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A.-LEGISLATIVE. 1.Statement of Acts passed by the Legislature of the Province of Bengal in 1872-73, and sanctioned as required by law.

Title of Act.

By whom proposed.

Object and character of Act.

Date on which sanctioned.

Act III of 1872.
An Act to amend the Calcutta Port Hon'ble C. E. Bernard ...

Improvement Act, being Act V of
1870, passed by the Lieutenant-Gover-
nor of Bengal in Council, and to
amend Act XXII of 1855.

... To indemnify the Port Commissioners of Calcutta for the Lieutenant-Governor's assent, 16th
Acts and defaults of their officers.

March 1872
Governor-General's assent, 6th June


Act I of 1873.
An Act to amend the Salt Act, 1864 ... Hon'ble F. L, Beaufort

Act II of 1873.
An Act to amend the District Munici.

pal Improvement Act and the Dis-
trict Towns Act.


... Having reference to the new Code of Criminal Procedure, Lieutenant-Governor's assent, 15th

to give to Magistrates of the first and second class the February 1873.
same powers as were given under Bengal Act VII of 1864 | Governor-General's assent, 7th March
to Magistrates vested with full powers.

| To modify Bengal Act III of 1864, by providing for the elec- Lieutenant-Governor's assent, 8th

tion and votation of Municipal Commissioners, by em April 1873.
powering them to elect their own Vice-Chairman, and by Governor-General's assent, 16th May
enabling Municipal bodies constituted under Acts III of 1873.
1864 and VI of 1868 to apply a part of the Municipal Funds
to the establishment and maintenance of schools, and to
ensure the voluntary application of the fund to such and

similar purposes.
... To enable the Board of Revenue to put up to public auction Lieutenant-Governor's assent, ist

licenses for the sale of spirits and intoxicating drugs, both April 1873. .
in Calcutta and in the mofussil.

Governor-General's assent, 19th May

... To provide the means for a complete register of births and Lieutenant-Governor's assent, 21st

deaths within areas to be selected by the Lieutenant-Gov- April 1873.

Governor-General's assent, 20th June


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H. J. S. Corron.


2.-Statement of Regulations submitted by the Government of Bengal under the Statute 33 Vic., cap. 3, and sanctioned by

the Governor-General in Council as required by the Act.

Title of Regulation.

Object and character.

Date of sanction.

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To provide for the peace and government of certain districts on the Eastern

Frontier of Bengal.

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3.—Statement of Bills proposed or pending in the Legislature of the Province of Bengal in 1872-73.

Title of Bill.

By whom proposed.

Object and character of Bill.

When introduced.

If pending-why and in

what state.

A Bill to provide for the levy of a Hon'ble F. L. Beaufort ... To provide means for meeting the expense of the gas 22nd March 1873... Passed on 16th August 1873 lighting-rate in Howrah, now Act lighting introduced into Howrah, and for future ex

and received the GovernorV of 1873. tensions thereof.

General's assent on 13th Sep

tember 1873.
A Bill to provide for embankments Hon'ble V. H. Schalch ... To consolidate and amend the law relating to embank- 17th December 1870 Passed the Bengal Council on
and drainage
ments, and to provide for the payment for embank-

the 29th November 1873, and
ment works.

received the Viceroy's assent on the 20th December 1873.

... Not proceeded with.

A Bill to provide for the due appro- Hon'ble C. E. Bernard

priation of certain educational
and charitable endowments.

... To provide for the management of all educational and 2nd March 1872

charitable endowments in Bengal for which no
trustees exist.

8th March 1873

A Bill to amend Act XI of 1849, Act Hon'ble F. L. Beaufort ... To provide for certain amendments in the Abkaree Law

XXI of 1856, and Act XXIII of

... Preliminary report of Select

Committee presented on the
22nd March 1873. Postponed
for further consideration.


A Bill to amend the law relating to

the emigration of labourers to the
districts of Assam, Cachar, and
Sylhet, and to regulate contract
labour and service.

Laren Pa u 1979 Passed Bengal Council on the
cal Act II of 1870, relating to the emi- 15th February 1873... | Passed Bengal Councu
gration of labourers to the tea districts.




(Criminal).-Statement of offences reported, and of persons tried, convicted,

and acquitted for each offence in the year 1872.

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(a.) Of these, in one the commitment was cancelled.

(6.) Of these, one person was tried at the High Court Sessions, as the woman who was mortally wounded by him died in Chandney Hospital, and the Coroner took cognizance of the case.



(Criminal.) Statement of offences reported, and of persons tried, conricted,

and acquitted for each offence in the year 1872.

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(a.) Trial of 28 persons suspended under Section 379A, Code of Criminal Procedure.

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