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Lost in the gloomy horrors of the night
We struck upon the coast where Ætna lies,
Horrid and waste, its entrails fraught with fire,
That now casts out dark fames and pitchy clouds,
Vast showers of alcs hov'ring in the smoke;
Now belches molten stones and ruddy flame ii
Incens'd, or tears up mountains by the roots,
Or flings a broken rock aloft in air ::
The bottom works with smother'd fire, involv'd
In pestilential vapours, stench, and smoke. 10

'Tis said that thunder-struck Enceladus,
Grovelling beneath th' incumbent mountain's weight,
Lies stretch'd supine, eternal prey of fames,
And when he heaves against the burning load,
Reluctant, to invert his broiling limbs, 15
A sudden earthquake shoots thro' all the ille, in
And Ætna thunders dreadful under ground,
Then pours out smoke in wreathing curls convolvid,
And shades the sun's bright orb, and blots out day.

Here in the shelter of the woods we lodg'd; 20 And frighted heard strange founds and dismal yells, Nor saw from whence they came; for all the night A murky storm deep louring o'er our heads Hung imminent, that with-impervious gloom

Opposłd itfelf to Cynthia's Silver ray,
And shaded all beneath. But now the sun
With orient beams had chas'd the dewy night
From earth and heav'n; all Nature stood disclos'd;
When looking on the neighb'ring woods we saw
The ghastly visage of a man unknown,

An uncouth feature, meagre, pale, and wild;
Affliction's foul and terrible dismay
Sat in his looks, his face impair'd and worn
With marks of famine, speaking fore distress
His locks were tangled, and his shaggy bcard 35
Matted with filth ; in all things elfe a Greek.

He first advanc'd in haste; but when he saw
Trojans and Trojan arms, in mid career
Stopt mort, he back recoild as one surprisid ;
But soon recov'ring speed, he ran, he few
Precipitant, and thus with piteous cries
Our ears assail'd: “ By Heav'n's eternal fires,

By ev'ry god that fits enthron'd on high, “ By this good light, relieve a wretch forlorn, “ And bear me hence to any diftant shore, “ So I may sun this favage race accurst. “ 'Tis true I fought among the Greeks that late « With Sword and fire o'erturn'd Neptunian Troy, “ And laid the labour of the gods in dust; “ For which, if fo the fad offence deserves,'

50 " Plung'd in the deep, for ever let me lie




“ Thic realms of Night inglorious, since I've liv'd “ Amidtt these woods, gleaning from thorns and

A wretched fuftenance. "As thus he spoke, [shrubs We saw descending from a neighb'ring hill. Blind Polypheme: by weary fteps and flow. The groping giant with a trunk of pine Explor'd his way; around his woolly flocks Attended grazing; to the well-known shore He bent his course, and on the margin stood, A hideous monfter, terrible, deformid: IIS Full in the midst of his high front there gap'd The spacious hollow where his eyeball rolld, A ghastly orifice ; he rins'd the wound, And wash'd away the strings and clotted blood That cak'd within; then stalking thro' the deep 120 He fords the ocean, while the topmost wave Scarce reaches up his middle fide: we stood Amaz'd be fure; a sudden horror chill Ran thro' each nerve, and thrill'd in ev'ry vein, Till using, all the force of winds and cars 125 We sped away : he heard us in our course, And with his outstretch'd arms around him grop'd, But finding nought within his reack, he rais'd Such hideous shouts, that all the ocean shook ; Ev'n Italy, tho' many a league remote, 130 In distant échoes answer'd ; Ætna roar'd, Thro' all its inmost winding caverns roar'da


Rous'd with the found, the mighty family
Of one-ey'd brothers hasten to the shore,
And gather round the bellowing Polypheme,
A dire assembly! we with eager halte
Work ev'ry one, and from afar behold
A host of giants covering all the shore.

So stands a forest tall of mountain oaks
Advanc'd to mighty growth : the traveller
Hears from the humble valley where he rides
The hollow murmurs of the winds that blow
Amidst the boughs, and at the distance fees
The shady tops of trees ünnumber'd rise,
A stately prospect, waving in the clouds.




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