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Rapidus Sol
Nondum Hyemem contingit Equis. Jam præterit æstas.


Glacialis Hyems canos hirsuta Capillos.


LONDON: Printed for J. Millan, at Locke's-Head, in Shug-Lane, near the Upper

End of the Hay-Market; and Sold by J. Roberts, in WarwickLane, and N. Blandford, at the London-Gazette, Charing-Cross.


[Price One Shilling.]

To the Right Honourable

Sir Spencer Compton.')

Sir, The Author of the following Poem begs Leave to inscribe this his first Performance to your Name, and Patronage. Unknown Himself, and only introduced by the Muse, He yet ventures to approach You, with a modest Chearfulness: For, whoever attempts to excel in any Generous Art, tho' he comes alone, and unregarded by the World, may hope for your Notice, and Esteem. Happy! if I can, in any Degree, merit this Good Fortune: as every Ornament, and Grace, of Polite Learning is yours, your single Approbation will be my Fame.

I Dare not indulge my Heart, by dwelling on your Public Character; on that exalted Honour, and Integrity which distinguish You, in that August Assembly, where You preside; that unshaken Loyalty to Your Sovereign, that disinterested Concern for his People, which shine out, united, in all your Behaviour, and finish the Patriot. I am conscious of my Want of Strength, and Skill for so delicate an Undertaking: And yet, as the Shepherd, in his Cottage, may feel and acknowledge the Influence of the Sun with as

1) This epistolary dedication (the authorship of which was claimed by Thomson's friend Malloch, alias Mallet) is found only in the editions prior to the quarto of 1730. In the quarto, and in some of the later editions, the title-page of "Winter" bears this dedication: Winter. Inscribed to the Right Honourable the Lord Wilmington.

lively a Gratitude, as the Great Man, in his Palace, even I may be allowed to publish my Sense of those Blessings, which, from so many powerful Vertues, are derived to the Nation they adorn.

I conclude with saying, that your fine Discernment and Humanity, in your Private Capacity, are so conspicuous, that, if this Address is not received with some Indulgence, it will be a severe Conviction, that what I have written has not the least Share of Merit.

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