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Страница 66 - Affecting the public debt of India, or the customs duties, or any other tax or duty now in force and imposed by the authorities of the Government of India for the general purposes of such Government.
Страница 23 - ... of their holdings, on the exchange of leases and agreements, and on all transfers and sales; he imposes a fine on them when he settles their petty disputes, and when the police or when the magistrate...
Страница 80 - As respects the ryots, the main provisions were these: all extra cesses and exactions were abolished, and the zemindars were required to specify in writing the original rent payable by each ryot at the pergunnah or established rates. If any dispute arose regarding the rates to be so entered, the question was to be 'determined in the...
Страница 66 - Affecting the religion or religious rites and usages of any class of Her Majesty's subjects in India : 6.
Страница 143 - Literature, Science, and Art, and of rewarding them by Academical Degrees as evidence of their respective attainments, and marks of honour proportioned thereunto...
Страница lxxxviii - Offences against public justice Offences by public servants False evidence, false complaints and claims, and fraudulent deeds and disposition of property. Forgery or fraudulently using forged documents.
Страница 58 - States, or between the Rajas and their subordinate feudatories ; to the correction of systematic oppression and cruelty practised by any of the Rajas or by their officers towards the inhabitants ; to the...
Страница 47 - Inasmuch as many of the late misunderstandings have had their foundation in the custom which exists in Sikkim of dealing in slaves, the Government of Sikkim binds itself, from this date, to punish severely any person trafficking in human beings, or seizing persons for the...
Страница 47 - In the event of the British Government desiring to open out a road through Sikkim, with the view of encouraging trade, the Sikkim Government will raise no objection thereto, and will afford every protection and aid to the party engaged in the work. If a road is constructed, the Government of Sikkim undertakes to keep it in repair, and to erect and maintain suitable traveller's rest-houses throughout its route.
Страница 40 - Rajmahdl, and whose duties were 'to obtain a summary history of the provinces, the state, produce, and capacity of the lands, the amount of the revenues, the cesses or arbitrary taxes, and of all demands whatsoever which are made on the cultivators, the manner of collecting them, and the gradual rise of every new import, the regulations of commerce and the administration of justice.