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sive and rapid in its movement, although THE PETERSBURGH BIBLE SOCIETY.
the end will no longer be vice and misery,ps IT is with pleasure we give the following
but a moral sense of right and wrong pro- extract from a letter, written by the Rev.
ducing a desirable conduct, and spreading C. Anderson, one of the secretaries of the
its peace over the minds of the soldiery, Edinburgh Bible Society, dated the 18th
If it be objected, that the change is hopeless, of January: “ The Petersburgh Bible So-
as to the great mass of the troops, we "ciety are promoting the printing of the
have to answer, that every other great at- Scriptures in ten languages ; 1. The Cal-
.tempt to improve the morals of men will muc, in which nothing was ever printed
appear such to the diffidence of a lukewarm before : 2. An edition of 5000 copies of
love. Shall we repeatedly behold what a the Armenian New Testament: 3. The
sense of religion, and an'acquaintance Finnish Bible: 4. The German Bible: 5.
with the precepts of the Gospel, have done Polish New Testament commenced : 6. Ca-
for whole bodies of men, and districts of a tholic French Bible resolved on, and mear
country, and those of the most dissolute cha- sures taken for the printing : 7. Sclavo-
racter, and despair of the soldiery? To detail nian: 8. Dorpatian Esthonian: 9. The Re-
the progress of orderly manners from the dif-

'valian Esthonian: 10. The Lothonian New fusion of religious feeling among an hereto- Testament, commencing under the direcfore ignorant and dissolute people, in the

tion of the committees at Dorpat, Revel, instances of the colliers and miners, and and Riga. Mr. Pinkerton from Moscow is':. the lower classes of the hard-working poor

residing here just now, having come home of this nation, would be to repeat a tale

for the recovery of his health. A few days many times told. Nor is there need for

ago he received a letter from the Bible So-. the repetition. The fact is before erery

ciety there. Their primary object is the open and unprejudiced eye. But if so

Sclavonian: and what is truly matter of much is actually done, where all at one

gratitude is, that there were earnest detime seemed hopeless, why should the sires for the word of God from all parts of whole soldiery be put out of the pale of Russia, and even Siberia. 'The Governor hope? It is to be ever remembered, that of Toboliska, and another, were particu. no moral soil is too stubborn for culture; larly mentioned; and 'two heathen princes and many of the circumstances of a sol- had sent donations to the Petersburgh dier's life are favourable to the culture of Bible Society. It is not unworthy of nohis better feelings. A very fine idea of the 'tice, that Mr. Anderson's letter states, power of a soldier to spread the knowledge that Moscow is rebuilding with much rapiof the Bible, was touched upon by one *dity. More than 200,000 inhabitants have who was present at the Meeting which returned ; 3000 houses were finished, and gave rise to these observations :--Corporal 7000 going on. It is building on the plan Jones, of the Train Artillery, addressed of New Edinburgh!" : the assembly, and, among many interesti, ili ing topics, stated, that fifty of his comrades who left lead-quarters &: few days *** since on foreign service, went with Bibles CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. “. in their knapsacks. While fighting the battles of their country, they would in

Patronage of the Society... truth act as missionaries, in spreading the As a Special General Meeting, held at .word of the Most High wherever oppor- the Society's house, on the 13th of Decemtunity was presented to them. There, is ber, in order to consider of such arrangeimportant truth in this.-In garrison, in ments in the patronage of the Society as camps, and on the march, the Bible, on should better adapt it to the general all fit occasions, would be in their hands; interest beginning to be felt in support they would commune with others on the of its objects and proceedings, it was reblessings that resulted from an acquaint "solved, that the Institution shall consist of ance with its precepts; and some, at least, Patrons, Vice-patrons, a President, Viceof the seed thus sown in their journeying, presidents, and a freasurer, with Life and may be expected to grow into successive, Annual Governors and Meinbers, and the and increasing, and incalculable barvests. necessary officers for conducting its affairs. We recommend the conclusions that uatu. And it was further resolred, that the of rally arise out of this view of the subject fice of Patron shall be reserved for such to the close, and, we desire also, the afa members of the Royal Family as may hofectionate consideration of all such of our nour the Society with their protection; readers as may have opportunity of further that Vice-patrons shall be appointed, excluing the circulation of the Bible among the sively, from among the Peers, spiritual military of these realms. We need scarcely and temporal ; and that the President shall say, that the same train of thoughts and be such Peer oi Commoner, and the Vicewishes applies to the brave seamen of our presidents such Commoners, as sball be navy. . . .

appointed thereto, CHRIST. GUARD. VOL. VI.

