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to drink ineffable bliss at those celestial streams which flow forever in the glorious city of the living God. Let the precious emblems of the Saviour's love, which with his humble followers thou dost receive at his holy supper, bind thee to them by the cords of friendship and affection, which no ungenerous selfishness or envy, no unkind suspicions or resentments shall, ever tarnish or dissolve. Ah! over the lively memorials of that infinite race to which they are indebted for those immortal hopes which alone cheer and brighten the wearisome pilgrimage of life, let the members of Christ's mystical body, vow to each other sacred fellowship and affection— let them ardently resolve to “to put away all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamour, and evil speaking with all malice—and to be kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven them.” And as the perfection and consummation of Christian charity, the devout communicant should advance to the altar, heartily disposed to forgive and to love his enemies. It was the pressing injunction of our dying master; it is made the indispensible condition of our receiving forgiveness at the hands of our Almighty fudge; it is constituted by our Lord, the sacred plea by which we are to supplicate forgiveness from heaven, that we for

give others their trespasses against us. The

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forgiveness of our enemies, consists, in exercising towards them those benevolent affections which, by the constitution of human nature and the command of God, we are bound to exercise towards all mankind; in the ready expression of our good will to them; in refraining from every act of unkindness or resentment towards them; and in a cordial desire and disposition to effect a reconciliation with them. As it is one of the most difficult virtues, so it is one of the most noble and exalted— in the highest degree perfective of human nature, and fruitful of the highest and the most sublime joys. It rescues us from those painful anxieties, from those intolerable convulsions which agitate the breast that is the seat of gloomy revenge—It sheds that ineffable and delightful tranquility which is alone the portion of the bosom that is at peace with the world—It animates the soul with the elevated reflection that in overcoming the direful passion of revenge, she has gained the trophies of the most sublime and exalted victory—It assimilates man to that gracious and merciful Being, who doeth good to the unthankful and the evil—It advances him into an intimate and glorious resemblance to that divine Saviour, who, in the ardours of infinite, love, supplicated the pardoning efficacy of his blood for the relentless enemies who, with insatiable and malignant fury, hunted him to the cross. Ah! the devout communicant whose heart is deeply penetrated with the display of unutterable mercy which the cross affords, will bury at the foot of the altar all his enmities, jealousies, and resentments. The blood of his Saviour penetrating through his heart will extinguish, by its potent efficacy, every wrathful passion. Love to God and man, ardent, holy, and constant as the fire of the eternal altar at which

it is kindled, will alone inflame and animate his soul.



Praises evermore be unto thee, O Eternal Son of God, who did? take our nature upon thee, and for ur dids become obedient unto death, even the death of the

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THAT, when by impious rebellion against our Sovereign God and merciful Father, we had fallen from our state of primeval reëtitude and glory, had forfeited all title to the light of God’s countenance, and incurred his awful indignation and wrath—that, when justice inexorably urged our excificn, and divine *holiness inflexibly demanded the vindication of a violated law—that, when among the host of heaven “there was none to help,” among the innumerable orders of created beings “ there was none to uphold,” none whose “ arm could bring salvation” for us—that, in

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this our hopeless state of condemnation and mifery,
when the mercy of the Almighty Father prompted,
thou didst willingly undertake the office of our Re-
deemer— -
Praises evermore be unto thee, O Eternal Son of God. '

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