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ST. LUKE xxiv. 36.
we was known to them in breaking of Bread....


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Hic Liber (cui Titulus, Officium

Anton. Saunders.

Ex Ædibus Lambeth,

Junii 13, 1677.






ANTHONY à Wood gives us this brief account of the compiler of the following Office: “ Edward Lake, a Minister's son, was born in the city of Exeter, entered a Commoner of Wadham College in 1658, elected Scholar of the said College in 1659, aged eighteen, or thereabouts; but before he took a degree he went to Cambridge, where he took both helonging to Arts, entered into Holy Orders, became Chaplain to James Duke of York, and Tutor and one of the Chaplains to the Lady Mary his daughter. Afterwards he commenced Doctor of Divinity, became Prebendary and Archdeacon of Exeter, and Rector of the united parishes of St. Mary Hill and St. Andrew Hubbard in London [30th of November, 1682]. He hath written:

Officium Eucharisticum: A Preparatory Service to a Devout and Worthy Receiving of

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the Lord's Supper. Lond. 1673, 1674, 1677. 8vo. and 12mo., &c. It is a collection out of primitive Liturgies and from that of the English Church, as also out of the Devotions of Bishop Lanc. Andrewes, Bishop John Cosin, and Archbishop William Lauda.

Meditations for Every Day in the Week. These are printed with the third edition of the former book, and in other editions that follow, but seem to have been written by another hand b.

“ Several sermons, as (1.) A Sermon preached at the Church of St. Mary-le-Bow, before the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of London, on the 30th of January, 1683, being the Anniversary Day of Humiliation for the Martyrdom of King Charles I., on 2 Sam. i. 18. Lond. 1684. 4to. (2.) A Sermon preached at the Anniversary Meeting of the Sons of the Clergymen in the Church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Thursday, 7th of

The present edition is printed from the eleventh, and compared with the sixth and one still earlier, of which the title-page is lost. Later editions have been examined, viz. the twenty-eighth and thirtieth, but in them the text has been corrupted.

o See the Dedication.


December, 1693 ; on Heb. xiii. 7. Lond. 1694. 4to.c”

The following Eucharistic Office is a reprint of that mentioned above by Anthony à Wood. The Imprimatur prefixed, and the evident popularity which had brought it in 1743 to the thirtieth edition, may entitle it to some consideration, and excuse a layman for undertaking to republish it. It is not pretended that it is calculated to take precedence of all other books on the same subject, or that it is itself free from imperfections. However, it gives a place to many points which have been in abeyance in the English Church, and as it does so, it may serve at least a temporary purpose, and be a preparation for other books which may give a greater




- The kindness of the Rev. W. J. Rodber, the present Rector of St. Mary-at-Hill, enables the Editor to add the following notice from the Parish Register, viz. that Dr. Lake died at the age of sixty-three, and was buried in the Church (now destroyed) of St. Catharine, by the Tower, on the 1st of February, 1702; and that he was the author of sixteen sermons on some particular occasions, published in 1705. The Parish Church of St. Andrew Hubbard was burnt at the fire of London, and never rebuilt; the Parish was annexed to that of St. Mary-at-Hill.

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