Tri House of the Society. I may assiga what name they please to such The Society has entered on the house, child. No. 14, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, The Committee particularly request those *London. At this house daily attendance friends who have remitted money for the will be given froni nine o'clock in the morn- redemption of children, to apprize the Seing till seven in the evening. It is re- cretary, as soon as convenient, whether quested that contributions and subscrip- they are willing that such money shall be tions to the funds of the Society be paid applied to the support and education of there, and all applications made on account these liberated ehildren: and they espeof its concerns. The Committee meet cially address this request to the benevoevery second and fourth Monday in the lett friend, who remitted forty pounds month, at twelve o'clock. The health of under the signature of 6. Llewellyn of the Rev. Thomas Scow, the venerable Wales," " for the redemption of four teacher of the Society's Missionary Students, African boys, to be named David Llebeing seriously impaired, the Seminary will wellyn, Morgan Llewellyn, Owen Llebe established, as soon as practicable, in wellyn, and Evan Llewellyn," and prothe house of the Society: and the Com- mised to remit annually twenty pounds mittee are now looking out for a clergyman for their support. : : who may reside in the house as head of the Church Missionary House, family,

Jan. 26, 1814.
Notice concerning the Redemption of

Separate School Fund.
African Children.

The Committee have opened a separate The Committee have been induced to Fund for the Establishment and Support of discontinue the practice of redeeming Schools among the Heathen, and in the Fochildren from slavery.

reign Possessions of the British Crown. ' . It appeared to various intelligent friends, They have been induced to adopt this

that, however benevolent the design of measure on various grounds. rescuing such children from slavery, in S o far as the measure itself is concerned, order to give them Christian education, it is one of peculiar promise. Children and lowever beneficial to the individuals every where present themselves for inthemselves; yet that the practice gave struction; in some places, in great multisome sanction to the principle of the Slave tudes. The instruction of the children Trade; and tended, so far as it went, to per facilitates access to the parents, secures petuate the trade itself, by inducing the their friendship, and conveys information to parties selling the children to replace them them through unsuspected channels. by others.

The Committee, anxious to avoid even Notice from the Church Missionary bo " the appearance of evil," have yielded to

Committee. these representations.

All persons who collect to the amount They are happy, however, to state, that of one sbilling, or upwards, per week in be the benevolence which has induced various half of the Church Missionary Society, are friends to send money for the express pur- furnished by the Committee with a copy of pose of redeeming and educating African each Number of the Missionary Register, children, may still have full scope, and in and of all the publications of the Society. a way altogether unexceptionable..!!!: They are considered members of the Socie

The vigilance of His Majesty's Govern- ty, and are entitled to attend and vote at ment at Sierra Leone has led to the cap- all its meetings. ture of a great number of smuggling slave- Whoever shall become a collector to the ships, from which may hundred. poor said amount, on or before the 31st day of African children, of the various tribes on December 1814, will be presented with all the coast, have been liberated. As many the preceding Numbers for 1813 and 1814; of these children as the funds will allow but whoever shall begin to collect after may be taken under thie Society's care, to Dec, 31, 1814, will receive 'no preceding be maintained and educated in its settle- Numbers except those of the current year ments. And surely Christian charity can- in which they shall begin. not find more worthy objects of its regard, . Such benevolent persons may act sepathan wretched children, torn from their rately; or, in conjunction with others, they homes and friends, and cast for protection may forin a Committee of a few persons and instruction on the justice and huma- and, if sufficiently numerous, may organize nity of their liberators!

themselves into a regular Association, with • Any benevolent persons, therefore, who a President and other officers. shall contribute the sum of five pounds It is particularly recommended to Ladies annually to this object, will enable the so- to exert themselves in collecting contribuciety to support and educate an African tions. They cannot employ their influence boy or girl, in one of its settlements; and and their leisure in a more noble cause.


