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Wednesday Morning.


O MY SOUL! if the conviction of thy fallen and condemned state thus irresistibly forced upon thee, by the unerring declaration of God himself, by the view of the world around thee, by the history of human nature, by the faithful testimony of thine own conscience,—if this conviction of thy fallen and condemned state, has been sincere and lively, thou wilt perceive the necessity of deep and effectual repentance. - w

How shalt thou express thy sensibility to thy demerit, thy deep sorrow for the sins which have roused against thee the wrath of heaven, but by humble, earnest and reiterated confession. How shalt thou awaken the mercy of that God whom thy sins have provoked, but by those unfeigned sighs and tears of lively sorrow by which the true penitent always seeks to express his sense of his aggravated guilt. How wilt thou subdue the unhallowed passions which destroy thy purity and peace, and continually plungethee intransgression and guilt,butby the holy mortificationandself-denial which are the principal constituents of genuine repentance. Thy Saviour hath declared that he came to “seek and to save that which was lost.”—thy Almighty Judge hath declared that he dispenses mercy only to those “who turn from their wickedness and do that which is lawful and right.” Seek to excite then, O my soul, by deep abasement and humiliation, the infinite compassion of thy Saviour—by the vows of obedience which always characterise the true penitent, prove that thou art stedfastly resolved to serve thy God, and thus lay thy humble claim to the displays of his mercy. Thou art preparing to participate in that holy supper, where thou wilt be admitted to intimate and sacred communion with thy heavenly Father—where thou wilt engage, in the closest and most endearing intercourse of love and duty, with thy blessed Redeemer.— O consider, how lively should be thy emotions of contrition, how profound thy abasement, how deep and universal thy renunciation of sin, how ardent and firm, thy resolutions of obedience, how sincere and unfeigned thy repentance, when by the most solemn and af. fecting symbols, thou dost devote thyself to thy Redeemer and implore the mercy and grace of the God of thy salvation. Art thou then desirous, O my soul, to be rescued from that guilt and condemnation into which sin has cast thee? Art thou desirous, to be restored to the enjoyment of the reconciled countenance of thy God? Art thou desirous to enjoy the exalted and pure delight that enlivens the conscience which the blood of the Saviour hath cleansed from guilt? Art thou desirous to experience the powerful and glorious efficacy of that body and blood, by which Jesus redeems and renews his penitent people? Art thou desirous to enjoy the refreshing and invigorating streams, which flow from the throne of grace, erected by the Saviour on the altar of his love?—Let thy most ardent desires be excited, let thy most vigorous exertions beroused, let thy most fervent prayers be directed to heaven, for that holy and evangelical repentance which is the only passport to purity and peace, to the merciful arms of thy God, to the affectionate bosom of thy blessed Redeemer. - * - Examine then, faithfully, my soul! the characteristics of thy repentance. Recal to view the sacred and penetrating properties of this evangelical grace. Recollect, there are false and unhallowed counterfeits of genuine repentance, by which many flatter and fatally deceive their own hearts. Ah when God inflexible and holy sits in judgment on the soul, he will institute a profound and penetrating scrutiny which will detect and confound the base hopes of the hypocrite.— Holy Spirits repentance is thy gift—descend,

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