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Letter from Dr. Chalmers

Introductory Observations

John's Birth, and early education

Remarks on the Sabbath-Schools of Scotland
John sent to the Grammar School of Perth
Mr. Duff's account of him while there

Difficulties in determining his Profession
He is sent to the University of St. Andrew's

Letter to his Father, giving an account of his
gaining the first bursary

Letter to John, from W. Orme

Letter to his Mother

Letter to his Brother

His success at the end of the First Session

Mr. Duff's observations on his conduct at this time
Return to St. Andrew's

Letter, giving an account of his early impressions,
and change of mind

Remarks on this subject

His views of Christian fellowship

Success at the end of his Second Session

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Essay on the Mission of the Saviour
Introduction to Dr. Chalmers
Attends the Moral Philosophy Class

First appearance at this Class

Letter to his Father, on the formation of the Univer-
sity Missionary Society

On the same, and other topics

Mr. Duff's account of the progress of his religious


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Essay on Dr. Chalmers, and the St. Andrew's
Missionary Society

Remarks on this Essay

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Essay on the Divisions of Philosophy

Essay on the Analogy which subsists between the
operations of Nature, and the operations of
Political Economy

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An Attempt to show, that Knowledge gives its
Possessor more power than Wealth does

Essay on the Selfish System

Letter to his parents, on the Death of a younger


Letter to Mr. Orme, partly on the same subject
The Doctrine of a Gradation of Rewards and
Punishments, and an attempt to apply it to the
subject of Missions

Remarks on this Essay

Letter to his Mother

Letter to his Brother

Letter to his Sister

Letter to an Afflicted Friend

Letter to the same

His diligence at Dr. Chalmer's Class

Essay on the distinction between Productive and
Unproductive Labor

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I HAD scarcely received the intimation, alike unexpected and distressing, of the death of my beloved young friend, when I was importunately solicited to give some account of him to the world. The reasons for making this application to me, will be sufficiently apparent to the reader of the volumes, so that no explanation on that point is required in this place. Prompted at once by my love for the individual, and by a sense of duty to God, whose grace and goodness were eminently illustrated, I assented to the request, before I knew what it would involve. I had then no correct idea of the nature of the materials which existed, and supposed that a very small number of pages might include all that I could furnish of sufficient interest. No sooner, however, was my purpose made known, than, besides the papers left by himself, which were more numerous and valuable than I had supposed, his friends, and

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