* All contributions may be sent to the of the devil and his apostles cannot overRer. Josiah Pratt, Secretary of the Society, throw his work. May the grant us more at the Church Missionary House, Salisbury Faith, love, wisdom, and perseverance, in Square, Fleet Street, London; from whom the work in which we are engaged! To Cerery information and 'assistance may be this purpose I beg you to remember us' beobtained, in tlie establishment of Associa- fore the throne of grace. :. tions. E.rtract of u better from the Rev. 'Iran CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THS RELIEF OF THE

pod Butscher, Missionary of the Church MISSIONS OF THE UNITED BRETHREN. Missionary Society, to the Secretary. In consequence of an appeal made to

: Sierra Leone, the public iu behalf of the Missions of tlye REV. AND DEAR SIR, .: Nov, 10, 1813. United Brethren by some benevolent - My last, dated August 2, sent by the friends, and inserted in the Cliristian Ob

Thais sloop of war, I trust you have re- server, Christian Guardian, Missionary Receivel. Since that period, myself, wife, gister, and Evangelical Magazine, by the and child kare enjoyed good health : about kindness of the Editors of those valuable a month ago, we moved from the Gover- publications, the following contributions nor's country seat, to our own house in town. have been bitherto received, for which we

Mr. and Mrs. Meissner have been very beg to return our most grateful acknowpoorly nearly the whole of the rainy season; ledgments, and shall conscientiously ayboth, however, are recovering very fast. ply the different sums remitted for the spe- .

The latter end of last month I received rial purposes nanied by the donors. letters 'from: Brother Renner, mentioning

C. I. LATROBE, Secretary, the death of Mr. Meyer, in the month of

month of " l '10, Nevil's Court, Fetter Lane,' September.

C . J. L. WOLLIX, Treasurer, Some vessels have arrived here lately 5, St. Andrew's Court, Holbotn. from Gorée; which brought me intelligence, Feb. 21, 1814. '. that Captain Gibson had arrived there in The bums marked with ak astertske dre de'sthe brig Neptane, from England, with tined for 'the relief of the sufferers at about thirty tons of goods sent by the So Moscow, mentioned in the appeal. 'ciety, and consigned to Brother Renner and myself. I am anxiously waiting for his Church Missionary Society.... 200'0 0 arrival here, especially as the time is now Baptist Missionary Society ....105 0 0 approaching, in which I must leave Sierra Missionary Society in London. 200 0 0 Leone for Branin ;' and I should indeed Mr. Godwin'iiiiiiiiiiiiiii" 1'1 0 have left it already, had it not been for Mrs. Godwinsoir......ii. 1 1 0 this: and should the goods not arrive here Two of their Friends ........ O 10.

soon, I shall go without thieni, rather than A Friend, by Z. Macaulay, Esq.' 2 0 0 . neglect the erecting the Gambier Settle- Mr. James Fript, Bristol....7 50 0 0 · ment at Bramia this dry season. ""

Rev. T. Griufield, Bristol. ... 52 10 0 * I understand the smuggling slave-trade Mr. Hudson ............... 10 o o is going briskly 'on in the Rio Póngas, in William Sabine, Esq. :......*5.0 0 spite of all the exertions of His Excel- J. Poynder, Esq.iiiiiiiiiiiiio o lency Governor Maxwell to prevent it. He Some Friends, 'by the Rev. Mr. sent, the other day, an 'armed' schooner to Ward, Iver .............2 6 fetch a slave-vessel out of the Rio Pongas, Mr. Thomas Hughes ....... 10 10,0 but the slave-traders began to 'resist; and A Lady ................... *2 the schooner, probably not sufliciently Two Friends, hy Mr. Seeley... o mammed for such an attack; was obliged to Mrs. Gladwyn, Newbury ..... *4 return without bating effected its purpose. Z. Macaulay, Esq.iii.ii...':5 * If the English and American slave. Rev. Mr. Bull............... traders are not fetched out of the Rio Mr. Thomas Ballance!.!...... Pongas by force, I have no doubt but we Mr. 'Townseid iiiii......... missionaries shall meet with greater oppo- Tenz ince Union Bank :...... sition than ever; and especially myself, in Mr. Tatrlborniiiiiiiiiiiiii erecting another settlement; for it appears A. M. Shields, Esq. Lloyd's CofYo mne, that they are more determined than feehouse ....... ever to carry on that horrid traffic. The Mrs. E. Longmire............ q' o other day, all the staye-traders, together Mr. Gardner,.iiiiiii..... *1.1 0 with the chiefs on the Rio Pongas and it's William Cardale, Esq......:: 21 0 neighbourhood, held a meeting, consult- Joseph Reyner, Esq. Mark Lane 21 0 0 ing how they might defend themselves in Thomas Ilayter, Esq. Brixton 210 case any man of wat should molest them Rev. Wm. Pewnian, Stephey, in their traffic. This, however, shall not and Friends at Old Ford ... *6 6 0 discourage mé in erecting another settle- Mr. J. Rice Northampton ... *5 5 0 ment--if God; who has hitherto upholden Tho. Barham, Esq. Penzance: *5.50 us, is with us in mercy, surely the devices Mr. and Mrs. Marriott ....... *4 4 0.

