; ing more abundantly to show unto

1 Pet. ii. 24 ; Rom. iii, 25, 26; 1 the heirs of promise the immutabi. John, i. 7,9; and many others. lity of his counsel, bound himself by · Are we bound to perform per- an oath, that by two immutable fect obedience to the law ?---He things, wherein it is impossible for performed it for us. Were we for God to-lie, we might have a strong disobedience subject to the sen- consolation.” (Heb. vi. 17.). tence of condemnation, the curse And lest the afflicted conscience


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should object, that he entered into nion of himself, as the false is un covenant, and made these pro- willing to be driven from it. But mises, to prophets, apostles, and is it so, or does Satan only tell holy men of God; but not to such thee so? I know it is not so; I rebellious sinners, who have de- know that thou believest with some served the punishments threatened mixture of unbelief, and that this in the law; all the promises made is but a slander of Satan's; for as in the Gospel are general, indefi- Satan slandereth us to God (Job, nite, and universal, excluding i.9), and God to us (Gen. iii. 4, none that turn from their sins by 5), so he slandereth us to our unfeigned repentance, and believe selves. (Job, xvi. 9.) But, lest in Christ Jesus, resting on him you should think ļ slander Satan, alone for their salvation, as ap- know that you believe, even while pears, Isa. lv. 1; Ezek. xxxiii. 11; you complain of unbelief; for, as Mark, xvi. 16; John, iii. 14--16, there could be no shadow if there 36; vi. 37, 40; Acts, x. 43; 1 were no light, so there cannot be John, ii. 1. Neither is there any this fear where there is no faith, limitation or exception of this or They that know not Christ, think that sin; for be they never so it no such great matter to lose grievous and manifold, yet through him. But if God once say, “ This repentance and faith they cannot is my son ;" Satan will say, * If debar us from receiving the bene- thou be the son of God.” Neither fit of God's mercy and Christ's can the happy building of, “ Lord, merits. (Isa. i. 18; Titus, ii. 14; I believe," stand without that co1 John, i. 7, 9.) For, consider, lumn to underprop'it, “ Help thou doth the Lord say he will extend mine unbelief."" his mercy unto all that come unto As it is in this world for temhim? Doth he invite every one ? poral things, so for the world to Doth he say, I would have all men come for spiritual things: poor saved, and none to perish? --And men sing, and rich men cry : so dost thou say, Nay, but he would they that have store of grace have me to perish, because I am a mourn for want of it; and they grievous sinner? What is this that indeed want it, chant their but, in effect, and at a distance, abundance. - But the hopes of the to contradict the Lord, and give wicked fail them when they are at the lie to truth itself? But beware the highest ; whereas God's chilof this; for whereas others that dren find those comforts in extrebelieve not the threatenings, flat- mity which they durst not expect. ter away their souls into a pre- As there is nothing more usual sumptuous confidence; thou, by than for a secure conscience to not believing the promises, wilt excuse when it is guilty ; so nocast away thine in a sullen despe- thing is more common than for an rateness, if thou take not heed. afflicted conscience to accuse when For infidelity on both sides is the it is innocent; but a bleeding wound cause of all; of presumption in is better than that which bleeds them ; of despair in thee; of im- not. piety in every one.

• When Mary Magdalen sorrowi Objection. I know well that ed and wept for her sins (Luke, Christ is the end of the law for vii. 50), Christ tells her, “ Thy righteousness, unto every one that faith hath made thee whole ;" intibelieveth (Rom. x. 4), but I want mating that this weeping, this re

! penting faith; is faith indeed. And :, Anster. This is the objection the like to the woman with the expected; for the true Christian is blood issue, who presuming but As fearful to entertain a good opi- to touch the hem of his garment, fell down before him with fear and on his merits; and that it further trembling (Mark, v. 27-35); the manifested itself by working a ha-" humble Canaanite (Matt. xv. 22- tred of sin, and an apparent 29); and the unfortunate blind change in thy whole life, by dying man (Luke, xviii. 38, 43); as if this unto sin and living unto righteoushumble, this praying faith, were ness; and that thou hast not since the only saving faith. Neither can returned to thine old sins, like the thy estate be bad, as St. Ambrose dog to his vomit: if it hath some told Monica, weeping for her se time brought forth in thee the duced son: “ It cannot be that sweet fruit of heavenly and spirithe son of those tears should ever tual joy; if it hath purified thy perish.”

heart in some measure from noi. Yet all pleas are vain to those some lusts and affections; as, sethat are deatened with their own cret pride, self-love, hypocrisy, fears; for, as Mary would not be carnal confidence, wrath, malice, comforted with the sight and speech and the like; so that the spirit of angels; no, not with the sight within thee fighteth against the and speech of Jesus himself, till flesh; if thou canst now say, I love he made her know that he was the godly because they are godly ; Jesus; so, until the Holy Spirit (1 John, iii. 14), and hast an hun. sprinkle the conscience with the gering after Christ, after a greater blood of Christ, and sheddeth his measure of heavenly and spiritual love into the heart, nothing will graces, and more lively tokens of do. No creature can take off his love and favour communicated; wrath from the conscience but He -my soul for thine. thou hast give that set it on. Wherefore the God en false evidence against thyself: of peace give you the peace which for, as in a gloomy day there is so passeth all understanding. Yea, much light whereby we may know Lord, speak thou music to the it to be day, and not night; so wounded conscience, thunder to there is something in a Christian the seared ; that thy justice may under a cloud, whereby he may be reclaim the one, thy mercy relieve discerned to be a true believer, the other; and thy favour comfort and not a hypocrite. But, to us all, with peace and salvation in make it manifest to thyself that Jesus Christ. .

