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Timber, one-third of the present duties -
PEPPER, 3d. per lb. home consumption -
Ditto, exporied, 6d. per lb. - -
LEAD, 20s. per ton, exported -
TRAIN OIL, 20s. a ton - , -
RAISINS, 26s. per cwt. - -
STAMPS - - - - - -
HORSES for pleasure, where

only one, 10s. - . - £63,000 $ On all above one, 20s. - 73,000 Ditto, for husbandry, 4s.


8,000 92,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 150,000 310,000




At this moment a report circulates, which we hope is founded in truth-it is, that the new ministry are turning their attention towards a PEACE! A cabinet council was held on Friday the 20th, which was su posed to deliberate concerning the best means by which this inestimable blessing can be procured. Some persons indeed are so sanguine in their expectations on this head, that they say a message has been actually sent to Buonaparte on the subject, and that therefore matters will be speedily adjusted. We cannot, for ourselves, say any thing for certaints. The late change which lias taken place in his majesty's councils may have been for this purpose. We sincerely hope that this will prove to be the care, and that peace, with her long train of blessings, may make a lasting visit to Great Britain, our beloved country!


(From the London Gazette.)

TOS. BORGNIS, Great Portland-street, print. J seller. · George Brooks, Oxford-street, linendraper. T. Carver, Bedford, baker. T. Spencer, Great Wigston, Leicestershire, victuallir. T. Parkinson, Yorkshire, miller. Sarah Cotterell and Thomas Cotterell, Cricklade, Wiltshire, linendrapers. R. Park, Manchester, victualler. R. Woodward, Liverpool, merchant. Jos. Haslewood, Birmingham, gunmaker. R. Kennet, Queen Charlotte row, St. Mary-le-bonne, upholder. J. Bray, Malling, Kent, 'hop merchant. J. Arcles, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linen - draper. J. Wilkins, Pagan hill, Gloucestershire, corn-dealer, G. Kerbey, Bristol, grocer. J. Cavenaugh, Portsea, Southampton, ship-chandler. J. W. Salmon, manufacturer; and J. Heslop, Bow-Jane, London, warehouseman. J. Heawood, Stockport, Cheshire, manufacturer. J. Darby, Walbrook, pocket-book maker. J. Mills, Brook-green, Hammersmith, linen-draper. J. Weston, Camberwell, bricklayer. J. Grint, Wandsworth, Surrey, corn-chandler. W. Hawes, Hanwell, Middlesex, soap-manufacturer. Sarah Bradbury, Manchester, cotton-spinner. Jo. Jones, Liverpool, victualler. T.Chamley, Liverpool, earthenware-dealer. C. Gregory, Elstow, Bedfordshire, kaker. P. Heathecoate, Walsal, Staf. fordshire. M. Peairce, Blackman-street, cheesemonger. S. Hide, Ware, Hertford, broker. G. Ross, Finsbury-square, wine merchant. S. Stenson, Kensington, cheesemonger. J. Baker, Staines, coach-master. W. Newton, London-field, Hackney, J. Roberts, Pontefract, Yorkshire, druggist.


Benjamin Flesher, Liverpool, druggist. W. Morgan, Piymouth-dock, vintner. W. Glover, Bristol, dealer. J. Bateman, Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant. J. Hadfield, Sheffield, grocer. E. Bate, Liverpool, merchant. Thomas Morse, Hors. ley, Gloucestershite, clothier. John Edwards, Kington, woolstapler. Peter Walker, Dudley, Worcestershire, draper. William Boot, Coventry, carrier. John Musket, Cromer, Norfolk, merchant. Shields Legg, Portsea, shoemaker. Thomas Man. son, Tokenhouse-yard, merchant. John Tailby, Desborough, Northamptonshire, butcher. Thomas Downy, Sunderland near the Sea, ship-owner. John Creed and Thomas Morse, Horsley, Gloucestershire, clothiers. Daniel Burges, Blaby, Leicesshire, victualler. John Clayton, Kirdford, Sussex, jobber in cattle. James Mac Connel, Dunkirk, merchant. William Allen, No. 14, High-street, Birmingham, druggist and grocer. John Whitaker, Sulford, Lancashire, cotton manufacturer. Miles Burkitt, Three.crane-whart, London, soap inanufacturer. John Fielding, Halifax, innkeeper. Thomas Hughes, Liverpool, taylor, John Stagg, Great Yarmouth, grocer. Juhu Twemlow, Stockport, Cheshire, hat manufacturer. Edward Schol. field, Nat bank, Middleton, Lancashire, fustian manufactwer. Alexander Butler, Blackburn, Lancashire, factor. John Keyte, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, builder and upholder.

Co Correspondents.

The past month having furnished us with nothing sufficiently interesting for our Chronologist, we have been enabled to go more into detail with many valuable articles.

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