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. -. '
£. . d.

. £. $. d.
Samuel Mills, Esq........... 10 10 0 A Subscription, by the Rev. R.
H. Siff ken, Esq. .........1 0 0 .; G. North, Ware, Herts .... 7 10 0
A Collection at Bridport, by the

Mr. T. Cowell, by Ditta r... 5,0 0 Rev. J. Saltern, on Thanks . Mr. Samuel Maud ......... *2 0 .0

giving Day .............. 12 19 0 Tho. Thompson, Esq. Islington 21 0 0 Ditto on Ditto, by the Rev. J.

A Friend, by Joseph Reyner, Esq. 5 0, Bristow, at Wilton.........5 0 0 T. Wilson, jun. Esq......... 1 1 0 Mrs. Hannah More ........ 5 0 0 Miss Goulding, Devizes ...... 1 1 0 Mr. M. Babington ..........

...... 100 Miss Rudd, Devizes ........ 10 Miss Vansittart .............. 50 0 0 James Lowthorp, Esq. Weston, Mr. Haddon ...,........... 2,.

Yorkshire, by Z. Macaulay, Esq. 5.0 0 Rev. John Greig, Worcester... 30 00 Rev. Mr. Watkins, .......... 10 Mrs. Rose, Beckenham ......*20.

0 0 W. A. Garratt, Esq., ........ 5 0.0 Edward Powell, Esq. Knights- ito ..

W. M. Forster, Esq. ........ 2 2 0 bridge .................. 50,0 0 Rev. William Jowett ......... 2:0 0 A Family at Heytesbury, by n i Rer. Edward Griffin, Ipswich . o

Mrs. Rogers ............. *2.0.0 Rev. J. Jones .............. 2 0 George Wolff, Esq. Balham Hill 10 0 0 M. B.......

' : ........ 5 0 0 William Terrington, Esq.....200 Mr. Newton, Macclesfield ... 2.00 Mr. Rolands .................1.0.0 Rev. Edw. Pemberton, Belchamp Mr. Bacon ................ 10 0 . St. Paul's, Essex .......... 5 5 0 Miss Creasy ............... 1 0 0 Mrs. M. Soley .......... 1 0 James Carlile, Esq. ......... 10 0 0 A Friend....... ....... 00 Rev. Thonjaş Bull ......... 3 3 0 The last-mentioned Ten by the Rev. Josiah Mr. John Stenhouse, Glasgow, 3 3 0 . .:. Pratt. Mr. Williain Stenbouse ...... 80 Mr. Wm. Pearson, Homerton , 5 0 0 Hugh Muir, Esq. Glasgow ... 10 10 0 Rev. Mr. Ward, Iver ........ *1 Mrs. Vansittart ..............5

o D. B. Mathew, Esq. ........ 500 W.K.c...

4 0 A Friend to the Cause of Christ 100 Robert Steven, Esq. ........ 5 5 0 Daniel Jones, Esq. ......... 1 John Gurney, Esq. • v....

,2° Joseph Gurney, Esq. ........ 1 S. Baker ......,

o 9 W. B. Gurney, Esq. ...nn.. Mr, Watson, Coton, Gloueester,

A Benefaction, by the Rev.John x sbire ............:::::::

I 0 0 Clayton ................. 50 m

1 1 0 Joseph Fox, Esq. .......... 5 0 M. Tunbridge Wells ...... 100 Mr. William Corston ...ci... 5 0 Rev. John Caldwell, Leominster 2.0 A Benefaction from some young Riehi lion: Lady F. Harpur ::*20. K.T. .................. *0 6 0 : Friends belonging to the New

o Tabernacle, Plymouth, by the T.C. an aged Friend to the Mis- ." · Rev. Francis Moore ....... 20 sjons, Lewisham ......... 2 0 ,0 George Livius, Esq.,........ *5 5 ele::::::::::::::'

. *5 0 0 Sarah Osborne ............. Mr. Godwin .......

