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Charles Eldridgc, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, vic. tualfer. George Lodg, of Manchester, cotton-manufacturer. Moses Eadon, of Manchester, merchant. Aaron Rayner, of Manchester, merchant. J. Ashworth, Southmolton-street, Hanover-square, ware. houscman. John Rich, of Bristol, breeches-maker. Thomas Merritt, of Gloucester, salesman. George Williams, of Saffron-hill, Middlesex, shoemaker. Robert Sharples, late of Anderton, Lancashire, shop. kecper. John Fiddy, of Collishall, Norfolk, cornmerchant. G. Pugh and J. Davis, of Old Fish-street, London, chemists. J. Lane, of Stratford, Essex, corn-chandler. H. Pistor, of Abchurch-lane, mer.. chant. J. Charles and T. Lost, of briday-street, warehousemen. J. Sayce, of Lower Thames-street, sack maker. S. Morley, of Fleet-street, taylor. J. Groves, Liverpool, mariner. H. Hunt, of Bristol, iea-dealer. W. Emmett; of Manchester, plumber. j. Delamain, of Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant. W. Sellers, of Bristol, spinning-machine-maker, W. Ireland, N. Calvert, J. Overend, and C. Tomlinson, of Lancaster, merchants. W. Smith, of Oxendon-street, St. Martin in the fields, taylor. George Brown, of Old Caven. dish-street, Middlesex, taylor. J. Walker, of Kingstreet, Borough of Southwark, shoemaker. R. Roberts and W. Williams, of Great Distaff-lane, London, warehousemen. John Dow, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, haberdasher. R. Lascelles, of South Audley-street, Grosvenor-square, taylor. Wm. Smith, of Mile-end, Middlesex, insurance-broker. Wm. Popple, of Kingston-upon-Hall, brewer. Jo. and Js.. Sharples, of Anderton, Lancashire, manufacturers. J. Waring, late of Durham-place, Lambeth-road, merchant. J. Friend, of Bermondsey-street, fell-monger. T. Mar. tin, of Old 'Change, warehouseman. J. Hutchinson, of Birmingham, factor. J. Clark, of Staunton, Wor eestershire, vintner. J. Judge, of King-street, Surry, currier. J. Rouse, of Sudbury, Suffolk, linen-draper. T. Norris, jun. of Lincoln's-inn-fields, cabinet-maker. G.W. Seaborne, of Narrow-street, Limehouse, masto maker. G. Turner, of the Strand, shoemaker. .

BIRTHS. .. Of a son and heir, the Countess of Guildford; of sons, thç ladies of H. Bowles, Esq. St. Paul's Church Yard; of Capt. Shirley, R.N. at Lymington; of Sir Home Popham, in York-Place. Of daughters, Lady Louisa Prome, in Cavendish-square; the ladies of Sir G. Armytage, at Kirklees Hall; of Sir J. Kennaway, at Es• cott; and of Lieut. Col. Vesey, in Downing-street.

MARRIAGES. Mr. G. Coles, of Lawrence Pourtney-lane, to the youngest daughter of M. Fenning, Esq. of Mitcham. H. Spooner, Esq. of the 15th light dragoons, to Miss Ą. J. Johnson, of Loughborough. At Glasgow, the Hon. Rolls, of the artillery, to the youngest daughter of the late Capt. Hunt, of the 6th regiment. In Edinburgh, Major M'Gregor, of the Bengal cavalry, 10

Miss Ć. W. Dunbar. The Hon. T. Jarvis, of Antigua, - to Miss Blackwell. A. Sheriff, Esq. of the Old Jewry,

to Miss Cowie, of Highbury-place. At Liverpool, 1. Way, Esq. to Miss E. Herbert. Mr. W. Fulton, of Wailing-street, to Miss King, of Drums, N. B. The Rev. Dr. S. John Blacker, of Chester, to the youngest daughter of the late Dr. Messiter. Mr. C. J. Prima. vesi, to Miss C. A. daughter of Mr. Crickett, M. P. Captain Patterson, of the guards, to Miss Jones, of Colchester. At Doncaster, E. Frank, Esq. to Miss Sowerby. Mr. G. Burton, of Manchester, to Miss A. Mitchel, of Sheffield. H. Barton, Esq. to Miss Tinley, of Shields.

DEATHS. At Ellingen, in Germany, Ralph Heathcote, Esq. his Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to the Elector of Cologne, and to the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel. At Bath, in het 74th year, Mrs. Johnstone, widow of General Johnstone, and mother of the Countess of Jersey. At Newry, Ireland, on the 12th inst. the Right Rev. Dr. Lennon, the titular Bishop of Dromore. At Brunsyick, in the 85th year of her age, the

Duchess Dowager of Brunswick, sister to Frederic the Great. At Jaffa, the Lady of General Koehler. At Brighton, F. Biddulph, Esq. of Charing-cross. At Twyford, Lieut. Col. Duroure. Néar Stranrear, Mrs. Col. Ross. Mr. W. second son of the Hon. A. Fraser, of Lovat. At Berwick House, J. H. Powys, Esq. At the Castle-Inn, Devises, Capt. B. MDermit. In Old Burlington-street, şir . Call, Bart. M. P. for Callington. In Charles-street, Lady Newhaven. At Thorpe, Norfolk, aged 105, Mr. T. Searle: Lady H: Bennet, daughter of Lord Tankerville. Lieut. Gen. Blathwayt, Col. of the 27th regiment of light dragoons. E. Parry, Esq. of Catcaton-street. J. Pott, Esq. of Eltham, aged 89. Mr. S. Brown, of Richmond-Green, aged 83. In Wigmore-street, the widow of Gen. S. L. Morris. In Spring-gardens, H. F. youngest son of Shaw Lefevre, Esq. M. P. At Blo Norton, Mrs. Wil. gress, aged 89. At Worcester, Mrs. H. Palmer, aged 88.

To Correspondets.

The very flattering reception which the Monthly Visitor has expe. ri nced, particularly since the change in the plan of the work, is hughly gratifying to the Proprietors. The unprecedented sale of the two last Numbers has rendered a second edition necessary, which is now ready for delivery.

We invite the communications of W. Case, jun. which will ever find an uniform attention paid to them. In our next Number we shall complete his poetic article of the Minstrel Youth.

We have received the Enigmas, &c. from our Weedon Correspon. cent, which were too late for insertion this month.

Irione, C, Strong, with many others, are also received, and under consideration ,

The Editors of the Monthly Visitor would recommend many of their Poetic Friends to direct their talents to prose writing, which, it is ther opinion, (from some of the productions lately received,) might be done with ultimate success.

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