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and power of Christ, for pardon and salvation. An active and vigorous principle, it renews and purifies the heart, and excites the believer to aim at that universal obedience by which, alone, he can glorify his Saviour, and prepare his soul for the fruition of the pure and holy presence of his God. This supreme, fively, and obedient faith in Christ, O my soul, is made, by the decree of God, thy Almighty Lawgiver and Judge, the indispensible condition of thy salvation. By this exalted principle alone, canst thou testify thy generous sensibility to the infinite glory and love of thy Redeemer, or obtain the inestimable blessings of pardon, peace, and everlasting glory. It is this divine faith which, applying to the soul the Saviour's merits and grace, plucks from her the envenomed sting of guilt; bursts, with resistless power, the enthralling chains of sin; and finally, bears the soul, triumphant over death, in the robes of celestial righteousness, to the throne of her Redeemer and God. Blest is thy state, O my soul, glorious thy destiny, if thou art animated by this exalted faith in the Son of God. To the irritating pangs of conscience, thou canst apply the pacifying merits of the Saviour's blood—To the turbulent throws of guilty passion, thou canst oppose the conquering energies of his grace—Clad in a o panoply of invincible

energy and virtue, thou shalt sustain, unhurt and fearless, the enraged assaults of thy spiritual enemies—Death himself shall see his envenomed shafts fall, harmless, at thy feet, and behold thee, contemning his enraged efforts, enter on the felicities of an immortal kingdom. Glorious triumphs of Christian faith ! O my soul! aim at obtaining the highest energies of this divine and exalted virtue.— Cultivate a lively sense of thy degeneracy and guilt—Cherish glowing and sublime views of the mercy and power of Christ. Implore the quickening Spirit of grace to unite thee, to thy Saviour, by a consoling, holy and triumphant faith. Behold! seated on the throne of mercy erected on the altar, he now waits to bless thee with his love. Opening, to the guilty sons of men, the living fountain of salvation, he invites them to “come and drink

of the waters of life freely.” “Without mo

ney and without price,” he dispenses the rich blessings of his grace. Urgently needing his mercy, O my soul, refuse not the pressing solicitations of his love. Weak and humble as thy faith may be, if it has only awakened a conviction of thy need of a Saviour, and a desire to partake of the blessings of his salvation— go—and he, who came not “to break the bruised reed,” or to reject the desire of the humblest of his children, will encircle thee with the arms of his mercy—will cherish, by

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his grace, thy feeble and expiring faith, until, vigorous and triumphant, it reposes on him, is the fulness of peace, hope, and salvation.

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Thursday Evening.


FAITH IN christ, As the eter NAL son of GoD, ANP, As A PROPHET, A PRIEsr, AND KING.

THOU dost perceive, O my soul! that, faith in Christ consists in such a lively, supreme, and stedfast reliance on his merits and grace, as produces peace of conscience, joy in the favour of God, redemption from the dominion of sin, sincere devotion to the Saviour, universal obedience to his commands. This faith, necessarily, implies a just and lively view of his glorious character and offices. Until the glories of Christ, and his exalted and important offices are fully displayed to our minds, we shall not discern the all-sufficiency. of his merits, his almighty power to save us, his supreme claims to our homage and obedience. Faith, when exercised upon the Saviour in the various offices which he sustains, towards us, is a most sublime, ennobling, and consoling principle. It opens, to our astonished. contemplations, those eternal glories of the Godhead, which concentered their most re

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