Wasses :::::::::::....

Master P, ... Collection at Richmond Court .. Chapel, by Rev. Mr. Christ,

Mrs. G. ..................: Edinburgh ...:::::

...... *9 O Ö Mr. G. ..... Some Ladies at Edinburgh ... 400 A Friend to Missions .... Bev, Mr. Chalmers, Kilmany, ., N.N. .......

9:49. •.•.. .., *0..5 Fifesbire ..............., 5 5 0 By Ditto.......... Wm. Wilson, Esq. Oxfordshire 10.00 Messrs. Job Heath and Son... 8, 9, Q Hon. Charles Noel Noel, M.P. 101,0 0 Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P. 25 0 . A Lady, by' Ditto :......... 1 1 6 A Collection made at the Inde- : toutes Rev. Richard Mawbood, Hessel,

pendent Meeting at Castlenear Hull............... 1 0 gate, Nottingham, by the Rev. Mrs. Batos, Öckbrook, Derby. *50 0 0 Richard Alliott ........... 86 13 H. Hoare, Esq. Mitcham Grove 30. O Ö Mr. Peckwell .............. 10 0 0 Rev. T. H. Martyn, Pertenhall,

Right Hon, Lady E. Hervey, ., 5 0 ő near Kimbolton .......... *6 00 Right Hon. Lady C. Hervey .. 50 Ecarg ................... 1 0 0 Collection at the United Bree' A Collection in the Baptist Cha

thren's Chapel in Fetter Lane *13 14 8 pel, Wallingford, by Rev. I.T.

Collection on Thanksgiving Day Dobrey ................. 5 17 2 at Bedford: .............. 31 8 6 Mrs, Grote ............... 5 O O Collection by Friends at different Rev. Watts Wilkinson ....... 5 5 0 Chapels at Sheffield, by Rev. Henry Pope, 'Esg. Mancbester & OO M rRamftter ............127 12 6

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MEMOIR OF MÍSS C1, WHÓ cations of early piety, and for tra

DEPARTED THIS LIFE JANUARY cing its blessed effects in her tem8, 1814, IN THE EIGHTEENTH per and conduct through life, and YEAR OF HER AGE *.

in her eventually happy departure.

In answer to an inquiry which I Miss Catherine T , the sub- once put to her, as to the time ject of the following memoir, was when she first became anxious born July 23, 1796. She early about her soul, she replied, “I discovered a temper and disposi- cannot exactly tell the work uption of so sweet . and amiable a on my heart has been gradual.” texture, as to attract the attention At another time she said to a feand affection of her relatives and male relative, in reply to a nearly friends. As my acquaintance with similar question, “ When I was at her coṁmenced at a late period Mrs. G.'s I prayed for sanctificaof her life, I shall best describe her tion, and that I might be kept from youth in the words of an affection the vanity of the world.” Indeed ate relative: “ In literature her it appears from circumstances, that progress was such as to prove sa- the Lord had early called her by tisfactory to her teachers and his grace, and that, in mercy to a friends. In French, drawing, mu- mind of the tenderest sensibility sic, &c. her improvement was ra- he had spared her all the mental pid; her temper always docile ; sufferings experienced by many, her attention always great; and when first brought to the “know.. her general conduct such as to ledge of the truth as it is, in Jesus.” command the approbation of all The light of divine truth upon her, under whom she was placed for in- mind, like the day-dawn, was grastruction.”

dually increasing, and “ shining Pleasing as it would undoubtedly more and more unto the perfect be to trace the opening of genius, day.” She was drawn by “ the the early developement of mental silken cords of love." powers and talents, and the energy Since her decease her friends are of a youthful mind, yet would it assured, on authority they cannot prove but comparatively tedious possibly doubt, that, when a pupil and uninteresting, when so wide at school, about eleven years of and extensive a field opens before age, she was not only well disus, for observing the various indi- posed herself, but that her bowets.

of mercy yearned over her young * This account is taken from a printed associates. She taught them, copy sent us by the Rev. H. C. O'Donnog, hue, A. M. th compiler; and we take this

· though but a child herself, to reopportunity of recommending it to the 110member the God of their fathers, zace of our young readers.

- It appears by no means improCHRIST. GUARD, VOL. VI... R

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