thou art so, But if this will not satisfy, call Know, first, that where there is to remembrance the time past, and any one grace in truth, there is how it hath been with thee for everyone in its meast:re. If merly; as David did in thy very thou art sure thou hast love, I am case (Psa. lxxvii. 2--12); and sure thou hast faith : for they are likewise Job (xii.); for, as still as inseparable as fire and heat, life waters represent any object in their and motion, the root and the sap, bottom clearly, so those that are the sun and its light: and so of troubled or agitated do it but dimly other graces. Or dost thou feel and imperfectly. But if ever thou that Christ is thy greatest joy, sin . hadst true faith begotten in thy thy greatest sorrow; that when , heart (John, i. 13) by the minis- thou canst not feel the presence of try of the word (Rom. x. 17; the Spirit in thy heart, thou goest James, i. 18, 21), and the Spirit's mourning, notwithstanding all powerful working with it (John, other comforts; assuredly, if thou ii. 3, 5, 8), whereby thine heart wert not a child of the bedchamwas drawn to take Christ, and ap-, ber, thou couldst never so heartily ply him a Saviour to thy soul; $0 mourn for the absence of the that thou wert forced to go out of bridegroom. Again, secondly, if thyself, and rely wholly and only ever thou hadst true faith wrought

in thy heart, be not discouraged; the hand of Saúl." (i Sam. xxvii. for, as the former graces show that 1.) Sometimes so strong in faith, thou hast, with Mary, made choice that we can overcome the greatest of that better part which shall assaults, and, with Peter, can never be taken from thee, so this walk upon the swelling wave: by grace of faith is Christ's wedding- and by so faint, that we fall down ring; and to whomsoever he gives even in far less dangers, as Peter it, he gives himself with it: we began to sink at the rising of the may lose the sense, not the essence wind. (Matt. xiv. 29, 30.) And, of it; it may be eclipsed, not ex. indeed, if the wings of our faith tinguished. The gifts and calling be clipped, either by our own of God are without repentance. sins, or with Satan's temptations, (Rom.. xi. 29.) Friends are in- how should not our spirits be groconstant; riches, honours, plea- velling on the ground! sures, are inconstant; the world is But, thirdly and lastly (for I inconstant, and life itself; but I hasten), suppose thou art even at “ the Lord change not." (Mal. the very brink of despair ; and ui. 6.)

that thy conscience speaks nothing · Well might I doubt of my sal. but bitter things, of God's wrath, vation, says Bradford, feeling the hell, and damnation ; and that weakness of my faith, love, hope, thou hast no feeling of faith or &c. if these were the causes of grace ; yet know that it is God's my salvation; but there is no use (and I wish we could all take other cause of it, or of his mercy, notice of it) to work in and by but his mercy. Wherefore, hast contraries :- for instance, in creatthou but a touch of sorrow for ing the world, he brought light sin, a spark of hope, a grain of out of darkness, and made all faith in thy heart, thou art safe things, not of something, but of enough. The . anchor lieth deep, nothing. and is not seen, yet is the stay of In preserving it, he hath given all.

us the rainbow, which is a sign of But thou dreamest of a faith rain, as a certain pledge that the without doubting, which some world shall never the second time dotingly boast they have; but as be drowned. He caused Elias' no righteousness of man can be sacrifice to burn in the midst of perfect without sin, so no assurance water. When he meant to bless can be perfect without doubting. Jacob, he wrestled with him as an Take the evenest balances, and adversary, even till he lamed him. the most equal weights, yet at the When he meant to prefer Joseph first putting in there will be some to the throne, he threw him down inequality; though presently after into the dungeon. Thus Christ they settle themselves in a just opened the eyes of the blind by poise.

anointing them with clay and It is an usual thing with believ- spittle : and would not cure Lazaers to have their ebbing and flow- rus till after he was dead, buried, ing, waxing and waning, summer and stank; no question, to teach and winter; sometimes to be so us, that we must be cast down by comfortable and courageous, that the law, before we can be raised we can say with David, “ Though up by the Gospel ; that we must I were in the valley of the shadow die to sin, before we can live unto of death, yet would I fear no ill.”; righteousness; and become fools, (Psa. xxiii. 4. Otherwhiles, again, before we can be truly wise. so deadened and dejected in our Assure thyself, whatever thy spirits, that we are like him when sufferings be, thy faith shall not he said, " One day I shall die by fail to get the victory. True,

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