The Popular Science Review: A Quarterly Miscellany of Entertaining and Instructive Articles on Scientific Subjects, Том 12

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Robert Hardwicke, 1873

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Страница 76 - There is every reason to consider it established, that an earthquake is simply " the transit of a wave or waves of elastic compression in any direction, from vertically upwards to horizontally in any azimuth, through the crust and surface of the earth, from any centre of impulse or from more than one, and which may be attended with sound and tidal waves, dependent upon the impulse and upon circumstances of position as to sea and land.
Страница 74 - The Orbs Around Us; a Series of Familiar Essays on the Moon and Planets, Meteors and Comets, the Sun and Coloured Pairs of Suns. By RA Proctor, BA Second Edition, with Chart and 4 Diagrams. Crown 8vo. Js. 6d. Other Worlds than Ours; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light ,of Recent Scientific Researches.
Страница 240 - This supreme and dominant apparatus is the nervous system. The Ape which has this system — and especially the dominant part of this dominant system, namely, the brain — most in conformity with the same system in man, must surely be held to be the most materially man-like in structure. Now it is not the Chimpanzee, certainly not the Gorilla, nor yet the Gibbons which most resemble man as regards his brain. In this respect the Orang stands highest in rank. In the first place, the height of the...
Страница 64 - When a sitter came, I looked at him attentively for half an hour, sketching from time to time on the canvas. I wanted no more ; I put away my canvas, and took another sitter. When I wished to resume my first portrait...
Страница 36 - The change in the native vegetation of the planted part of the heath was most remarkable, more than is generally seen in passing from one quite different soil to another ; not only the proportional numbers of the heath-plants were wholly changed, but twelve species of plants (not counting grasses and carices) flourished in the plantations, which could not be found on the heath.
Страница 64 - I took the man and sat him in the chair, where I saw him as distinctly as if he had been before me in his own proper person — I may almost say more vividly.
Страница 373 - I have heard it said, my lord, that you are famous at numbers ; may I venture to ask you how the ancient Fo-hi established the degrees of the celestial sphere ? There are no steps by which one may ascend the heavens, and it is impracticable to take a rule and measure the extent of the earth ; I wish to ask, then, how he ascertained these numbers?
Страница 245 - ... between a watch that keeps accurate time and another that will not go at all. there is therefore a great structural hiatus between the two watches. A hair in the balance-wheel, a little rust on a pinion, a bend in a tooth of the escapement, a something so slight that only the practised eye of the watchmaker can discover it, may be the source of all the difference.
Страница 192 - Writers in general, therefore, who have considered this subject, and some even of very late date, have taken it for granted that the ancients were correct in this notion. But when observers of nature began to examine the manners and economy of these creatures more narrowly, it was found, at least with respect to the European species of ants, that no such hoards of grain were made by them, and, in fact, that they had no magazines in their nests in which provisions of any kind were stored up.
Страница 418 - Eclipse was a very partial one, only about ^th of the Moon's diameter being in shadow ; but although this circumstance, coupled with the uncertain state of the sky, rendered the observation far less satisfactory than it would otherwise have been, yet it was sufficient to show that the decline of light and heat as the penumbra came over the lunar surface and their increase after the middle of the Eclipse were sensibly proportional.