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(INSTITUTED 1868.) 1868 M. E. Yeatman, Mathematical 1875 W. B. Askwith, Mathematical E. S. Vernon, Mod. Lang.

J. F. Vans Agnew, Mod. Lang. 1869 J. P. Morgan, Mathematical 1876 J. H. C. Dalton, Mathematical J. W. Hockin? Mod.

J. S. Bontein ? Mod. J. A. Jeffreys Lang. 1870 E. Meyrick, Mathematical 1877 W.H. Going, Mod. Lang.

H. M. Hamilton, Mod. Lang. 1878 (Mathematical none adjudged) 1871 E. Meyrick, Mathematical

G. M. Lawford, Mod. Lang. A. Musgrave, Mod. Lang. 1879 H. L. Callendar, Mathematical 1872 E. W. Buckle, Mathematical

C. P. Koelle, Mod. Lang. C. L. M. Des Gray, Mod. Lang. 1880 G. H. L. Pryce, Mathematical 1873 E. W. Buckle, Mathematical

R. P. Benson - Mod. R. M. B. F. Kelly, Mod. Lang. W. Richards ) (Lang. 1874 E. C. Stanton, Mathematical 1881 A. C. Crommelin, Mathematical G. I. Hamilton, Mod. Lang.

E. A. W. Stotherd, Mod. Lang.

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(INSTITUTED 1861.) 1861 G. Isildebrand

1871 H. B. Jeffreys
R. H. Hunt ,

1872 E. C. Stanton
H. J. Vigor )

R. M. B. F. Kelly 1862 A. R. Mainwaring

1873 E. C. Stanton 1863 H. J. Vigor

G. Barnet

1874 E. C. Stanton
C. Hoskins

1875 H. A. Chapman 1861 H, C. Blaker

C. V. Hume
J. W. Harris

1876 C. V. Hume 1865 7. W. Harris

C. B. St. J. Mildınay
J. W. Cripps

1877 D. Vickers 1866 J. W. Harris

A. W. Roper
J. W. Cripps

1878 D. Vickers 1867 J. A. Jeffreys

C. N. Fitz Roy
H. A. Glyn

1879 C. N. Fitz Roy 1868 J. A. Jeffreys

W. H. Robinson 1869 H. A. Glyn

1880 W. H. Robinson H. B. Jeffreys

W. C. Hedley 1870 H. B. Jeffreys

1881 W. C. Hedley F, Dutton

A. Oakley

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Gained between Prize Day, 1880, and Prize Day, 1881.

George Henry Herbert Evans, Scholarship at Lincoln College,


Slade Raymond Baker, Scholarship at Lincoln College, Oxford. Adam Sedgwick, (Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge)

Fellowship at Trinity College. William Henry Dobie, passed M. B. Examination, Edinburgh,

with 1st Class Honours, and gained the Beaney Prize. Anthony Hope Hawkins, Exhibition at Balliol College, Oxford.

John Francis Llewellyn Hardy, (Exhibitioner of Worcester

College, Oxford) Macbride Scholarship at Hertford College.

John Davenport Rogers, (Scholar of Balliol College, Oxford)

Stowell Civil Law Fellowship at University College.

Robert Francis Cholmeley, Scholarship at Corpus Christi College,


Edward Osborne Fountain, (Scholar of Pembroke , College,

Cambridge) 7th Wrangler.

Donald Tait, Minor Scholarship at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

John Cornwallis Godley, (Scholar of Corpus Christi College,

Oxford) hon. men. for the Hertford Scholarship.

George Herbert Westcott, Scholarship at Emmanuel College,

Cambridge. Hugh Longbourne Callendar, Minor Scholarship at Trinity

College, Cambridge. Arthur Llewellyn Davies, Minor Scholarship at Trinity College,


Edward Franklin Simpkinson, (Commoner of Corpus Christi

College, Oxford) Exhibition at Corpus Christi College. Henry George Pulling, Exhibition at Worcester College,



*John Unett Coates, (11th place)? Open Nominations to *Francis Vans-Agnew, (60th place) } Woolwich, August, 1880. *William Henry Robinson,

(15th place) Open *Frederic William Starkey Stanton, (16th place) Nominations *Riou Philip Benson,

(19th place to Woolwich, *Cortlandt Gordon-Mackenzie, (34th place)

Dec., 1880. Ricardo Dartnell Petrie, Royal Engineers, February, 1881.

*Samuel Page Herschel Dyson, Open Nomination to the Royal

Indian Engineering College, (1st place) August, 1880.

* Direct from the School.

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