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gravings, independent of the usual embellishments of the Work, for the noveliy and value of which our Performance evidently stands unrivalled); Geography. History, Antiquity, &c. &c.—The Drama also, will form a conspicuous feature in this work, comprehending a faithful and impartial account of all the new Theatrical Productions, with pleasing Extracts from them, Prologues, Epilogues, &c. and strictures on the merits of the respective Performers. We shall add new beauties also to our Parnassian Garland, new and popular Songs, with many Original Pieces will appear–in this department weare asssured of the assistance of some eminent Literary Characters in the Poetic Line. In addition to these improvements, will be given a MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIST (which will be found highly valuable) containing every Occurrence of the past Month worthy of record.—A small portion of our Work will likewise be occupied by a concise Retrospect of Politics, rccording the most important transactions in the Political World; and here we confess to be influenced by no party principles, as it is our wish to evince the advantages of such conduct, by briefly stating facts as they occur, leaving our readers to form their own opinion on the subject; with every useful particular that can in the least degree enhance the value of our undertaking. Such, in part, are the professions with which we look forward, and, in our endeavours to be useful, still hope for a continuance of public appro, bation.

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(Enriched with a capital portrait in colours.) TN this biographical department of our miscel

I lany it has always been our ambition to bring forward characters whose natural and acquired accomplishments are deserving of attention. Accordingly, the divine, the statesman, and the man of genius, have successively passed beneath our review. We have analysed their merits-recorded the incidents of their lives, and enumerated their writings, by which they have attained to celebrity. In opening the CENTURY, therefore, we are happy in bringing forward a gentleman, whose talents are unquestionable, and whose fame has secured to him no small share of the public approbation.

RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN is the third son of Mr. Thomas Sheridan, who was distinguished for his skill in elocution, and for his zeal in improving various branches of education. The father of this gentleman was Dr. Thomas Sheridan, an


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