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Elinoure and Juga. By Thomas Chatterton. From

Poems, supposed to have been written at Bristol, by Thomas Rowley, and otbers, in the fifteenth century," (publifbed by Thomas Tyrwhitt, efq.] 1777; compared with the original publication in the Town and country magazine," for May, 1769 (whence Mr. Tyrwhitt profelles to reprint it)

· 213 Songe to Alla, lorde of the cafel of Bryfowe ynne

daies of yore. By the same. From the same

authority Bristowe tragedie: or the dethe of fyr Charles

Bawdin. By the same. From the same authority 222 A fonnet made on Isabella Markbame ...By Jobs Harington, efq. From Nugæ Antiquæ," 1779. (N. B. It is not

a jonnet,which may induce one to tbink that the title was fabria cated by the original editor. ]

240 Epigrams. By fir John Harington, Kt. From bis Epigrams," 1618

242 The complaint of a scholar. By Thomas Nash. From Pierce Pennile Je bis fupplication to the

244 To Calia. By Richard Duke. From Drydens Miscellany poems," 1727


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divell," 1595

A soliloquy out of Italian. By fir Samuel Garth,

Kt. M. D. From A supplement to the works of the most celebrated minor poets,1750

248 To Mr. Gay, on his poems. By the same. From the same authority

249 An ode to the right honourable John lord Gower ... By Elijab Fenton.

From his Poems," 1717 250 The rose-bud. To 'the right honourable the lady

Jane Wharton.' By William Broome, LL.D. From his " Poems," 1750; compared with the edition of 1779

- 254 Address to bis elbow chair new clothed. By Wil

liam Somervile, esg. From his Poems," 1779 256 The genius. An ode, written in 1717, on occasion of the duke of Marlbro's apoplexy. By Leonard Welfed. From bis Epifles, odes, &c. 1725

258 Verses designed for a watch-case. By John Byrom. From bis Poems," Manchester, 1773

- 260 Extempore. Intended to allay the violence of party

Spirit. By the fame. From the fame authority 260 Bedlam. By Thomas Fitzgerald. From bis " Poems,Oxford, 1781

261 The man of tafie ... By Bramston. From Dodsleys collection

• 268 Ode on the death of Matzel, a favourite bull.


From her Poems," 1686

299 Despair. By Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. From ber Works,1750

· 302 Sorrow. By Mrs. Lætitia Pilkington. From ber « Memoirs," 1749

• 304 Miras will. By miss Mary Leapor. From ber Poems," 1748

307 Colinetta. By the fame. From the fame authority 308 The atheist and the acorn. By Anne countess of

Winchilsea. From her Poems," 1713 313 A nocturnal réverie. By the same. From the

Same authority
Sonetto. From Petrarch. By the honorable Mrs.

Monk. From Marinda, Poems, &c." 1716 317 Verses wrote upon her death-bed, at Bath, to her

busband in London. By the same. From a manuscript copy, compared with that in Poems by

the most eminent ladiesThe small-pox. A torun-eclogue. By lady Mary

Wortley Montague. From Dodfleys colletion - 319 At taking leave of a lady who was reading Norris's

poems. By miss Mary Mafiers. From her
Poems," 1733

- 323 An epifle to lady Bouyer. By miss Mary Joneso


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