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sanctifying influences. Relying on its powerful succours, resolutely aim at subduing every depraved passion; resolutely vow eternal allegience and duty to the Lord thy God; resolutely engage in that new and celestial life of holiness to which thy Saviour's commands call thee. Behold! he leaves thee not weak and, defenceless—he imposes not restrictions and duties, without conveying to thee his invigorating and consoling aids—he does not call. thee to renounce the world, the flesh and the devil, the enemies of thy salvation, without providing celestial armour for the warfare, heavenly consolations and rewards to crown. thy victories. Behold! spread on the altar, are, the hallowed symbols of that divine.body and blood which convey, immortal joys, invincible strength, to the souls of his humble. and penitent people. Go-my soul—seal, over these precious symbols of his love, the vows of eternal enmity to thy sins, the implacable enemies of his cross, the fatal enemies of thy peace. Go—my soul—over these precious symbols of his love, vow,eternal fidelity to thy Lord—take up the cross and follow him, though, the path : through the gloomy vale of suffering and eath. -

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[Then add your usual Evening Devotions.]
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o BOTH as a creature, and a sinner, man is

entirely dependent on the will of his sovereign Maker and Judge. Whatever God prescribes or commands, that, immediately, becomes his duty and happiness, god. in infinite wisdom and goodness, has provided a plan of salvation for fallen man. By the inscrutable determination of the Almighty Father, the eternal Son, in the person of man, sustains the penalties of a violated law; and his obedience, sufferings, and death, are accepted, as an allsufficient atonement to offended justice. All the blessings of salvation are conveyed to us, in virtue of the meritorious atonement of Christ; and faith in him is made the indispensible condition of our enjoying these blessings. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” Even then, if faith were not an exalted grace which involves the exercise of the noblest powers of the understanding, and the most amiable virtues of the heart; if it were not the powerful principle which purifies and renews the soul, and inspires every act of holy obedience—still, as the command of our Almighty Lawgiver and Judge, as the prescribed condition of our salvation, it must appear a binding and necessary duty; and it would evidence the most criminal presumption, as well as the greatest folly, to contemn or disregard it. The holy sacrament of the supper presents the Saviour, offered up an Almighty victim for sin. His sufferings and death are represented, as the meritorious cause of our redemption. The only fountain of pardoning mercy and redeeming grace is opened, in his body and blood. While, therefore, we are

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